Knitting for Beginners: Learn How to Knit with Easy Knitting Patterns

New knitters can easily find themselves overwhelmed looking at all the options available today, but we don’t want you to feel that way. We want to you learn how to knit with ease and with as little stress as possible. That’s why we put together this incredible guide on knitting for beginners, with everything you need to get started. Thanks to this easy to use guide, you’ll soon understand why people have loved knitting for centuries!

This free eBook: How to Knit for Beginners: Easy Knitting Instructions to Help You Learn to Knit will help you tackle knitting from start to finish. Find out the important stuff to know before you get started and knitting for beginners instructions including how to start knitting, the two basic knitting stitches, and how to end your knitting. After you create a few samples, you will be ready to try one of the three knitting patterns for beginners that we have included. These easy knitting patterns are perfect to help you find the rhythm of knitting and practice your newfound skills. Ready to get started? Download this free knitting for beginners guide and learn to knit today.

This free guide is all about learning how to knit for beginners, and can help anyone who's interested enjoy learning to knit.
Along with instructions made for beginner knitters, you'll find these three knitting patterns for beginners absolutely free.

Have you wanted to learn how to start knitting, but never knew where to begin?

Then this is the free eBook that you’ve been waiting for! The experts at Knitting Daily put together this guide on knitting for beginners, for people like you wanting to learn how to knit. You’ll feel as if an expert is knitting with you every step of the way.

Learn how to cast on to start knitting for beginners.

1: How to Cast On Knitting

Casting On Knitting Tutorial

Casting on simply means preparing the first row of stitches on the needle. There are several methods you can use, but the one we’re covering is the “long-tail cast-on.” It’s a versatile and sturdy way to start your knitting, one that you can use to start most projects. This tutorial takes you step by step through casting on knitting, with tips to help you along the way.

Learn how to do the knit stitch in knitting.

2: The Knit Stitch

How to Knit

In our first section on knitting stitches, you’ll get tips on gauge, tension, and more while you learn the knit stitch. Did you know that when you knit continuously in rows, you’re actually doing what is called the garter stitch? This stitch allows your knitting the elasticity that it needs for many projects, and once you’re through this section you’ll know how to successfully create it.

Learn how to do the Purl Stitch in knitting.

3: The Purl Stitch

How to Purl

Once you’ve conquered the knit stitch, you will be ready to move on to its counterpart, the purl stitch. We’ll help you along the way with step by step instructions and pictures to help you learn how to purl. Interestingly, when you purl row after row, you are also knitting a garter stitch, just with a different look. By combining one row of knit, and one row of purl, you create the imminently versatile stockinette stitch, used in many knitting patterns.

Learn How to Cast Off in Knitting

4: How to Cast Off Knitting

Binding Off Tutorial

Binding off, also called casting off, secures the last row the knitting so it will not unravel. Though it can be tricky you can easily learn how to bind off knitting correctly, just be sure to practice on your swatches to get the tension correct. Once you’ve made it through this portion of the guide, you’ll be ready to start your very first project.

Free Beginner Knitting Patterns

Take Your Pick – 3 Beginner Knitting Patterns

There is no longer a need to wait to cast on an actual project. Grab your ball of yarn, and your knitting needles and pick one of these free knitting patterns for beginners. Practice your garter stitch, knitting either the easy scarf or washcloth. Then combine the knit stitch and purl stitch to create a ribbed scarf. These beginner knitting patterns have been selected especially for you.

This free download on how to knit for beginners is only a click away!

Thanks to this free download, you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to learn to knit. Find out what the labels mean, what the different gauges are, and how to synthesize all of this information into your knitting style. You’ll see what the difference is between the sizes of needles and how tension in the yarn is an important part when learning how to start knitting.

Let this free guide to knitting basics help you learn how to cast on knitting with a fail proof method, one that you’ll learn to love. You’ll learn all about purl and knit stitches, how they are supposed to look on the needles, and when to know if you have made a mistake. Finish with casting off knitting and you’ve officially learned to knit.

We’ve also included fixes for common knitting mistakes so they won’t hold up your progress. Remember mistakes are a part of learning to knit and these easy fixes will help you become a better knitter. It’s important to remember that even the most famous knitwear designers were all once learning just like you! So what are you waiting for? Download your free eBook today!