Knitting Patterns for Women from Interweave Knits:
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Galleries are a fun way to see how knitters just like you approach summer knitting projects to create the perfect fit. This year the Summer Galleries from Interweave Knits features four knitters who selected one of two favorite patterns for women from the most recent issue. Then, each knitter created the pattern in their size, making modifications to fit their unique shapes.

With beautiful images of each of these featured knit tops for women, these galleries will not only help knitters to be more successful creating these summer knitting patterns, but will help strengthen how each of us approach modifying all sorts of knitting patterns for women. Take a look at these fabulous knit top patterns on every day women, and learn how to alter your favorites before you even pick up your knitting needles. These women's knitting patterns will provide you with timeless summer designs from the experts at Interweave.

So sit back and enjoy the Summer 2011 Interweave Knits Galleries!

Knitting Patterns for Women
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Knitting Patterns for Women

Strategies for knitting patterns that fit you:

Read through to learn how to construct a knit top for women with your body type in mind. See how the garment is constructed, study the schematic for how the pieces fit together, and look carefully at the variety of images. You're looking for key areas of fit. Have a friend measure across the back of your shoulders; compare this to the schematic. If you pick a size where this measurement is too wide, the summer knitting pattern will not sit securely on your frame; too narrow a measurement and the top will be too tight, thus taking away the beauty of the pattern. Next: Compare your bust measurement to the finished bust measurements and add at least two inches of positive ease. Find the size in the pattern that most closely matches both the shoulder width and your bust measurement.

Get new knitting ideas for summer yarns from the galleries at Knitting Daily. From a tank top knitting pattern to light knit top patterns, there's something to get your knitting needles going for great summer fun. Enjoy these galleries and explore the lovely summer knitting patterns for women in the summer issue of Interweave Knits. These are knitting patterns ladies are sure to love! Get out your summer yarn stash and start these beautiful knitting patterns for women.

Enjoy the summer galleries section of Knitting Daily
and start these incredible summer knitting patterns for women!

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Knitting Patterns for women
Audrey Dhillon modeling her Al Fresco Camisole.

Customizing Knit Tops for Women, Knitter #1

Pattern: Al Fresco Camisole by Alice Tang from Interweave Knits Summer 2011

Audrey Dhillon

Audrey ran into one of the most common issues for knitters, finding and maintaining gauge. Although the pattern called for size 5s, she ended up getting gauge with size 9s. In hindsight she would have gone with size 8s to help tighten up the stitch pattern. Audrey shares her tips and discoveries from knitting this fun, unique knit tank top pattern. View the galleries to learn the secrets to customizing knitting patterns for women!

Knitting Patterns for women
Sucia's first effort is on the bottom of the stack and her second try is on top. She switched from size 9 needles to size 6 needles and is much happier with the result.

Customizing Knit Tops for Women, Knitter #2

Pattern: Al Fresco Camisole by Alice Tang from Interweave Knits Summer 2011

Sucia Dhillon

Sucia also discovered that finding and maintaining gauge was quite difficult with this particular knit tank top pattern. After finding her gauge with size 9s, she knitted the entire panel only to discover the top was about two times too big! After giving it a second try, she found that the pattern allowed for incredible stretch and was absolutely beautiful. She made some modifications based on the stretch and her height, and is seeing much better results with the tank top knitting pattern. View the galleries to learn how she overcame the trials of the first attempt, and her secrets for tackling this knit tank top pattern for incredible results.

Knitting Patterns for women
Dinah's random lace pattern is just beautiful!

Customizing Knitting Patterns for Women, Knitter #3

Pattern: Coral Cardigan by Nancy Eiseman, Interweave Knits Summer 2011

Dinah Demers

Dinah really enjoyed working with the recommended yarn, finding it to be both luscious and sturdy. The random lace technique can be a little difficult for many knitters, especially those of us that are more "pattern" oriented. She found herself fitting into this group, and after a first attempt, decided to start over with a 110 line list of randomly generated stitch combinations. This approach was incredibly effective for her, and within a few inches, she found herself using this list less and less. She suggests reading the entire pattern from start to finish before casting on, as all of the shapings occur at the same time. View the rest of her story and get all her useful tips for customizing this summer knitting pattern with the Summer Galleries!

Knitting Patterns for women
Gerda Porter modeling her Coral Cardigan.

