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Knitting From the Heart

Dec 17, 2007

I have already received, and am already wearing, the best holiday present I can imagine: A pair of cabled socks knitted for me by my husband Nicholas.

Happy feet!

I'd like to point out that Sir Nicholas has only been knitting for a couple of years: His very first knitting project ever was a pair of textured socks for himself, knit at nine stitches to the inch. (This man knows no fear; he learned how to cast on, then right away wanted to tackle heel-turning, gussets, and teensy needles, saying that scarves and cat blankets were "not enough of a challenge.") Once that project was done, he bought himself a cable needle, and began a project that has taken him more than eighteen months to finish, busy university professor that he is: This pair of green cabled socks. For me.

He knit at night, after fifteen hour days of teaching, grading, and meeting with undergrads. He knit on the bus, to and from his job in Canada's lovely city of Toronto. He knit on the plane, on his way to and from visits home to Colorado to see me. He ripped out the grafts at the toe twice at the last minute because "they weren't good enough." And when he gave the finished socks to me earlier this month, I could see him holding his breath...after all, he was giving the gift of knitting to a knitter, a daring proposition at best.

Sir Nicholas, Master of Socks

I am so proud of him. You'll know this if you come anywhere near me, because more likely than not, I'll pull my shoes off and stick my feet in the air the better to show off his even, cabled stitches.

The socks are gorgeous. They are warm. They fit me perfectly. They are one of my favorite Christmas gifts ever, for there is love in every stitch. My feet are not only wrapped in really rockin' yarn (Louet Gems; Nicholas has great taste!), they're wrapped in love, my husband's love for me.

Handmade gifts shine like no other. I would rather wear the socks that Nicholas made than any fine silk stockings, any fancy designer shoes, any techno-widget hiking socks sold anywhere.

I'm wearing love on my feet. Now, THAT's what I call happy feet.

How many of you are wrapping those you cherish in handknit love this holiday? It doesn't matter if you won't get the knitting (or the crocheting) done by The Day; it just matters that stitch by stitch, we knitters and crocheters have a tangible way, beyond tiny lights and reindeer hats, to spread the real meaning of the season from one hand—and one heart—to another.


Free! Broken Cable Rib Socks

Where can I get the pattern for the green socks?

Nicholas chose the Broken Cable Rib Sock pattern by Ann Budd (without any help from me, I might add—I was wondering what he was doing rummaging through all my books and magazines that weekend!). This pattern has been unavailable for a while, and so now, in honor of the love that goes into every handmade gift, we're proud to offer the Broken Cable Rib Socks as this week's free pattern—our Christmas gift to you.


Now in the Store: The Koolhaas Hat

Kool In The Haas!

Many, many of you have written to tell us how sad you are that Knits Holiday 2007 is already sold out; one pattern in particular is being requested, over and over: Jared Flood's Koolhaas Hat. Soooooo...Our Interweave elves worked a few extra hours to pull that one out of the archives and load it up into the Knitting Daily Pattern Store for you! A portion of the $4.50 sales price goes directly to the designer, as with all patterns sold in the KD Store. We're thrilled to have this new way to help support our fine designers AND to make out-of-print patterns available to everyone who wants them.


Great Free Sock Pattern eBook:
Knitting Socks with Knitting Daily:
5 Free Sock Knitting Patterns

Need a new sock knitting pattern? Want a great free sock pattern?
I've chosen five of our top sock knitting downloads and put them all together in one FREE ebook for you.

So what kind of sock patterns are in this eBook? Let's see. There's a knitted lace sock pattern, a cabled sock pattern, a colorwork sock pattern, a men's sock pattern, and an easy beginner sock pattern. Something for everyone!

Download Knitting Socks with Knitting Daily: 5 Free Sock Knitting Patterns

Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

What's on Sandi's needles? Ten (!) inches of the Gathered Pullover; a pair of socks on two circulars with partial heel flaps, and eight inches of the hood of my husband's cabled hoodie. Yes, still only eight inches of the hood. I've run into a Gnarly Bit—hubby's neck is so long that I have to add two inches of cables to an intricate, non-repeating, ever-branching motif. Have I mentioned this is my second cable project ever? Have I mentioned it's his Christmas present? Have I mentioned I'm insane?


