Customizing and Knitting Sweaters from Interweave Knits: A Spring Gallery Presented by Knitting Daily

The Interweave Knits spring gallery is back for another year of tips on customizing knitted sweater patterns! This year's gallery includes a look at four of the scrumptious knit sweaters, cardigans, and jackets that you will find in the spring 2012 Interweave Knits issue. In this gallery, we join Knitting Daily editor Kathleen Cubley and members of her knitting group for a lesson in customizing sweater patterns.

This year's knitted sweater lineup includes: the Cobble Hill Pullover, Reticulated Pullover, Manteo Cardigan, and Chincoteague Jacket. Plus, as a bonus you gain access to the 2010 and 2011 spring galleries, with even more ideas for personalizing sweaters, jackets, and cardigans to fit you perfectly. So sit back and enjoy three full years of spring sweaters and learn how to knit a sweater with custom fit. View the spring 2012 Interweave Knits gallery and find the perfect fit for you!

Learn how to customize knitted sweaters with this free gallery!
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Take a look at these four knitted sweater patterns from the spring 2012 issue of Interweave Knits when you view the gallery.

Knitting sweaters can be such a rewarding experience—especially with these timeless sweater knitting patterns. The spring gallery offers real world images of a few of the knitted sweaters featured in the spring 2012 issue of our Interweave Knits magazine. Each sweater pattern is quite unique in design and style, while offering room to alter it to fit your body type.

Enter the gallery to see how each knitter adjusted and customized one of these four sweater knitting patterns. From longer arms to shorter waists, you'll be a part of the inside discussion on each of the knit sweater patterns featured. These galleries will help you conceptualize each sweater pattern so you can have better results; results that are tailored to fit you! Improve your sweater knitting skills today!

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Customizing and Knitting Sweaters from Interweave Knits:
A Spring Gallery Presented by
Knitting Daily!

What are you waiting for? Explore the Interweave Knits spring galleries and learn how to knit a sweater to perfectly fit your body type.

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Adapting Knit Sweaters - Pullover Example Adapting Knit Sweaters - Pullover Example

Cobble Hill Pullover by Erica Patberg

This pullover-sweater pattern is an exercise in directionality and drape. Wear it upside down, right side up, or inside out—the slinky, fluid fabric and innovative shaping make it flattering however you put it on.

Tip: This particular pattern has a loose fit through the torso and negative ease at the hips, so you will want to use the measurement at the high hip in order to determine size.

Adapting Knit Sweaters - Pullover Example

Adapting Knit Sweaters - Pullover Example

Reticulated Pullover by Mathew Gnagy

This design demonstrates how to knit a sweater with repeated cables, and show off all that they can do. It’s, fat, densely packed stockinette-on-stockinette cables flow in one direction only within each panel, which creates a deeply ribbed surface with movement. A lozenge braid and a shawl collar add classic finesse.

Tip: This pullover is made in pieces, a front, back, and two collars, making it easier and manageable to work through.

Adapting Knit Sweaters - Cardigan Example

Adapting Knit Sweaters - Cardigan Example

Manteo Cardigan by Lisa Hoffman

An allover eyelet pattern dots the body and sleeves of this stunning knitted sweater-cardigan. The double-breasted front, deep ribbing at waist and cuffs, and sweet, simple crochet trim finish off the beautifully tailored shape.

Tip: This knit sweater pattern was made simple by allowing the buttons to slip through the double crochet row of the edging, so no buttonholes are needed!

Adapting Knit Sweaters - Jacket Example

Adapting Knit Sweaters - Jacket Example

Chincoteague Jacket by Lisa Jacobs

This jacket is an experiment in knitted architecture. The stitch pattern creates interest by presenting as sharp chevrons on one side and a shadowy echo on the other. Combine with the seamless and invisibly picked-up set-in sleeves and a double-breasted front with hidden buttons, and you’ve got a tailored, fitted, and completely reversible jacket.

Tip: The trick to this pattern is to study the charts ahead of knitting, so you stay on the correct one.

Check out the Interweave Knits Spring Galleries and Discover How You Too Can Customize Knit Sweater Patterns!