Customizing Knitting Patterns for Women, Knitter #4

Pattern: Coral Cardigan by Nancy Eiseman, Interweave Knits Summer 2011

Gerda Porter

Gerda very much looked forward to knitting this cardigan because the random lace pattern gives a lot of freedom to the knitter. She found the instructions for the shaping to be difficult to keep track of, but found that writing out the rows made it much easier. She customized this design to fit her shape, even adding an applied I-cord to the band for a more finished look. Get all her tips on customizing this summer knitting pattern when you view the galleries.

Check out the Interweave Knits Summer Galleries:
Beautiful Summer Knitting Patterns for Women presented by Knitting Daily!

Find out what the buzz is all about! From tank top knitting patterns to beautiful summer sweaters, this issue has something for everyone.
Check out the summer galleries section of Knitting Daily and get a glimpse of the gorgeous knitting patterns. Women of all shapes and sizes will love this summer issue of Interweave Knits.

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Bonus! Now you have two years of Interweave Knits summer knitting patterns to help design the perfect fit for you!

There's a certain nostalgia about summer knitting, and now is the perfect time to choose your favorite summer yarns and start a new knitting pattern for women today. The stunning wrap design in the new Box 96 pullover is an essential summer fashion that will pair with pants or skirts and can easily be dressed up or down. Whether the sweet style of the Picnic Cardigan is fits your wardrobe or the classic functionality of the Essential Cardigan, don't miss out on these knitting patterns ladies! Visit the Summer Galleries section of Knitting Daily and get that inspiration you've been looking for. Start your summer knitting today!

These 2010 summer gallery knitting patterns for ladies is also available!

Knit Tops for Women #1 (top left): Box 96 Pullover by Mari Lynn Patrick
Knitting for women is so exciting! This is the cover sweater, and these gallery gals loved it. This summer knitting pattern emphasizes a deep crossover V-neck with off-center pointed hems and soft scallop lace trim. A few purl stitches in a neat column outline bust darts for a gently tailored fit and a sure-to-please knit top for the summer.

Knit Tops for Women #2 (top right): Daisy-Stitch Tunic by Jean Suzuki
The Daisy-Stitch Tunic knitting pattern is so versatile and well suited to lots of bodies. This summer knit uses an open but highly textured stitch to structure the stand-up mandarin collar, front placket, and deep side vents of the Daisy-Stitch Tunic. Collar facings, clean-finished garter-stitch edging, simple shaping, and a cotton yarn with subtle sheen add refinement.

Knit Tops for Women #3 (middle left): Counterpane Blouse by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark
This summer knit tank top pattern was really fun to try on. Almost everyone wanted the lace "counterpane" section in the front. Inspired by Victorian lace counterpanes, Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark builds the tank top knitting pattern around a graphic floral square knitted from the center out. A simple, quick-to-knit garter-stitch bodice and chevron lace skirt frame the square for a decidedly modern take on lace. One of the most elegant summer knit tops for women!

Knit Tops for Women #4 (middle right): Essential Cardigan by Laura Grutzeck
Laura Grutzeck's Essential Cardigan sets off smooth stockinette with deep, broken-rib brands, gentle asymmetry, and a stand-up collar. A lofty, softly heathered wool single makes every stitch of this knitting pattern stand out. Quietly refined, quite indispensable. This one was really one of the favorite knitting patterns—Ladies, the sample is knit from wool, but it's surprisingly lightweight, making it an any-season knitting pattern for women that's exceptionally versatile.

Knit Tops for Women #5 (bottom left): The Picnic Cardigan by Maria Leigh
The Picnic Cardigan by Maria Leigh takes the shrug back to its cropped, tailored-jacket roots: Maria Leigh knits all in one piece from the front bottoms, over the shoulder, and down the back with fitted dolman sleeves. An open stitch fabric in superwash wool and cotton clings and drapes exactly where needed. The airy knit top pattern is really beautiful, and the collar is so sweet; it works both folded down and standing up.

Knit Tops for Women #6 (bottom right): Gamine Tank by Cathy Carron
Of all the knit tank top patterns, this was the one everyone wanted. It's amazingly stretchy (the rib stretches by 50%), so plan your size carefully. Knitted in a straight tube from the top down, the Gamine Tank's dramatic collar and clingy rib make an easy project striking. Why not kick off your summer knitting season with this tank top knitting pattern?

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Knitting Patterns for Women

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