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AvisK wrote
on Feb 6, 2008 8:36 PM
Thank you so very much for the 3 needle bind off. I'm still learning how to knit, and this was so easy. Much better than the "K graft from hell". Thanks again.
DonnaB wrote
on Dec 20, 2007 10:41 AM
that grafting with 3 needles is BRILLIANT, JUST USED AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL
Lynn G. wrote
on Dec 19, 2007 6:19 PM
To Alex D regarding pom poms: normally, I'm all for the cheap, homemade methods and not for extra gadgets, but Patternworks was selling two sizes of Clover brand Pom Pom makers (with two sizes in each package, for a total of four possible pom pom sizes) for 50% or less of the regular price. I bought both packages, and my partner tried them out immediately and said they worked beautifully, painlessly, and quickly. Also, Patternworks seems to take great pride in the way they package their mail orders, so I'd recommend their year-end sale and the pom pom makers, if they haven't sold out already.
Holly@2 wrote
on Dec 19, 2007 5:28 PM
Sir Nicholas the socks are beautiful!! Do you have a brother??
EileenD@2 wrote
on Dec 19, 2007 4:59 PM
Ditto to all of the other accolades your St. Nick has received and Best Wishes for a very Happy Holiday to you, all the Interweavers and all of your loyal readers.
Is there a chance you will take a close up photo of the broken cables and post them?
I really can't make out the pattern on your photo or on the pattern photo and there are probably more aged eyes than just mine out there in KD land!
ZoeK wrote
on Dec 19, 2007 10:11 AM
I'm saddened to see patterns available for a fee. This has been such a great site and helpful. I don't mind the blurps for books by Interseave. That, sad to say, goes with the territory. I am unhappy to see patterns and know that if I want one it will cost me.
AnneB wrote
on Dec 19, 2007 9:57 AM
Finally finished the Wedding Afghan!! Only a month after the wedding. Along the way I knit a hat with flowers on top instead of a pom-pom and a teddy bear for my grand-niece.
My husband enjoys going to yarn shops with me - especially when he gets to pick yarn for a project for himself. So this year he is getting a black vest knit from New Zealand yarn - whenever I get it done. Right after I knit some snowmen!
LindaR@3 wrote
on Dec 19, 2007 9:01 AM
I love to make socks and love to wear them. Unfortunately my wool socks do not seem to wear as well as the poly ones I buy at the store. Let's get an article about darning socks. What do you do and do you need one of those things that look like an egg with a stick.
Cheri wrote
on Dec 19, 2007 6:29 AM
This year was pretty tight for us so I chose to knit gifts from my stash yarn. My favorite are the matching baby vests made for my grandsons transformed by Fibonacci stripes since I didn't have enough of one yarn. I didn't make it past a three stripe repeat - they are so tiny!
SharonH wrote
on Dec 19, 2007 3:15 AM
This and the majority of responses are definitely going into my "I'll never understand humans" file. So very interesting and alien to me...

Thanks for the Koolhaas, I'm curious to see if it works the way I think it does.
JenniferH wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 11:39 PM
There is just nothing quite like handmade items! I made an alpaca dickey for my Mom, a hat & mittens for our 4 yr old grandson & a Learn to Knit kit for 6 yr old granddaughter w/ my handspun in it! Yeah for hand made! Jennifer
CarrieM wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 9:27 PM
Oh yes. Those are fabulous socks! How hard is it to take them off?? I would have a hard time if someone gave me the gift of handknit socks... alas, I am the only knitter in my family, so of course everyone else will be the beneficiaries of my handknitted love. Congrats to your husband on the fine job he did with them and congrats to you for the absolute perfect gift a person could ever get!
NancyB wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 7:58 PM
What a lovely story, husband and gift! I am pretty sure I would be wearing those socks every day! Thank you for sharing with us.

Thanks for the download, too.

