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Video Tip: Using Short-Rows To Shape Cables

Mar 18, 2009


In the Spring 2009 issue of Knits, Kristin Omdahl introduced you to the concept of using short rows and lace together to create patterns that wrap around the curve of a circle--in the issue, she shows you how to plan and knit a lace shawl, the Sweet Lily Shawl, using the technique.

Short rows can be used to curve all kinds of patterned fabrics, though. Learn how to make cables move around a curve by watching this video from Knitting Daily TV Series 100 Episode 106.

Once you've discovered you love curving cables, check out Teva Durham's Concentric Vest from the Fall 2007 issue of Knits, now available in the Interweave Store.

And be sure to read Kristin Omdahl's article on short rows and lace in our Spring 2009 issue of Interweave Knits--if you can't find it in your local yarn shop, you can order it here.

 -- Eunny Jang
Editor, Interweave Knits


If you have trouble watching the video above, click here to view it.




Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

What's on Sandi's needles? I am hopping back and forth between projects--cables one day, lace the next, socks after that. I think I'm getting antsy for spring!


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CathyW@2 wrote
on Mar 28, 2009 5:27 PM
I would find the knitting close up videos much more helpful, if they could be shot over her shoulder, so as to watch the knitting as if I were knitting. Watching it as if I were sitting across the table from her, is quite confusing for me. It would be easier to replicate the stitches if I could follow along as she demonstrated them. Not have to 'turn it around' in my head first.
ThelmaTaylor wrote
on Mar 20, 2009 8:41 PM
I concur with the above: the camera angle is not conducive to learning the process. Also, Eunny is a speed knitter and doesn't "throw" the yarn, which causes her real time knitting to be a blur. It is impossible to see any detail of her actions. I recommend that future videos of this type be shown as a test run to beginner, average and advanced knitters. Each group would have a different perspective of the demonstration and their comments would be helpful to you in producing your demonstration/information videos for the general knitting audience.
Mary Ann wrote
on Mar 20, 2009 2:34 PM
I also agree that the demos are done too fast and at a difficult angle to learn from. The camera should be over Eunny's shoulder so as to show it as it would be knit. I am a relatively new subscriber to Knit Daily newsletters and am also dissappointed that there is little info except to purchase books. My other knit site is so much more informative.
PeigiG wrote
on Mar 19, 2009 5:33 PM
I should have finished my comment with the fact that i still appreciate what we do get, the video's are great, love the galleries etc. You notice i haven't unsubbed! I just really really miss Sandi's great personal touch. Keep up with the good stuff, and bring back the rest of it!
MaryW wrote
on Mar 19, 2009 5:00 PM
Not only is Eunny knitting at the speed of sound, once again, but it's also upside down!! And I agree with the opinion that it was supposed to be about short rows with cables and how to work the cable portion was not included.
WillaB wrote
on Mar 19, 2009 3:12 PM
I agree - a camera over the shoulder would clarify the issue. Also I'd like the volume a bit higher as I had to watch the video twice to hear Eunny saying she knits the yarn she puts around the slipped stitch along with the regular stitch on the next regular row. I didn't know you were supposed to do that and I'm sure it would give a neater look to the finished article. Spring is almost here, Sandy, don't give up on the Canadian climate yet. Winter just seems to last forever! Willa B. Burlington, Ont.
PatriciaS@3 wrote
on Mar 19, 2009 12:27 PM
I agree with Kyrie above...the camera angle is bad on the video. It should be a view as the knitter would see it as she/he would be knitting the swatch her/himself. We do not have access to the TV program here as far as I know. If we did, I'm not sure I would like to watch because the demonstration is done too quickly and in an awkward manner as stated above.
TommyS wrote
on Mar 19, 2009 11:56 AM
