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Come See the Knitscene Fall 2008 Preview!

Jun 27, 2008

A note from Sandi:

The new Knitscene is here, and there is no one better to tell you about it than Lisa Shroyer, Knitscene's editor. Heeeerrrreee's Lisa:

I’m excited to bring you the preview for the Fall 2008 issue of Knitscene!

  • What is fun to make and wearable in real life?
  • What’s slightly quirky and unique without being outlandish?
  • What is a good use of a yarn?
  • What do people need in their closets?

The collection you’ll find in this issue of Knitscene is what we worked up on the basis of those questions. These are not novelty projects or purely conceptual, these are work-horse knits that fit into everyday life and can become funky or trendy through styling. At the end of the day, though phenomenal and intriguing as knits, these projects are real clothes. There’s no greater pleasure than getting repeated use out of a sweater you made—loving every stitch!

What is Knitscene?

Knitscene is a special magazine that comes out twice a year from Interweave Press, featuring easy, stylish projects that are fun to make. In this issue, you’ll find sweaters for fall, lots of accessories like hats, scarves, socks, and mitts, and projects that explore color-work, texture, and silhouette in intriguing ways. We work with themed story-lines in Knitscene; in this issue, we present a modern take on the medieval silhouette; a colorful outdoor story that’s filled with outerwear like cardigans and vests; and a globally-inspired story, featuring region-specific styles like the Kimono Socks, the Himalayan vest, and more. Enjoy the preview!

Lisa Shroyer

View the Fall 2008 Preview of Knitscene magazine!





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PamG@2 wrote
on Jul 13, 2008 8:25 AM

Help, I've tried numerous times to download the Sea Foam Towels recipe, no luck. I desperately would like this recipe. Can anyone help?

CathyW wrote
on Jul 8, 2008 7:28 AM

A little late - but I think the preview just sold me a magazine. The Brocade Leaves pullover looks like it would be perfect for me - and it's available in what might be a large enough size! Also the Obverse Jacket and the Opulent Raglan. if I just had enough time to knit all the sweaters on my wishlist...

on Jul 3, 2008 5:25 AM

well thanks for posting the full magazine gallery, the only two projects i was truly interested in, require a crochet hook.  as i canNOT physically crochet anymore I'm glad i did not buy the magazine called KNITscene and find that the two patterns I browsed through required a hook.  Now I know not to bother to buy that magazine.  and perhaps future issues either if it is a mixed craft/art magazine.  i truly wish that the proper terminology was displayed promeninently on magazines and such.  Using the term "knit" to incorporate both crochet and knitting is so misleading to the consumer.  And perhaps you are LOSING crochet ONLY people's sales because they don't realise some of the projects are crochet and not all KNIT as in KNITscene.

Now, if someone can teach me how to knit a granny square I can KNIT reticella vest.  It doesn't help me with bordeaux jacket. but maybe Sandi is headed on vacation again and we can get a 5 day lesson on knitting granny squares?

thanks for reading.  

ZassZ wrote
on Jun 30, 2008 10:21 PM

Love the Himalayan Vest made with the Manos and the Snowflake Jumper with Classic Elite.  I love both working with both of these yarns.  Looking forward to it.

AdrienneB wrote
on Jun 30, 2008 4:27 PM

Ohh, does this mean we can get galleries of the Knitscene garments? I would love to see the Ahlstrom Bodice and the Opulent Raglan on additional figures.