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Strategies for knitting a sweater to fit you:

Read through to learn how to knit a sweater just for you: See how the knit sweaters are constructed, study the schematic for how the pieces fit together, and look carefully at the variety of images.

Before you begin knitting a sweater, you want customize for key areas of fit. Have a friend measure across the back of your shoulders; compare this to the schematic. If you pick a size where this measurement is too wide, the knitted sweater will not sit securely on your frame; too narrow a measurement and the sweater will be too tight, thus taking away the beauty of the knitted sweater pattern!

Next: Compare your bust measurement to the finished bust measurements and add at positive or negative ease. Find the size in the sweater knitting pattern that most closely matches both the shoulder width and your bust measurement. This is just the beginning . . . check out the gallery to get even more tips on knitting sweaters!

Bonus! Now you have two years of additional tips for knit sweater patterns to help design the perfect fit for you!


The 2011 gallery of knitted sweaters!

Sweater Knitting Patterns 2011 #1: Draped Vest by Carol Feller
The carefully planned knitting geometry in this sweater pattern yields smooth curves and more-than-circular fabric. The knit sweater pattern begins at the back of the neck and is worked in two mirror-image halves using short-rows and seamless construction techniques.

Sweater Knitting Patterns 2011 #2: Leaf and Picot Cardigan by Laura Grutzeck
This particular knitted sweater uses a silk-and-wool blend with a dry, raw silk finish to capture seasonal versatility. The delicate lace motif is reminiscent of spring leaves, and follows a classic silhouette edged with picot hems. Laura's tip for being successful with sweater knitting patterns such as this one, is to use stitch markers to keep track of the lace pattern during shaping.

Sweater Knitting Patterns 2011 #3: Heliotropic Pullover by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark
The pullover sweater pattern uses silky Lenpur spiked with linen for strength and heavy drape, making it a good choice if you are looking for that crisp, clean effect. The knit sweater pattern spirals delicate texture along the yoke for a simply shaped tee with a generous, fluid silhouette.

Sweater Knitting Patterns 2011 #4: En Pointe Pullover by Alice Tang
This knitted sweater pullover pattern also explores the use of linen, but this time a linen-mohair blend, creating an unusual fabric with haloed stitches that ruche and fold without bulk. The way the piece is assembled creates a dramatic, floating twist at the front of the knitted sweater for a delicate, airy design.


The 2010 gallery of knit sweaters!

Knitting Sweater Patterns 2010 #1: Mona’s Jacket by Mags Kandis
A lofty, thick yarn on big needles and limited seaming make Mona’s Jacket sweater pattern a quick knitted sweater that you could make over a weekend. Top-down construction grows from the neck down into raglan sleeves and a body knitted flat in one piece, for big knitting that takes only a little time.

Knitting Sweater Patterns 2010 #2: Braided Hood Tunic by Carol Feller
The Braided Hood Tunic sweater pattern mixes traditional X and O and split cables with a long, lean silhouette for a decidedly fresh tunic with an Aran influence. Center cables at the front branch into hood edgings, while the back center cable curves up and over the hood in an unbroken line.

Knitting Sweater Patterns 2010 #3: Seaweed Cardigan by Cecily Glowik MacDonald
This cardigan sweater pattern uses a lace motif that has three stitches in the center to form a broad, gently waving line. Dolman sleeves extend out of the body pieces, creating a simple, flattering T shape.

Knitting Sweater Patterns 2010 #4:Transverse Cardigan by Ann Weaver
This sweater pattern is a knitted sweater that is one piece from sleeve cuff to sleeve cuff, with raw edges that soften an unexpectedly bold asymmetrical placket. Knitting sweaters with straight sleeves from cuff to cuff can create unwanted tightness under the arms. This sweater pattern compensates by adding extra room in the bust for movement.

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Learn how to customize knitted sweaters with this free gallery!

Customizing and Knitting Sweaters from Interweave Knits: A Spring Gallery Presented by Knitting Daily

Join the fun and visit the Interweave Knits spring gallery today. By seeing different examples of each sweater pattern on different body types, you'll finally learn how to knit a sweater with the custom fit you've be looking for. Enjoy!

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