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The Art of Cable Knitting

Dec 16, 2011

Working cables is one of the most satisfying of knitting techniques. Cables add texture to all kinds of garments; they keep knitting interesting, they add a little challenge, and they look fabulous! We've gathered seven patterns for you in this eBook, The Art of Cable Knitting: 7 Free Patterns for a Cable Knit Sweater, Scarf, Pullover, and More. From cowls to wraps to sweaters, these fun knit cable designs will satisfy your urge for cable knitting!

From left to right: Winding River Cowl, Valkyrie Vest, Interlocking Cables
My Winding River Cowl is a super cozy neck warmer comprised of reversible cables that cross every 14 or 28 rows. The resulting fabric reminded me of the twists and turns rivers take. Use a yummy yarn like a cashmere/merino blend for a luxurious treat.

The Valkyrie Vest by Lisa Shroyer is a beautiful cabled piece that's flattering to all figures. When Lisa was designing this vest, she thought a plain, vertical pattern seemed boring so she started traveling the cables out, achieving a winged effect. "Hence, the Valkyrie Vest," she says.

Interlocking Cables by Shirley Paden is a showstopper. The allover cable pattern is made up of interlocking rope cables and the fold-over boatneck collar gives this sweater a sophisticated look.
Clockwise: Rittenhouse Scarf, Wheat Ear Cable Yoke, Anniversary Pullover, Five-Way Cable Wrap
The Rittenhouse Scarf by Marilyn Murphy is also a reversible cable design, one that's combined with ribbing around the neck. Worked in two identical sections from a provisional cast on, this scarf is a lovely addition to anyone's wardrobe.

The Wheat Ear Cable Yoke by Pam Allen is a study in contrast: the contrast of knitted textures with smooth stockinette. A two-stitch twist cable alternate with a seven-stitch wheat ear cable to make a stunning yoke at the top of a smooth, stockinette body.

Kathy Zimmerman's Anniversary Pullover was designed as an anniversary gift for her husband. The knitted cables and checks represent the twists and turns of married life, which is such a lovely sentiment. This is the perfect "man sweater," which also works great for women!

Lily Chin's Five-Way Cable Wrap (from her book Power Cables) is a versatile piece that functions as a shrug, wrap, poncho, or stole. Lily's wrap is basically a stole with buttons and buttonholes added in strategic positions. You'll love this inventive piece!

The designs in The Art of Cable Knitting: 7 Free Patterns for a Cable Knit Sweater, Scarf, Pullover, and More represent the best in cable knitting, from beginning to advanced—with these patterns we're sure you'll enjoy knitting cables as much as we do.


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jamesloe wrote
on Dec 21, 2011 12:06 AM

To add interest and texture to your knitting, cable is a wonderful way. It looks amazing and slightly difficult to do but now I think actually it's not. Will surely try this.