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Just In Time for the Oscars! Lacy Mesh Gloves

Feb 19, 2008

Katie Himmelberg, style editor of Knitscene and assistant editor of Interweave Knits, is today's guest poster! Here's what she has to say about our new free pattern, the Lacy Mesh Gloves, designed by Eunny Jang.

Eunny Jang's Lacy Mesh Gloves

Who could be a formidable match to the ever dapper Cary Grant’s cat burglar in “To Catch a Thief”? Why, none other than the icon of ladylike style, Grace Kelly, of course! In 1955, a lady of her decorum was surely not to be spied without the proper attire for any occasion, and her character’s driving gloves in this film sure fit the bill.

I have a soft spot for the days when ladies wore hats and gloves; I’ve often wished that I could pull off a smashing little topper or a pair of pure lily white gloves, but in truth, they suit neither my lifestyle nor my personal style. But a pair of lacy gloves in an off-white no-one-will-notice-I-spilled-something-on-these shade (also known as “beige”) would be perfect with many of my usual spring outfits. I could see myself zipping around in a fitted denim jacket, full printed skirt, and these dainty gloves.

Though I’ve never knit a pair of gloves, I think these would be a breeze to complete; the open lacey pattern will knit up fast and the construction is straightforward. I think I’d add a flashy vintage button to the slit to personalize the pair. Mix it up; whether you choose a funky or understated color, these gloves can become your own to suit your style.

by Katie Himmelberg
Assistant Editor, Interweave Knits
Style Editor, Knitscene

Fearless Knitting Tip!

Never tried knitting gloves before?

Here's a couple of Sandi's knitting "finger" tips: (Sorry. I couldn't resist.)

Gloves aren't that hard, just a tad fiddly—but hey, we're fearless knitters here, right? If you can master a few dpns, then you can definitely knit a glove. Here's the scoop: You knit the wrist and hand in the round on dpns, then divide up the stitches for each finger, putting four of the fingers on waste yarn while you work on one finger at a time—again in the round on dpns. Each finger is just a few stitches per needle, so this is where it can get fiddly!

Tip #1: Short needles help save your sanity. Use very short dpns for the fingers (there are 4-5" sets made especially for this purpose) and keep breathing! Soon you'll have four fingers, a thumb, and perpetual glove-maker's bragging rights.

Tip #2: Waste yarn, yes. Stitch holders, nope. When the instructions say "use waste yarn to hold the other finger stitches"—believe them! Waste yarn helps you fold the "other" fingers out of the way while you concentrate on the one you are currently knitting. If you use stitch holders for the "other fingers," the stitch holders might get snagged on your dpns as you work your way around.

Tip #3: Not all waste yarns are created equal. I use a really smooth, colorfast cotton yarn in a bright, contrasting color to the yarn I am knitting with, so I can clearly see where all my stitches are.


Sandi Wiseheart is the founding editor of Knitting Daily. She is now the author of the popular Knitting Daily blog: What's on Sandi's Needles.

