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Mistakes were made . . .

Jul 5, 2011

I was taking a stroll through past Knitting Daily blogs, and I came upon a cute blog by Sandi Wiseheart. She knit a precious baby cap and didn't discover a mistake she made until the cap was finished and snug on the recipient.

It happens to the best of us! My most memorable mistake happened when I was knitting a sock during a particularly action-packed movie (I think it was The Bourne Ultimatum—love me some Matt Damon!) and I forgot to turn the heel. I went straight from the gusset to the foot of the sock. Amazingly, I didn't discover it until the second sock was done. I had that giddy feeling you get in sock knitting: TWO SOCKS DONE!! YAHOO!! and then I realized that I had to pull out the entire foot of one of them and reknit it. And I had done a particularly nice job on the Kitchener stitch, too. I did redo the sock, and now I have two socks that fit.

Read of Sandi's mistake below, and then share your best with us in the comments!

Learning from Our Mistakes
Sandi Wiseheart

I have an industry secret to reveal: Knitting editors are human. (Not aliens from The Planet Of Perfect Knitting! Imagine that.) We make mistakes while knitting just like anyone else. The difference is that sometimes our knitting mistakes end up in a high-resolution photograph, published for all the world to see. Take a close look at the cute pink hat in the photo.
Can you spot the mistake?

After you admire the sweet lacy brim, your eyes may wander up towards the crown...where you will see the whopping mistake I made about six rounds down from the top. Yeah, baby. I screwed up Big Time and did not notice it until someone handed me an 8x10 glossy of my error—too late to knit another hat, too late to take a new photo, too late for even Photoshop to save me.

Think of the photo as a reminder to read the instructions, because the instructions are correct. Follow the instructions and you will get lovely star-like decreases that behave themselves and line up properly. Follow the photo, and you will get, well, a hat that looks just like the photo, mistakes and all.

I guess I don't mind making a mistake so much if it saves me from bigger, more horrible mistakes later on. This time, I learned never to let a photographer near my work—oh no, wait. That's not it. Let's see...Oh yes. I learned how to plan the decreases properly in lace knitting so that the decreases line up nicely.

What's the biggest knitting mistake you've ever made, and what did you learn from it? Please share it with us below in the comments!

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Marny wrote
on Dec 10, 2011 4:16 AM

Is it possible to knit this hat on straight needles?  Please!

Marny wrote
on Dec 10, 2011 4:15 AM

50 years ago - my first attempt at a baby blanket - I did the seed stitch in the center and got almost up to the last few rows before the border and realized the mistake waaaaay down near the bottom.

Friends thought me nuts that I would even dream to rip everything out just for that mistake, which they didn't see, except for me showing them!

I decided not to frog - but drop the 2 columns of the seed and pick them up with a crochet hook.  When I was done I happily proceeded to finish, line with satin-y fabric and sent it off to the friends' baby!

More recently, the oops in a Celtic braid -- my first attempt at a lifeline and I used a corded needle - and found it worked great 'cause then the lifeline row was ready to knit when I screwed on the needle!!

Thank you to ALL here - who have given me more confidence than ever thought possible.  I'm still struggling with learning dpns but don't mind seaming.

Kuini wrote
on Nov 9, 2011 3:07 AM

Also a sock mistake. When heels wear out, I cut them out and reknit the heel as far as it needs. So, yes, I was watching a movie and knitting by feel. I not only turned teh heel but went on and grafted in the foot stitches. Then pulled the sock on at which point the whole family cracked up. There was a lovely new toe sitting out back from my heel. Wish we'd taken a photo :-?    

on Jul 7, 2011 11:27 AM

I still miss Sandi's writing.  Will she ever be back?  There was never an explanation that I saw about her leaving Knitting Daily - please let me know.

LaurieR wrote
on Jul 5, 2011 4:37 PM

I love the vine lace hat. It was my first lace project. I've made two of them and I'll have to make a third one in the near future. Some mistakes aren't mistakes. They're embellishments.