Despite all of my best intentions, I have not yet finished my Christmas knitting, but hey, there's still a week! Maybe next year, I should take some vacation time from work to finish my holiday knitting!
Mary BE wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 7:04 PM
I have been an IK subscriber for 5-6 year and an KD subcriber since summer. Love both. Small favor, please. Can you please use black print for the instructions? It would be much kinder on my middle-aged eyes. Many thanks, Mary B
CurlyToot wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 5:55 PM
I've never really thought about knitted gifts like that before!
I also wanted to say that i'm really excited that the coolhass pattern has been made avaliable to perchase. This is such a great innovation from interweave beacuse it allows people like myself, from Australia, to easiy aquire certain patterns from an issue. Quite often I only really want one or two patterns, so this is such a great way to get them straight away without having to wait for overseas postage!! THANKYOU INTERWEAVE!!
KatieJ wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 5:44 PM
I just sent off socks for my Mom & her hubby last saturday, which arrived today. Dad's socks are done (which he's been hinting very heavily and obviously XD), and that just leaves my step-mom's socks to finish. (I'll be lucky if they're done in time!)

You're incredibly lucky. What a great partner you have in life. ^_^ Enjoy the holidays!
TinaK wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 5:31 PM
It's wonderful really, a handmade bit of yarn that is really all about the love-- and presented by a man who aims to please. On any planet, in any society this would be seen as the absolute BEST! Congrats to your hub for the excellent job of knitting and may you wear them in good health feeling the stitches of joy and adoration!
Mapphappy wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 4:59 PM
That has got to be the cutest and sweetest thing I have seen/read in quite a while. You should definitely save and print all our responses so Nicholas and you can come back and read them someday. What a great hubby!
SandiL wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 3:45 PM
Wow!! Beautiful socks knit for you by a hottie!!! You are one lucky woman.....Does he have any brothers??????
PatF@2 wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 3:08 PM
How many hours a day do you knit to be able to accomplish so much? I got a good sense of how much daily time your husband puts in, but from your posts - you must knit 24/7!
CindyH@2 wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 2:55 PM
What a sweet story and what a sweet husband. You are truly loved by him! The socks are beautiful!
SharonP@3 wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 2:33 PM
That is the sweetest story! Good for both of you! It sounds like you two are in different cities. We are two professional academics nad we are looking for work. To find work in the same cities may be night to impossible so we are thinking of a distance relationship. The study data shows that it works very well. Thoughts?
DebraI wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 1:56 PM
Cheers to Sandie and Nicholas! Lovely socks. I'm knitting my niece some fitted leg warmers in a pattern of my own design. There were a lot of emails and angst getting measurements and hoping they fit. I asked a coworker to try the first one on so I could see how the pattern was working out -- Looked great! I'm down to the last pattern repeat on the birch leaves lace pattern (a panel on either side, with 1x1 ribbing between), then will have the ribbing to go at the top and I'm done in plenty of time. Yippee! I'm also knitting a simple scarf for my mom, which is 2/3 done. I'll make it. Happy Christmas everyone!
BarbieM wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 1:48 PM
You are a very lucky woman. My compliments to Sir Nicholas on a job very well done!
GJabouri wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 1:15 PM
Hi MARAFISH - Re. socks for diabetics: I just use a 2x2 rib for the whole leg, starting very wide and decreasing down the leg. That way the socks stay up. If you make them with about 1 inch of negative ease (stretch) they should fit very loosely/non-constricting. Give it 2" of stretch for a snugger fit.
MargaretS@2 wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 1:05 PM
Your husband knows the true spirit of the season. A gem like him is a rare find.
This year I have knit socks or gloves for my father, brothers, and husband. I'm also working on a cabled sweater for my 7 month old. What about my mother? Well she got an angora lace stole for her birthday so for Christmas she's getting a watercolor painting. Still homemade.
WendyH wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 12:42 PM
Thanks for sharing your beautiful story with us. My sweetness doesn't knit but he purchased my looms for me, fixed niddy noddys when our dog chewed them up, built my barn so I could have alpacas, etc. In return, I furnish him with socks, hats, and sweaters.