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on Feb 6, 2009 10:10 AM
I want to knit the twisted stitch gauntlets by Deborah Newton but I don't know how to do the no stitch technique, can someone tell me how to? Myrta
Mary JoM wrote
on Apr 1, 2008 7:48 PM
Sandi, I like the glove`s pattern and think just maybe, I could make them! If I can do this pattern, then just maybe, I could make some gloves for my Sunday School class next Christmas. I teach 1st and 2nd grade.mary jo m.
JaniceM wrote
on Feb 22, 2008 12:33 PM
sorry VERY CONFUSED KIWI AGAIN, I am confused over the instructions for the I cord edging.....
JaniceM wrote
on Feb 22, 2008 12:30 PM
HI, I think they are just lovely and are planning to knit in rowan ks haze, but going to add a purl button and loop @ the top of the slit...the problem is, I cannot fathom, the instructions ...HELP..VERY CONFUSED KIWI
KarenS@3 wrote
on Feb 22, 2008 5:00 AM
I just want to tell you that you have a great knack for explaining even the hardest things. I appreciate all of your explanation details" on how to make knitting life easier and more understandable..hope that makes sense.Bottom line..THANKS! karen s.
SharonK wrote
on Feb 21, 2008 8:34 PM
Hi Sandi, I have just finished a pair of fingerless gloves (w/o the tips) very fun and worked up quick. Now I am adjusting the pattern to suit me while making my next pair, that is the fearless knitter in me is moving.I tend to just follow the pattern and not change it, even if it isn't quite what I wanted.
For the small holes between the fingers I found that if I left a little longer tail when I joined the yarn to pick up the finger stitches it could be used to hide the hole when woven in when I was finished. Sharon K
Elizabeth wrote
on Feb 21, 2008 3:10 PM
Sandi, Thanks for all the tips about knitting gloves. This kind of information is really great! I've never made a pair of gloves, but this made me want to try it! The Little Gems Mitts are really cute. I might start with those.
on Feb 21, 2008 1:11 PM
Hi Sandy,

I made some lace gloves last summer. I used dental floss for my stitch holders. The waxed kind. It worked great,except my dog,Gimli, really liked the mint flavor! I really had to watch him and make sure he did not try to eat it!

Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!

BarbaraH wrote
on Feb 21, 2008 12:39 PM
Gloves really aren't harder than,say, socks. No heel turning for one thing. I made a pair of elbow length lace gloves for my daughter to wear with her wedding dress. I was feeling really like a SOMEONE until I heard at my lys about someone who knit a wedding dress. Oh well
GJabouri wrote
on Feb 21, 2008 11:36 AM
Hello, all,

Actually, I have no problem when someone says that they think a pattern is ugly (or even "the ugliest") - that's their opinion and they can express it, no? I don't see anything "RUDE" about that. For me, being "rude" means being insulting, demeaning, patronizing, etc. to a PERSON, not expressing an opinion about a THING.
M.M wrote
on Feb 21, 2008 9:28 AM
I TOTALLY agree with the poster who commented on the RUDE comment. Where do people get the sense of entitlement to make a comment like that???!!! Would you ever say that to someone in person? Probably not. The internet is such a wonderful source of information, like this site, but it can breed such lack of manners and humanity. Really, none of us cares if you don't like the gloves. I'm not in love with everything showcased on this site. Just like I don't love everything article of clothing at my favorite store, but I wouldn't go run and tell the manager that something is the "ugliest I've seen". Really, behave on the net like you would in person. Its the advice I give my teenage kids. Its pretty bad when you have to dish that advice to the supposed "adults" who also post on this site.

To Sandi and all the women behind this magazine and website--keep up the excellent work!! Some of us truly appreciate it.
LaurieR wrote
on Feb 21, 2008 8:37 AM
I love the look of these gloves. I'm wondering if you could sub cotton for the wool, though.
AnneG wrote
on Feb 21, 2008 8:01 AM
They are indeed lovely, delicate, etc. but I know myself, and if I were to knit one of those I'd probably get three rows in and the guys in white coats would come to take me away! I say 'one' because I know I'd never get to the other glove. But hey, chacun a' son gout!
M.C wrote
on Feb 21, 2008 7:19 AM
These gloves take me back to the days when my sister and I got new Easter dresses, hats, gloves, and little purses to match! These were rare treats in our home, as our family was of modest means. But, oh my, did we feel special when adorned with all the new lovelies! I would wear these gloves. I think they are lovely and fun, and I love the button idea at the slit! And, Sandi, you hooked me with 'perpetual bragging rights' --- who can resist THAT?? Thanks for all you do!
ilovesocks wrote
on Feb 21, 2008 7:14 AM
To the person wondering about holes between the fingers: I start at the wrist and make up gloves as I go, so I don't know what patterns say to do, but I always use 10-12 stitches per finger, so I only keep about 7 or 8 on the waste yarn, then pick up stitches from the edges nearby around there to make the holes between fingers much smaller. If I do wind up with a small hole, I then just stitch it up without trouble (a much bigger hole would be trouble).
GerriU wrote
on Feb 21, 2008 7:04 AM
What is Moyen Medio? This came from Red Heart super saver yarn. How do you block it? Thanks,
Thomasean wrote
on Feb 21, 2008 1:13 AM
I just finished knitting my first pair of gloves. They are fiddly, but so worth it.