I have to agree with the comments above. The emails have become a "sell you something site"! I miss the one on one I used to feel when I got these emails. It seems like Sandy's pulling away. It's like our relationship is over and you are going through the motions to keep me hoping that it might just work out! I feel let down with each dwindling email. (I know that is a sappy comparison, but I'm a guy and it fits in my way of thinking.)
Mary AnnE wrote
on Mar 19, 2009 10:24 AM
Very Good. I enjoyed. But I'm most interested in how to do a make one without making a hole. She touched on it a little bit but because this was not the focus of the video it went too fast for me.
on Mar 19, 2009 9:58 AM
Great technique, but I would like to see a pattern for the square written out or diagramed so that I could try it myself and understand it better. Sue
Kyrie wrote
on Mar 19, 2009 9:05 AM
I think the difficulty with the video was 1) the angle of the camera (perhaps over the shoudler instead?), 2) how she was holding the work (the swatch was folded under itself instead of laid out flat), 3) the size of needles she was working with (were they sock needles?), 4) the size of the actual project (hard to see the individual stitches, light weight yarn), 5) her skill level with understanding what she is doing versus our skill level in understanding what she was doing (some of us are just barely past beginner level).
lindarosie wrote
on Mar 19, 2009 8:40 AM
Yes, Knitting Daily has changed in the last while, but don't we all. Sometimes ads are necessary as this is a free service. I've learned a lot going through all the videos, and I've changed my technique with their help and my hands don't hurt as much. Delete if you must. Keep up the good work Sandi and team. Linda S
janstamps6 wrote
on Mar 19, 2009 7:46 AM
I agree, she is going waaaaaayyyyy too fast to even begin to get what she is talking about or doing. I too, need to see her doing the cable itself and need to see it not upside down, but like looking down over her shoulder.
Barb Rickman wrote
on Mar 19, 2009 7:18 AM
Eunny goes much toooo fast for me to see what she is doing!! The yarn and needles are also much too small. I to am tired of the adverts and may delete Knitting Daily. I want many more video lessons and the "old Knitting Daily" before all the adverts. Eunny MUST understand something! If you are going to demonstrate something we must be able to SEE what she is doing. The short row cable lesson was useless to me becuase the technique was not demonstrated on the cable sample itself. I alreday know how to do short rows over stocking stitch. I wanted to see it demonstrated on the cable sample! If things like what has been mentioned on this comm box don't change soon, I will delete Knitting Daily and stop recommending it to others. B. Rickman
KatieK wrote
on Mar 19, 2009 6:09 AM
Eunny goes way too fast to see how to work the stitches. Also, it's very confusing to watch it from this angle. She's showing us how to do something but it's all upside down. Can't they change the video so we can see it from the knitter's point of view?
JaniceL wrote
on Mar 18, 2009 10:42 PM
I thought the video was helpful, although Eunny needs to slow down a bit so that we can actually see what she is doing. I agreed with PeggyG's assessment of Knitting Daily, it seems like all we get is advertisement to purchase books. Please bring back the knitting information that we all hoped would be a part of your daily web page. Thanks
PeigiG wrote
on Mar 18, 2009 8:19 PM
I'm so sad at what has happened to our Knitting Daily letters. Sandi, I sure miss your humorous articles! I realize your life has changed, but it's seems like all we get anymore is a effort to sell books and patterns, with a tidbit of a knitting tip thrown in now and again. Please bring back our old Knitting Daily!
bobbie@2 wrote
on Mar 18, 2009 1:46 PM
Interesting, but wish there were a video for each of the steps that Eunny showed. I have done short rows; the ones that are the most difficult, I find, are when one is using them instead of binding of stitches for the shoulders so that a three-needle bind-off can be used. I'm referring to when shoulder instructions are to bind-off certain number of stitches across the entire shoulder and thus are in "steps" and require sewing the shoulder together rather than being able to use the lovely three-needle bind-off.
JanL wrote
on Mar 18, 2009 10:50 AM
I know how to do short rows, but I've never seen them used with cables. That is sooo cool!