Every year I make handmade gifts for Christmas - this year my friends and family will all receive a cabled alpaca headband for outdoor wear. I hope they like them!!!
TerryW wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 11:52 AM
Your husband truly made a gift from his heart. And as you wear the socks you will feel his love. Thanks for sharing. I made 2 pair of socks for 2 of my grandsons that are in daycare together(they are cousins), 2 wash cloths in organic cotton to go with store bought organic body washes for 2 friends, hubbies socks still on the needle & DIL vest still designing (I will show her the design and she will pick the colors). And if I don't run out of time a quick scarf for one of my daughters.Happy Holidays. Fire Island Knitter
HeidiS@2 wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 10:43 AM
What a beautiful story, thank you.
SteveL wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 10:40 AM
Wow. I can totally relate to this story! As a male, I knit between IT and engineering projects. The more intricate the pattern, the better. Fearless? Yes... or perhaps too inexperienced to know better. Why? What a terrific way to bless a loved one: my wife and daughter are high on my list. There's just something about hand knit...
Amellah wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 10:17 AM
I love this sock pattern, but one thing I've noticed, they all seem to be made for a certain size, which I am not. Is there a good way to adjust sock patterns for a larger foot?
Kimlhauser wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 10:05 AM
Fantastic!!! I truly admire Sir Nicholas' fearlessness as a new knitter. Bravo! I wish you both a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing this joyful story.
TerryH wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 10:05 AM
Loved the socks. What a sweetheart your husband is.
For Christmas my girlfriends and I exchange ornaments. So being the crazy sock knitter that I am, I decided to knit small pairs of socks for their trees. They were so much fun to knit and the girls just loved them.
Merry Christmas to all.
MaggiH wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 9:46 AM


Maggi H.
BridgetM wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 9:43 AM
Continued - my other proejct is for my 14 month old grandson - a two color slip stitch pullover vest in superwash DK wool. This one is remarkable only in that I had no pattern from which to work, just a stitch pattern and swatch. I converted the stitch pattern into the round, did all the math, made a lovely 1x1 rib border, worked up the body, then cast off for underarms. Then got massively stuck converting the pattern from round to flat knitting, complete with my own little anomalies from the first conversion. I had to chart, then write the pattern out in words, then chart again. Being challenged by spatial and visual thinking, readint this particular bit of knitting was horribly hard for me. But I got it - and then completed the shaping, the necline casting off and such, without too much problem. Added the rib trim around armholes and neckline, and my little guy wore his soft and warm woolen vest for the first time yesterday. The item itself is no feat of intricacy, or technical knitting or what have you. But it represents my very first foray into "designing" or at least figuring out how to noodle out a knitting challenge.

Your socks are beautiful! Next up is a small needle aran pullover for my husband, in Rowan Felted Tweed in a color called "Pickle." That will be an epic piece for me, as well.
BridgetM wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 9:37 AM
Merry Christmas to all - and blessings and happiest of hopes to all who celebrate something other than Christmas!

My two knitting projects this Christams were for my mother and for my grandson.

