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One sweater, 4 ways

Apr 17, 2012

Leave it to renowned designer Pam Allen, one of the founders of the yarn company Quince & Co., to come up with "the perfect sweater." It's actually one basic shape with four knitting options. A vest, a short cardi, a hoodie, and a long cardi with a showy lapel.

You can start with the vest for spring and summer and knit the hooded cardigan for fall and winter. It's the same basic stitch pattern with different shaping and elements (sleeves, hood, etc.) for each version.

I think the vest is actually my favorite, and, bonus—it's the quickest, too!

Thanks, Pam, for this easy knitting pattern and its brethren.


Tern Vest
A narrow front band, a cropped length, and a fine fingering-weight gauge make the perfect sweater delicately comfortable.

Chicadee Cardigan
A deep front band drapes and folds with luscious weight, while narrow ¾ sleeves add refined neatness.

Lark Cardigan
Long, lush length shows off an A-line silhouette. Full-length sleeves, patch pockets, a deep front band, and a classic worsted-weight gauge take the perfect sweater into jacket territory.

Osprey Hooded Cardigan

Chunky-weight yarn, cropped bracelet sleeves, and a deep hood give the perfect sweater a casual, outdoorsy feel.

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on Apr 23, 2012 11:26 AM

I love the idea of one pattern four different ways. You see a lot of this in sewing patterns for garments...but not so much knitting. I think the 4-in-1 approach helps knitters/buyers see patterns as an investment rather than a gamble...

Janelle62 wrote
on Apr 21, 2012 12:53 PM

This is the perfect pattern. I plan on knitting all 4. Thank you much! :)