Knitting Techniques for More Successful Knitting

Knitting excites us. It puts us at ease. Knitting allows us to express our creativity and construct beauty. Knitting challenges us. No matter what drives you to pick up your knitting needles, no matter what your skill level, this free download is a must-have guide that all knitters will appreciate and enjoy.

We made sure this free download covered basic knitting techniques, such as casting-on and blocking, plus other essential techniques such as short rows and I-cord edging. Knitting can be such a rewarding experience—especially with the use of these helpful knitting techniques in one free download.

Keep a copy in your project bag so you can always have a quick reference for casting on, cable knitting, stitches for embellishing, fixing errant colors, knitting finishing techniques, and more! Expert knitting tips will always be within reach once you download your free eBook.

Every successful knitter knows as many knitting techniques as possible, and with this free, exclusive download from Knitting Daily, you'll be sure to be successful!
Every successful knitter knows as many knitting techniques as possible, and with this free, exclusive download from Knitting Daily, you'll be sure to be successful!

Best. Knitting Techniques. Ever.

There’s so much to love about this free download. If you’re like most knitters, you’re always on the lookout for ways to add durability to your knitting. Well, the cast-on knitting directions found in this free eBook will help ensure the durable and stretchy outcome you’ve been looking for. Looking to jazz up your finished project? Check out the fun embellishment stitches we’ve included.

Having trouble recalling what size knitting needles you used for that sweater you started last year? There’s a simple tip that is sure to make your life so much easier. Can’t remember where you left off the last time you were cable knitting? No problem. These easy dilemmas have even easier solutions…you’ll wish you had this handy guide years ago! Free knitting help is always nice to have, and now you can refer to the experts whenever you’re a little puzzled on what to do next. Improve your knitting skills right away, and add this essential guide to your toolkit today!

Learn the vital knitting technique known as the the wrap and turn method, and other essential knitting how-to with this free download from Knitting Daily.

Wrap-and-Turn Method for Short Rows

With the knit side facing, knit the required number of stitches to the turning point, slip the next stitch purlwise to the right needle (Figure 1), bring the yarn to the front between the needles, return the slipped stitch to the left needle (Figure 2), bring the working yarn to the back between the needles, and turn the work so that the purl side is facing—one stitch has been wrapped and the yarn is correctly positioned to purl the next stitch. Eventually, you will knit across the wrapped stitch—maybe on the next row or maybe several short-rows later. When you do, hide the wrap (the horizontal bar of yarn across the wrapped stitch) on a knit row as follows: knit to the wrapped stitch, insert the tip of the right needle into both wrap and the wrapped stitch (Figure 3), and knit them together. This forces the turning yarn (the“wrap”) to the back (wrong-side) of the fabric.

Strategies for better knitting techniques, all in one exclusive, free download!

Read through this free eBook to discover simple ways for blocking knitting, fantastic felting ideas, hints for easier cable knitting, finishing techniques, and more. Included in your FREE download are:

  • Tracking Needle Size and Cable Rows
  • Casting on for Ribbing
  • Durable Cast-Ons
  • Crochet Chain (Provisional) Cast-On
  • Embroidery Stitches
  • Short Rows
  • Felting Basics
  • How to Block Knitting
  • Reverse Single Crochet
  • I-cord and Applied I-Cord Edging
  • Three-Needle Bind-Off
  • Special Trims

These step-by-step tips along with detailed images will help you improve your knitting skills and make casting on (or even finishing your UFOs) even more exhilarating. So simple to follow, this knitting techniques guide will be one you turn to again and again. No matter what your skill level, knitters across the globe will appreciate the expert advice found this free ebook: Knitting Techniques for More Successful Knitting—Help for all Knitters!