My mother is a very precise and elegant woman, a single mom to three children who put herself through a Bachleors degree, a Masters, another accidental Masters, and finally a PhD (from Stanford, no less) in psychometrics, or test construction. My memories are peppered with scenes of her knitting - my first day of kindergarten sweater, an intricate Norwegian with beautiful multicolored yoke and pewter Edelweiss buttons. She placed it into the washer to soak prior to blocking, got caught up in something else, shrunk it something horible - I don't think it eve fit Teddy Bear - and then reknit the entire thing, in easy care acrylic, in a matter of days. I remember the simple hunter green top down raglan she knit for my little sister, the pumkin colored sweater she knit for herself, during the middle of her PhD quest. She is a precise knitter, with perfect, orderly stitches and edges that looked as though they could have been machine made. I asked her to teach me to knit, poor thing was busy. I sort of figured it out myself, only to have her ask why my stitches were so "small and mean looking." - Tension issues, plus every stitch twisted as I wrapped the yarn the wrong way. My gift to my mother is a pair of socks in eyelet rib with a picot cuff. Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in a gentle springtime pallette. I hope she likes them, and mostly I hope they bring her comfort and warmth.
on Dec 18, 2007 9:32 AM
What a wonderful holiday story. These socks are really wonderful. I know because I've made this pattern myself and am thrilled to be able to get the pattern again as I had lost my copy. Thanks for making it available. I'm looking forward to making another pair. PS they look really great done in a varigated yarn.
Youngsonpolk wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 9:13 AM
I look forward to the "kniting daily" because it is so well written and witty. I feel like I am part of a knitting community and I learn something from each post! Sandi is the greatest!
Theresa wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 9:09 AM
Oh Wow, Sandi - your husband is a gem - definitely a "keeper".
Eeyore04294 wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 8:59 AM
You are sooo lucky to have a DH that knits for you!! Jealousy abounds! Right now I am making socks for my MIL; and I understand your hubby's apprehension, she is the one who started me on this road 6 years ago. I try to make everyone in the family some small hand made thing, from crocheted snowflake ornaments to afghans.
KimE wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 8:49 AM
What a wonderful story - I loved it! I have a very sweet husband too - he's getting me a spinning wheel for Christmas (I'm not supposed to know yet - but I do). We have 3 alpacas and bags of fleece in the basement waiting to be processed. I can't wait! I sew quite a bit, therefore, my husband can be seen wearing some homemade clothes. I love to see him in clothes that I made and he loves it when I sew for him. There's something wonderful about homemade gifts - especially for our loved ones. Merry Christmas!
CrystalB wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 8:18 AM
AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! How sweet! Sir Nicholas has good taste indeed, and he did a wonderful job! I've been trying to talk my hubby into learning to knit, and I think he's soon to give in. He needs a relaxing outlet after working on airplanes all day!
HaddaA wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 8:16 AM
That is the sweetest thing ever. Your hubby did an awesome job. I wish my hubby learned how to knit. When I ask him if he wants to learn, he asks me if I want to start reading comic books. That wasn't happening. The fonts on those things hurt my eyes.
ssommers wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 7:53 AM
Kudos to Sir Nicholas!

I already gave a fluffy pink scarf to Plain Gram. She asked for it in August & I think I gave it to her 2 weeks later! Hey, she?s 84 and I?m a sucker to make her happy. This ack-rylik eyelash yarn was definitely not my style & I knit it fast to avoid the UFO basket. I'm a spinner & like natural fibers best! If I can spin enough yarn for my husband's grey Shetland/Gotland shawl-neck sweater, I might have that knit by next Christmas. It?s only been 2 years so far.
SusanC@2 wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 7:43 AM
Sandi, Lovely socks, a very talented hubby, braver than I am. I've yet to try and tackle a pair of socks. Love the color of the yarn. This year the nieces and nephew are getting homemade sweaters with scarves and hat to match, there's 3 sets to make. Almost done with the 3rd set. My daughter is getting a homemade poncho made with a chenille yarn, and I've got another poncho on the needles that won't be finished in time for Christmas Day but she'll love it just the same. Wanted to wish all the readers and staff at IK a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the New Year bring lots of knitting enjoyment.
CatherineP@3 wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 7:31 AM
Those socks are awesome. Kudos to Dr. Nick for taking on such a project! (And as a fellow univ prof, I can well understand why it is knitting he wants at the end of a long day!)

This is my first Christmas as a knitter, and I have 2 sweaters, one (extremely simple) shawl, several scarves, and a couple of hats. I am very excited to give them away on the big day!
JeanG wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 7:01 AM
Sandi, What a wonderful holiday story you share! What a beautiful journey your socks have taken from his heart to yours. They may have already put on more miles than most socks ever get! Thanks for sharing..JG
TanisW wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 6:53 AM
What a wonderful gift! I have made everyone a hand knitted gift this year (except my mom because I ran out of time)I am the only knitter in the family now that my grandmother is now longer here and everyone is eagerly awaiting their gifts!
LoriQ wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 6:25 AM
a true gift from the heart. best wishes to you both!
Bonny wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 5:54 AM
Sir Nicholas is definitely a true blue Knight of the Needles. You are absolutely wearing love on your feet ~ thank you for sharing this wonderful story.
DreaK wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 5:44 AM
What a wonderful Christmas story! Truly heart-warming, it makes me smile a lot. Sandi, you are definitely a lucky gal to have such a loving guy at your side! And a gifted knitter he is! Congrats to Sir Nicholas on his FO and his bravery. Merry Christmas to both of you and everyone at Interweave!
JanetD wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 5:08 AM
Sir Nicholas should be knighted(or knitted). Your comments about his gift and him reveal alot. Thanks for the beauty.
Halo945 wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 4:50 AM

I love that your husband knitted you socks! There is nothing more special than something that is made just for you.

