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"Not Just for Socks" Contest Winners

Jul 5, 2010
Spanish Moss Shawl
by John Mullarkey

Checkered Past
by Pam James

Child's Handwoven Socks
by Maureen McGinnis Patterson

One of the things I like most about knitting is the Zen feeling I get from knitting row after row of stockinette stitch. Weaving is sort of Zen-like, too, as you weave inch after inch of beautiful fabric. It's interesting how much weaving and knitting have in common besides creating fabric. They both use beautiful fiber as a raw material and result in beautiful, versatile fabric.

Just how versatile? Well, last fall, our sister magazine,
Handwoven, sponsored a contest called "Not Just Socks," which challenged weavers to think "out of the socks" and create something wonderful with sock yarn. Here's Handwoven Weaving Today's Pattie Graver to tell you more!

We received over one hundred brilliant entries in our Not Just for Socks contest and we want to invite our knitting friends to join us and raise our shuttles (er, point our needles) and congratulate the winners. Here's a peek.

The Best of Show award went to John Mullarkey, who created the Spanish Moss Shawl.

Using a small portable loom, John wove over eighty squares with sock yarn and crochet-joined them with black pearl cotton. John's shawl of subtle greens has a lovely drape and is very suggestive of delightful Spanish moss.

If you're not already a weaver and are inspired by John, here's an on-the-go idea, grab yourself a pin loom, learn to use it, and dive into that knitting yarn stash and design your own attractive shawl or scarf. How would you knit the squares together?

Checkered Past by Pam James won the Best Rigid Heddle category.

Rigid heddle weaving; everyone's doing it! Using a pair of handknit socks as inspiration, Pam wove cloth for a great vest to match on her rigid heddle loom.

I imagine Pam's entry would present an interesting challenge for a knitter. How would you knit a vest and maintain the self-striping effect of sock yarn? Do you think you could create one in time for a holiday gift? Oh go on! Do it for the whole family!

Maureen McGinnis Patterson won the Best Handwoven Socks category with her Child's Handwoven Socks.

You may be asking yourself, "Are these really woven?" Not only are they woven, they stretch! Do you notice the pointed leg cuffs? Whether or not you want to weave or knit your own socks, we hope Maureen's socks encourage you to create a colorful pair.

To see all of our winners and more great photos, be sure you check out the contest gallery on Handwoven Weaving Today.

You might even get your own "out of the socks" ideas for your wardrobe and home décor!

There are stunning tapestries and even a woven lamp that might cause you to have a light bulb moment; you may decide you want to become a weaver! Don't miss out on any of our upcoming contests—subscribe to Handwoven today!



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ChanellG wrote
on Jul 5, 2010 7:33 PM

This is great!  I've been looking at sock yarn in the stores and wondering about using it for something other than socks.

RosemaryD@15 wrote
on Jul 5, 2010 11:23 AM

Yes, I would also like to get the pattern for the "Spanish Moss Shawl" if it is available.  It is so unique!  I love it.

gloria gomez wrote
on Jul 5, 2010 9:21 AM

How can I get the instructions for  "Spanish Moss Shawl"