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Knitscene Preview: A Fabulous Winter/Spring Issue

Jan 15, 2010

A note from Kathleen: I have every issue of Knitscene. One of my Seattle knitting groups used to meet at a bookshop and one of the bonuses was that we would get to see new issues of knitting magazines as soon as they hit the shelves. I bought a lot of magazines off the newsstand, but I can honestly say that the only issue I bought every time was Knitscene. The combination of in-depth knitting instruction, designer profiles, and edgy knitwear designs was a winner every time. Now—because I'm a lucky, lucky gal and I work at Interweave—I just wait for UPS to deliver my copies of Knitscene hot off the presses!

And true to form, this new
Knitscene is really exciting. There are some truly inspired designs for you, as well as interesting information throughout the issue (did you know that designer Connie Chang Chinchio has a graduate degree in physics??). So dig into editor Lisa Shroyer's preview below, and when Knitscene hits the newsstands and your local yarn shop at the end of January, run and get one!

2009 was a hectic year for me. I moved cross-country, bought my first home, decided to write a book (and then actually wrote it), helped a family member through major surgery, and then wrapped it all up by going to press on the winter/spring issue of Knitscene.

And now, we're ready to share that issue with you.

Check out the preview.

This Knitscene brings you several things to obsess over:

  • Connie Chang Chinchio: designer profile and 3 exclusive new sweater designs
  • Marl and ragg yarns
  • Knitting triangles from every angle (with shawl-expert Miriam Felton)
  • How to fix a twisted join when working in the round
  • Quick accessories to knit in the round
  • 3 sweet, lace shawlettes
  • Wintery layers—think vests!
  • Shapely springtime tops: waist shaping, baby
  Spacer 10x10 pixels  
Boulevard Zip, Melissa Wehrle   Ithaca Jacket, Connie Chang Chinchio
Spacer 10x10 pixels 
Emily Shawl, Mandy Moore   Aegean Mitts, Amy Polcyn

There are a lot of simple knitting projects here, some great technical info, and some fun insight into the knitting world of designers, yarn makers, and stylists.

This issue is a perfect January read—some of the projects are quick and applicable to the season: hats, scarves, warm little mitts. Some are more epic but will transition into spring nicely—wool vests, patterned socks, ethereal shawls. But for those of us who see the year broken up in two fashion seasons—spring and fall—this issue offers up spring knits all ready for the dogwood days ahead. You can knit for now and for the months to come, all from one issue.

I hope you love this issue of Knitscene, and I hope you have a prosperous and fiber-full new year.


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Anna@2 wrote
on Jan 19, 2010 2:20 PM

The last "daily" I rec'd was on Jan 15th.  ??

NicoleZ wrote
on Jan 18, 2010 10:09 AM

I am quite excited about this issue.  I love Connie Chang Chinchio's designs.  I am also looking foreward to the shawl patterns as well.  As far as the designs not suiting  the tastes of older knitters, well, if I recall correctly Knitscene was specifically created to appeal to the younger knitter.   I could be mistaken, but it seems to me that more and more younger people are taking up the craft (and spending money on it as well).  In the end I hope that there are enough designs and designers out there that can appeal to the whole range of knitters regardless of their age/size.

                                     Happy Knitting,


D LouiseG wrote
on Jan 16, 2010 9:24 PM

There are a number of nice patterns in this issue [although admittedly many of the styles are too youthful for a geezer like me], but I think the issue was carelessly put together.  I hope this is not an indication of the quality of the pattern instructions when I get beyond browsing and into actually knitting.  The most egregious example is the striped man's sweater in the "ragg yarns" feature which is absolutely the worst advertisement ever for the "jogless jog" technique.  I think it would have been far more attractive to put  a jog in the underarm seam area and just live with it than to have that ugly scar down the back of the garment.

poodlecurls wrote
on Jan 16, 2010 3:48 PM

Knit Scene looks ok if you're age 12.  It seems that many designers are not aware that most of us who pay the bills are baby boomers...not young, not tiny, and not really interested in wearing high school gear.

KarynS wrote
on Jan 15, 2010 10:24 AM

The Emily Shawl looks really beautiful!  Can't wait to see that closer up