ClaudiaP wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 3:22 AM
That's a lovely story, Sandi, and it has given me renewed vigour to finish the cardigan for my fiance. And thank you for the Koolhaas pattern - that is the one I really, really wanted, and now I have it. So thank you and all the staff at KD/IP for the early Christmas present!
TeresaB wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 3:06 AM
What a lovely story!
I would love to get something from my husband that he had created all by himself. Congratiulations to you both, you seems to fit each other very well!
millie91 wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 2:21 AM
Thank you for the beautiful story, was that photo of St Nick taken at the knitting hideaway hotel you stayed at recently? Everyone here in Paris is getting wrist warmers (even if they don't want them! once they try them they'll adopt them) beanies, scarves for Christmas, I just want to cover them all with hand knitted warmth. And I've been eying that Koolhaas hat pattern, must get it!! Thank you Sandy for your wonderful posts, I look forward to many more.
Kucki68 wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 1:24 AM
I am sure you are very proud of him as the sox are wonderful. I am knitting sox for FIL (done), MIL (one down) and MyGuy (one down) for x-mas.
TeresaD wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 12:19 AM
What a great gift! What a great husband!

P.S. if you live in Los Angeles, the Marina Del Rey Barnes and Noble has the Holiday Knits magazine as of 12/16/08
AndiZ wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 12:09 AM
What a lovely Christmas story and a lovely pair of socks! I am taking a HUGE risk this Christmas and knitting my brother a scarf. My very particular brother. But as my mother pointed out, even if he doesn't ever wear it, every time he sees it in the closet he will be reminded that someone who loves him very much created something just for him. And that's enough! Happy holidays to all.
DonnaT wrote
on Dec 18, 2007 12:02 AM
Your story brought a little tear to my eye. What a fantastic Christmas present. The love that went into the socks & his bravery as a new knitter to give a fairly complicated knitted present to an experienced knitter - what bravery ! ou are truly blessed to have such a husband!
Adrienne C wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 11:53 PM
What lovely socks, and what a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Happy Holidays to you both!
Lou wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 11:49 PM
3 cheers for Sir Nicholas!The more men we get knitting the happier the world would be. Show me another man knitting in public and a smile goes on my face.
Lou in Atlanta
AlisonW wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 11:23 PM
That posting made me cry! So beautiful - the socks, the story, the love! A wonderful, joyous holiday to you both. Thank you for all you give us every week.
LynnC@2 wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 10:57 PM
The socks themselves are lovely, and beautifully made. What strikes me even more is the love with which he looked into the camera when you took his picture. *That* is the real gift, and the mark of a good marriage. I have friends who have been married 30+ years, and they still hold hands, and they still look at each other with that clear-eyed devotion. It is heartwarming and awe-inspiring to behold. I am so happy for you that you know how that feels!
LindaW@2 wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 10:53 PM
What a great story, Sandi. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful inspiration this year - and you are absolutely right about the beauty and joy of handmade knits. I'm knitting socks for DH this year and weaving scarves for friends. They may just end up being Happy New Year presents, but the love is what matters.

Linda W
RonaS wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 10:53 PM
Great Socks, Sandy. It is obvious that Nicholas worked hard and thoughtfully for you with this gift. I've been working on small throws for the grandkids to snuggle under, probably more for the mid-January birthday, I already gave my loving husband his hat and socks, he'd been complaining of cold head and feet this winter. My daughter gets a cable ribbed hat in ORANGE, her favorite color. and my son-in-law saw my fingerless gloves and wants a pair for while he's pounding on his drums downstairs (They just happen to be downstairs at my home, not his) but he's wise enough to come over to practice while Mom is at work. Merry Christmas and the best of the season to all of you at Knitting Daily and Interweave Knits. Thank you for all the great ideas, both for gifts and myself.
AudreyD wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 10:47 PM
He's not afraid of The Sock Knitting Superstition? (Insert ghostie OOOOOOOOO). A brave man, too.

Everyone's getting socks from me this year. Sister's getting fair isle and bedsocks, mom's getting silk/merino in her boooooring preferred 2x2 rib, dad's getting neutral grey with cables down the side.