Does anyone know where I can find a pair of Size 6 4" DPN's. I've been looking forever. I have a few pair of Addi 4" but not size 6. The "Sox Sticks" don't seem to go up to a size 6...

Thanks for the pretty pattern Eunny and Sandi.

P.S. I sure hope someone from Knit Picks reads this.

on Feb 21, 2008 12:02 AM
Sandi's tips for knitting fingers are good, but here's another that may help. If you find your metal dpns are slipping out of the few stitches on a finger, try using bamboo or plastic instead. Besides being lighter in weight, they are also "stickier" on the yarn.
Eharper wrote
on Feb 20, 2008 11:37 PM
Ladies -- can we try to keep it positive-- It is soooo not uplifting to come home after a 12 hour day and jump on the computer to my favorite blog and find coments like "this is the ugliest pattern imaginable" I mean -- come on! If you don't appreciate it, fine, but don't be rude!

PS - Thanks for the tips Sandi -- I've always been a bit afraid of gloves -- now, not so much! Never resist your impulses to share your knowledge with us. We eat it up!
Arm_3 wrote
on Feb 20, 2008 8:52 PM
It's great to see a glove pattern like this. I would love it if the cotton gloves from the past would come back in fashion. What a great way to keep the germs away while shopping and keep your hands from drying out with all that hand sanitizer and washing!
I looking forward to making these!
AmyP wrote
on Feb 20, 2008 7:56 PM
I like using a piece of 1/8" wide ribbon to hold my stitches. Then I don't have to fight with splitting the waste yarn when I put the stitches back on a needle.
JodiW wrote
on Feb 20, 2008 7:16 PM
I happen to like knitting gloves. It makes me feel like I've really accomplished something in a short amount of time. I like to felt them for really warm gloves. I have learned to knit in the round with one circular needle (see Magic Look Knitting at This makes it go so easily and I only need to carry one needle for the whole project. Also - I like to use dental TAPE (not floss) instead of waste yarn. It is easier to thread and remove. Of course, it only comes in one color!
Wendyb@3 wrote
on Feb 20, 2008 6:53 PM
Quick question: rather than using fiddly dpns (which bother my tendonitis), couldn't one just use magic loop for the fingers? Or would that not work?
SonyaG wrote
on Feb 20, 2008 6:49 PM
This is the ugliest pattern imaginable. I mean, come on, who in the world would wear these? And you got to be kidding, right? Wear them to the Oscars! This would qualify for "what NOT to wear".
CynthiaB wrote
on Feb 20, 2008 6:33 PM
Please - could you please advise as to how one goes about sewing up the holes between the fingers & thumbs of gloves that are left after the pattern is completed? I see all kinds of glove patterns that "simply" say to sew those up, but it ends up either making more holes by stretching the stitches around the hole, or bulking up the area where I've tried. I am fearless, but this aspect of glove knitting has me in a bit of a tremble (and gloveless)! Help?
KathrynH wrote
on Feb 20, 2008 6:04 PM
Wouldn't you need two size 5 dpns for the attached i-cord? The pattern specifies needing only one size 5 in two places. Surely you don't use one big and one little needle?
SusanL wrote
on Feb 20, 2008 5:17 PM
Is there a good substitute yarn for these adorable gloves - alas, I don't do wool well at all....Help!
AnitaM wrote
on Feb 20, 2008 4:30 PM
Ooooh, these are so pretty. I'd love to make them. Will I be fearless enough? I think so. I think before long I'll be ready to handle lace and dpns at the same time. Thanks for another great post! :)