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A New Angle on Knitting

Sep 28, 2011

Marielle, from Knitting Off the Axis by Mathey Gnagy
I've fallen in love. With a sweater. Her name is Marielle and she's the creation of designer Mathew Gnagy.

In his new book Knitting Off the Axis, Mathew created a fresh collection of sweaters that explore the possibilities of knitting in directions other than up or down. Mathew is an accomplished costume designer and pattern maker who has been published in Knitscene and with leading yarn companies. He resides in New York City, and he's super creative!

The Marielle sweater is literally turned 90 degrees on its side. Here's what Mathew has to say about this design:

"I had planned a bottom-up dolman, but as I pinned together the first incarnation for a fitting, I accidentally folded one of the fronts along the center—what was once a hem became a wrist and the cable ran up the arm rather than up the front. Instead of a hip-length dolman, I had a cropped jacket with a triangular silhouette. Internal shaping produces the great angle of the body; a shawl collar adds warm style."

Marielle is worked in two mirror-image halves that start at the sleeve opening and are worked toward the center of the body. Each sleeve begins with a cabled cuff band worked separately, then stitches for the sleeve are picked up along one edge of the band.

Marielle, back cable detail
The beautiful center back cable panel, lower body cabled band, and collar are worked separately and sewn to the body halves during finishing.

I love everything about this sweater. My sister has a pullover sweater that has the same triangular silhouette, and it's so flattering. Surprisingly so, actually. As a plus size person I always thought that designs with extra fabric under the arms would just add bulk, but somehow this one doesn't. What it does is make the waist look really small. Bonus!

Mathew's angle-inspired designs offer new and exciting interest in shaping, pattern, and fashion-forward silhouettes. Unlike most sideways knits, which tend to be simplified versions of traditionally constructed patterns, Mathew's knits are dynamic, stylish, lively, and easy to wear.

Mathew Gnagy's Jose
sweater for men
Each sweater is more interesting than the last, and there are some really attractive men's sweaters, too. I especially like Jose, shown at left.

I promise you'll love this book as much as I do. It's a great way to jump-start your fall knitting—you'll want to wear these sweaters right away!

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ekalmoe wrote
on Oct 7, 2011 8:36 AM

I love this new book and can hardly wait to get mine.....hurry mailman come with my book.....What kind of yarn is used in the sweater the Marielle??? Emily

on Sep 28, 2011 1:46 PM

Hi Pageta: We usually do put up the books and their projects. I'll see why that one's not up there yet. —Kathleen

pageta wrote
on Sep 28, 2011 7:31 AM

Okay, there is a pattern in your email that I like, but not enough to pre-order the book. I went to Ravelry to mark it in my favorites (as that is where I go when I want to start a new project) but, as usual, the book and it's projects are not in Ravelry. In fact, case in point, the Sock Knitting Master Class only has photos for about half the projects. I ended up buying Sock Knitting Master Class after I had seen the book in person because there were a number of projects (which didn't happen to have photos up in Ravelry) that I thought I would knit. Entering projects and putting up photos on Ravelry might only take a few minutes, but it would give you big payoffs for the time that you spent. You put all this time and effort into advertising and blog posts and Facebook posts, but if I cannot note a project I see that I want to knit, because I'm not going to remember it when it finally becomes available and thus I'm not going to buy your book.