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5 Free Knitted Toy Patterns

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Sometimes as knitters we are inspired to recreate the toys that filled our childhood years and sometimes we knit toys for the joy of creating something simply beautiful. There is nothing more satisfying than creating hand knitted toys for someone special, and seeing their face light up with excitement. How proud will they be when they show their new knitted toy pony or little lamb off to their neighborhood pals, or can finally play ball in the house with a soft knitted toy ball? Think of how special they will feel when a cuddly knitted animal joins play time, or when they bring their new Father Christmas to show and tell. Here at Knitting Daily, we want to help you capture that moment of joy by offering you five free knitting patterns for toys!

Hand knitted toys make wonderful gifts for kids of all ages, and because they are smaller, toy knitting patterns are also a great way to expand your knitting skills or refine those infrequently used techniques. What are you waiting for? Whether you are looking for quick-to-make knitted toys, or a special heirloom gift, this eBook has something for you! Download your five free toy knitting patterns and get started today!

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Download 5 free toy knitting patterns from Knitting Daily Get your free copy! Knitting Toys with Knitting Daily: 5 Free Knitted Toy Patterns

Each of these free knitting patterns for toys was selected for individuality and universal appeal—you'll love making these timeless pieces for friends and family. Each of these knitted toy patterns will spark your imagination and satisfy your desire to create something fabulous. Best of all, these free toy knitting patterns are the perfect opportunity to get started on a few gifts, no matter the occasion. Download your free eBook today and use some of the yarn in your stash to make these great hand knitted toys. You'll just love seeing the little one you adore love their new knit toys.

Download your free knitting patterns for toys to get started today!

Download Knitting Toys: 5 Free Knitted Toy Patterns, a free eBook from the experts at Knitting Daily!

Many of these knitting patterns for toys will make timeless treasures that all the kids in your life (no matter what age!) will love. From a jolly red and white Father Christmas, to a comforting knit toy lamb, one of these free knitting patterns for toys are sure to be the perfect fit. Best of all, these toy knitting patterns are available to download for free!

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Hand Knitted Toys: Father Christmas Free Knitting Patterns: Toys to Knit

Pattern #1: Father Christmas by Ann Budd

This toy knitting pattern was originally created by Kate Buck for Piecework magazine. Ann Budd was immediately inspired when the knit toy showed up in the office; she knew she had to re-create the design. The challenge was well worth it for this tiny knitted toy Father Christmas. What really make this knit toy special are all the finishing touches and details in the design. Knitted toys like this one are great for gift giving and for expanding your knitting skills. Download your free eBook to get this and four other free toy knitting patterns today!


Hand Knitted Toys: Ball Free Knitting Patterns: Toys to Knit

Pattern #2: Nordic Striped Ball by Lisa Shroyer

Knitting spheres can be a lot of fun! The two shaped ends of the toy knitting pattern are worked like the crown of a hat for a neat, perfectly round shape. Begin with a chain of stitches, working the first half, then removing the chain to pick up live stitches for the second half. This toy knitting pattern can be customized for every personality, and is a cinch to knit.

Hand Knitted Toys: Pony

Free Knitting Patterns: Toys to Knit

Pattern #3: Connemara Pony designed by Kathryn Martin and Evelyn Zlomke

The inspiration for this design came from a childhood pony that was the envy of the neighborhood. The stitches for this knitted toy are worked on two circular needles, one for the top half, one for the bottom half. Most of the work is done in the round, with some short-row shaping done in rows. The dapple gray coloring can be adapted to any favorite color, for a gift that they are sure to treasure for life. Take your knitting for a ride with this toy knitting pattern!

Hand Knitted Toys: Lamb Free Knitting Patterns: Toys to Knit

Pattern #4: Little Lamb Sock Critter

This sock-inspired stuffed lamb is both cuddly and adorable! The toy knitting pattern is advanced intermediate, perfect for knitters looking for a fun challenge. The toy knitting pattern utilizes a variety of techniques including cable casting on, knitting in front and back, crossing, and twisting. This lamb knit toy is a great pattern to help enhance your knitting skills and is sure to become a cherished heirloom. This lovely lamb is yours to knit when you download the entire collection of free knitting patterns for toys today!


Hand Knitted Toys: Cuddlies Free Knitting Patterns: Toys to Knit

Pattern #5: Knitted Cuddlies by Louisa Harding

This incredibly easy knitted toy animal pattern is easy to customize and personalize. Add distinguishing features such as whiskers, a scarf, or long floppy ears, and these knitted cuddlies are sure to become a favorite. This free toy knitting pattern comes with easy to follow instructions to make a cat, rabbit, and teddy bear; but the possibilities for these knitted toys are endless! Download your knitted toy patterns today to begin creating your own snuggly animal.

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This free eBook is our gift to you to celebrate the many joys of childhood toys. How will you choose which of these FREE toy knitting patterns to begin first?

Everything about these beautiful hand knitted toys makes them a delight to knit and give!

What could be more fun than waking up to a tiny Santa on Christmas morning? Use the Father Christmas knit toy pattern to make a special gift for all the good little girls and boys. Designer Lisa Shroyer got the idea for the Nordic Striped Ball from the book Knitting in the Nordic Tradition, where a passage discusses the options for crown shaping on a two-color striped hat. The ball is knitted in two identical halves using a crocheted chain to hold the second round of live stitches. This ingenious technique helps make this knitted toy come to life, sure to provide hours of fun for everyone! Now, every child that has wanted a pony can have one. The Connemara Pony is a darling knit toy design that is sure to become a favorite buddy. For the cuddlers on your list the Little Lamb Sock Critter is the perfect soft, squishy design, and is really fun to knit. The pattern is based on a sock design, and is so adorable, that you may want to make yourself one too. The Knitted Cuddlies design by Louisa Harding includes instructions for three variations, and since each design knits up quickly you can easily add personal touches to make each animal unique. Whether you choose to make one, or make them all, this eBook is sure to be a book of free knitted toy patterns you turn to again and again. Plus, by starting these knit toys now you will be getting ahead for the always busy gift-giving season!

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Knitting Toys with Knitting Daily:
5 Free Knitted Toy Patterns

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