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Did you guess right?

May 20, 2008


Look what came in the mail for me!

On Monday, I posted a little survey to ask you what you were knitting out of the Summer 2008 issue of Knits. I also asked you to guess which project I am making.

So: Did you guess right about what I was making?

Yes! You did! How on earth did you guess correctly, when I gave you no clues, no hints, no anything? You folks are amazing.
There was a actually a tie for the top guess--Wakame Tunic and Drawstring Raglan--so let's look inside the box of yarn that arrived on my doorstep and see what's inside:

Ta-DA! Yarn for the Drawstring Raglan.

Take a bow, all of you brilliant folks.

Of course, I am dying of curiousity: How did you know? Why did you pick that one--if you picked another one, why that one? Inquiring minds desperately want to know. However, we still in the land of No Comments here, so you can't really tell me. (Frustrating, this no comments thing. The database wizards are taking longer than anticipated to work their magic; we shall all just have to be patient. I am told that Friday is the day we can begin to speak to one another again. I can't wait.)

Want to know what you all picked out for me?
Here's the list, top down.

1. Wakame Tunic, Drawstring Raglan (tie) 12% each
2. Leaf Kimono, Apres Surf Hoodie (tie) 11% each
3. Wallis Cardi 8%
4. Elinor 7%
5. Folded Cowl, Roped Shell, Tidewater Wrap (tie) 6% each
6. Delft Tee 4%
7. Imprint Tank 3%
8. Confectionary Tank, Autumn Asters, Gossamer Scarf, Brick Pullover (tie) 2% each
9. Windowpane Socks, Tapestry Skirt, Plaid Halter 1% each
10. Eyelet Surplice Dress, Maltese Hats, and "nothing" (tie) less than 1%

OK, How about you? What are YOU making?


Hey! Bertha's knitting my sweater!

Hands down, the most popular kid on this block is the Apres Surf Hoodie, with 17% of you casting on for that lacy little gem.

Here's the breakdown for what you are knitting for yourselves:

1. Apres Surf Hoodie 17%
2. Wakame Tunic 10%
3. Wallis Cardi 8%
4. Drawstring Raglan, Roped Shell, Gossamer Scarf (tie) 7% each
5. Tidewater Wrap, Leaf Kimono (tie) 6% each
6. Nothing 5%
7. Delft Tiles, Confectionary Tank, Windowpane Socks (tie) 4% each
8. Maltese Hats, Folded Cowl Tee (tie) 3% each
9. Elinor Tank, Imprint Tank, Brick Pullover, Autumn Asters (tie) 2% each
10. Tapestry Skirt, Plaid Halter, Eyelet Surplice Dress (tie) 1% each

It's always so interesting to see what catches your eye in each issue. For example, while you thought the Drawstring would be adorable on me, it's not one of your top choices to knit for yourselves. Same with the Leaf Kimono.

So here's a little homework assignment: Sit down with a friend (doesn't have to be a knitting friend) and go through a couple of knitting magazines. Have your friend pick out what she thinks would look best on you; you pick out what you think would look best on her. Sometimes our friends see possibilities for us that we ourselves might never have imagined, because they have a different, more objective, view of who we are and what we look like.

Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

What's on Sandi's needles? If I can steal it away from Bertha, I'll be working on the Drawstring Raglan!

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on Jun 3, 2008 8:06 AM

Sandi I chose the drawstring raglan for you as I thought it would really suit you. I am still abit surprised though!

One of my constraints when choosing what to knit is that I´m not in the U.S. and it´s often almost impossible to get some of the yarns featured so I tend to go for a yarn available or something I can easily substitute.

Thanks for Knitting Daily

KellyT wrote
on May 23, 2008 6:04 PM

I wanted to let you know how I came up with my pick for your next project even though I was wrong.  I picked the --Wakame Tunic.

Why?  I have a friend who's in the C.I.A.!  Not really!  :)  I have noticed that you have had at times lace on your needles.  Also one day as I was surfing for patterns I found one that you had designed that was a mini lace shawl.  

I do think that since there was a tie between the one you actually picked and this one that you need to go ahead and knit this one as well.  The color would look really nice with your hair coloring. IMHO

Thanks for a fun game!!

Jill wrote
on May 23, 2008 2:09 PM

Cannot wait till you get to the row that you cast on for the sleeves..will love to know how you handle that...

ElizabethM wrote
on May 22, 2008 4:20 PM

That drawstring raglan, was my 2nd choice for you.

birdiegirl wrote
on May 22, 2008 12:42 PM

Bertha needs a bottom half, maybe you can knit some legs for her!