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Beginning Knitting and Beyond: 30 Techniques to Make You a Better Knitter!

Feb 22, 2011

There's so much to learn in knitting, whether you're a beginner or an expert! 30 Knitting Techniques for Beginning Knitters and Beyond is brought to you by the folks at Knitting Daily TV; I'm sure you'll learn something new!

Knitting Technique Tips

Get started on the right foot with your knitting so you can solve most common mistakes before they happen—twisted stitches, dropped stitches, increasing, and irregular stitches. Learn three new joins and an alternative method to decrease.

Creative Knitting Tips
Stretch your stash and make magic balls. Avoid striping by using four new ways to mix up your color selections to make appealing blends of color. Learn a mobius technique that's truly unique.

Lace Knitting Tips

Needles and accessories can make a big difference when knitting lace. Learn how to improve your lace knitting and use stitch patterns in small and large gauge yarns.

Knitting-in-the-Round Tips
Using double-pointed and circular needles the right way can save lots of knitting time and headaches. Learn to use circular needles for the Magic Loop method, plus how to make jogless joins for circular stripes.

Finishing Tips

Learn three simple ways to create buttonholes, plus get advice for avoiding sagging buttons. Want to try some simple knitted fringe? Need to make a loose bind-off? Want to fix the holes that form from too much wear? You'll learn all of this, plus more. 

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aoi.libra wrote
on Mar 30, 2011 11:19 AM

Wow, it's so amazing, thank you so so so much

Verconia wrote
on Mar 1, 2011 8:21 PM

It possible to put these knitting on aDVD that can be purchase.  I have difficulty in understand pictures.   I do better in actual demonstration  E Houston

fms1711 wrote
on Feb 26, 2011 10:37 PM

Hi Travilin woman,

The list of things you are looking for is in the 30 knitting techniques booklet.

TravlinWoman wrote
on Feb 26, 2011 1:02 PM

Thank you fro the 30 Knitting Tips.  Where will I find the Creative Knitting Tips, Lace, Knitting Tips, Knitting-in-the-Round Tips and Finishing Tips mentioned on the page with the 30 knitting techniques.  I've been hunting around the web site and am out of time, but I'm still curious.  Thanks.

on Feb 24, 2011 6:30 AM

Many thanks for your reply Zoe

I had a look yesterday but couldn't find anything in reply to my question - will look again today in more detail. Abrazos, Patricia

Zoe wrote
on Feb 23, 2011 7:13 PM

Hi Patricia Marin,

You just need to type in the word "cables" into the white bar that says "search" at the top right hand side of the page and then click on "go".  There are lots of  information topics for you to explore.  Happy knitting.

on Feb 23, 2011 7:09 AM

The 30 Knitting Techniques are fantastic.

I can't find anything, either on your web page or anywhere else on the web with tips about working cables. I just want to know if I should slide the stitches together and pull on the yarn on either side of the sts on the cable needle or should all the sts be worked rather loosely. I always seem to get either holes or bunching. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Best regards to everyone from the Canary Islands. Patricia