Koolhass hat is a joy to knit, though I knit it entire on 4mm needles--I was using a rather lighterweight worsted than the yarn called for. Doesn't look very impressive off, but looks wonderful on. Friend I knit it for *insisted* it have a pompom. My first pompom making adventure (which I hope will never be repeated: surely there's some trick to cutting the yarn once it's wound that doesn't make me go ouch!) I like it as a 'burglar cap' (as we call them), but no... pompom it is. THe customer/gift recipient is always right.
SandraM wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 10:30 PM
Hi, Sandie! Thank for your lovely heartfelt truly are a lucky lady to have Nicholas. I have downloaded the pattern for these socks as a reminder of your story as well to be put to practical use. I would like to wish you, all at Interweavw Knits Press and your families, the very best for Christmas 2007 and the coming New Year across the miles. Many thanks for all your help, love and fun throughout the year from an Aussie fan.
Lynn G. wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 10:19 PM
Thanks for writing that the timing is less important than the fact of creating something for a loved one. I've found myself feeling sad that I'm not quite done with a project that actually was an extra in the first place--one of those happy accidents inspired by a particular person but that the knitter doesn't even realize is being "guided" by the recipient's spirit until the project is partway done. I was drawn to a lime green mohair yarn and didn't know why; that led me to a crochet pattern that I'd seen years ago and never made, and then the flower motifs intended just for the scarf ends inspired me to make three times as many, and some in a contrasting color which I had to special-order, so that I could sprinkle them across the entire scarf (like a field of wildflowers). I didn't realize until I was halfway done that the project was for this person, and now I find myself needing to sew 24 flowers onto the scarf and weave in ends, and I'm having a flare of my carpal tunnel and other pain problems and therefore probably will not finish in time for Christmas, let alone in time to mail it across country. I'll try to remember that the spirit of the gift will not expire on 12/25 and that we have a LONG, cold winter, with plenty of scarf-weather, ahead.
JudithB@2 wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 10:05 PM
Thank you for the comment on knitting gifts for Christmas. It helped, since I am still knitting 2 pair of socks on size 0 needles with color patterns. I know they won't be done by Christmas day, but will be appreciated when they do get to their new owners. Thanks for the encouragement.
Jowester wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 9:58 PM
Happy feet! Happy Husband! Lovely Christmas story. I've been knitting a storm for family and friends and socks are playing a major role this Christmas.
LuiseE wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 9:37 PM
Thanks for making the hat from the holiday issue available. The rotten part is that it's not included with an IK subscription and then it's underprinted. More $$ for IK, of course. Lousy way to do business, I think.
Denise~ wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 9:35 PM
Oh my gosh! You are one lucky woman! Lovely socks, great color too!

Thanks for sharing the pattern!
Jamie wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 9:31 PM
Sir Nicholas has done a great job! It's hard to believe that he has only recently learned to knit (and started with socks, no less).

This Christmas I'm knitting a number of gifts. My two teenage nieces are each receiving a pair of fingerless gloves in an Alchemy silk/merino blend that just glows, my friends Dawn and David (who look after my daughter at college) each got a scarf (hers is a reversible cable in alpaca, his is a traveling cable/rib in a variegated merino), my dad gets a mistake stitch hat in suri alpaca, my father-in-law gets a scarf like David's, another family friend gets a mistake stitch rib scarf in a camel/merino blend, my brother gets a cabled scarf in alpaca, and his fiance gets a lace scarf in a silk/merino hand-dye. All but the last two are complete, so I may even have time to knit something for one of my kids before the 25th.

Mother-in-law got an alpaca/silk lace scarf for her late November birthday, so she gets storebought this year. My mom had a handmade birthday gift this year too, so she also gets storebought.

My husband has gotten into the handmade gift spirit this season as well, but since he doesn't knit, he made framed posters of his best photographs for his sister and her husband.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone open gifts this year. Happy holidays to all of you!
Esh wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 9:29 PM
yay the socks! They look beautiful :)

And I'm chiming in to say that I'm giving handknits this Christmas! Not all are garments (tea cozy, stuffed cat, stuffed turtle), but I am almost done with a pair of socks for my brother (and his big feet)! Thanks for sharing about your sock present, I hope my brother likes his socks half as much as you like yours :)
CatherineF wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 9:26 PM
What a lovely pair of socks. You are one lucky lady. I think I should get him to give me some lessons.I am knitting a popcorn hat for my GD but have ripped it out 3 times. I can't seem to keep the pattern straight. I hope she will know she is loved anyway. Cathy
DrickaK wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 9:25 PM
THAT green socks story (true) is the cutest story I've ever heard! You go, St. Nick!
HeatherS wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 9:24 PM
I must agree with Sandi's statement that handmade gifts shine. My husband does not knit, and does not want to learn. However, he does build things. Things like knitting tables (a side table for our living room large enough to hold some stash and all necessary accoutrements) dyeing work benches, drop spindles and even stitch markers. And this year, he is gettng socks for Christmas. Which reminds me - I have some grafting to do!
PamK wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 9:15 PM
The extra issue has found a home. Congrats to Nina!
As for socks for a diabetic? The best socks are those that don't bind or constrict in any way. A very loose cast-on, and wider than normal toe and heel are best. Short row the heel if you can. Hope this helps. My mom is diabetic, and I made her socks with no problems.
ErinB wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 9:01 PM
Well done Sir Nicholas! That ranks right up there with the wonderful things that my sons (10 & 6) are knitting for others this Christmas. Their projects are not as complex but still filled with love.
NinaT wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 8:40 PM
That is a wonderful story. And thank you so much for the pattern. I'll probably make them for me. I love the Koolhaas hat, too. So, three new patterns for me today, since I had to get the CPH, also.
CadeM wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 8:29 PM
What a sweet story! :-) The socks look great! I knit a pair of socks as a Christmas prezzie using some luxurious handdyed yarn for this guy... When the relationship went sour, I ended up ripping part of the foot out to make them shorter to fit me. :-)
MaraFish wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 8:22 PM
Does any one have experience knitting socks for people with diabetes or others who need socks that are loose fitting? I am wondering what type of stitch would be best for the leg section
BarbaraH wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 8:19 PM
Great socks! Fit and color are both nice. I'm giving 2 pairs of socks to one person, a pair of rather heavy ones from handspun alpaca and a rather more sedate pair in dark blue merino with a few narrow red stripes. Also a hat and a pair of fingerless gloves to a sheep owner, from her own handspun, she doesn't have time to knit. Two of the knit animals from this site go to my one-year-old grand daughter. I couldn't stand it and gave her the kitty when I finished it.
PamK wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 8:16 PM
Aww. That has to be the sweetest thing I've ever heard. That must be why my hubby keeps asking where HIS socks are, and if they're close to being done. Shamed to say I have yet to cast them on. As usual, waiting til the last minute to get my gifts finished.
Thank you for sharing the pattern. I have an extra Holiday Knits issue I am willing to give away. First person to email me at
Mystressmyrrh at yahoo dot com
Can have it, postage free. My gift to a fellow knitter. Merry Christmas!
AnitaM wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 8:15 PM
Congratulations Sir Nicholas, on doing such a wonderful job! You can be very proud knowing that you have made someone you love feel so special. And you've brought a smile to my face in the middle of all my last minute Christmas rushing - so for that, I thank you! Merry Christmas!!
And Sandi, Merry Christmas to you and all of your dear ones. Your posts bring so much joy to so many people. You deserve to have a wonderful, peaceful holiday. We already know it will be full of love! ;)
CarlaH wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 7:51 PM
What beautiful, wonderful socks. Gorgeous green with love in every stitich as you say. Love him much, he loves you.
jminnear wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 7:43 PM
You are a very lucky lady to have a husband that loves you so much! He did a great job on the socks. Merry Christmas to you both.
Cleverknits wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 7:39 PM
please please PLEASE enable full posts for rss feed readers! the "teaser" feed is pure torture!!
AnnR wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 7:33 PM
What a wonderful present he gave you. He must truly love you a lot to do this.
AIRknitter wrote
on Dec 17, 2007 7:24 PM
Sir Nicolas is a true romantic. This is the best Christmas Story I have ever, ever read. May you be blessed with a wonderful life together, forever.