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Knitting in Technicolor

Jun 15, 2012

The Technicolor Jacket by Laura Bryant. It's a free download!
I'll admit it: I'm a little afraid of color. I don't exactly know why I have this fear, but I do know that I feel a little self-conscious when I wear a really bright color. Maybe I don't want that much attention, or maybe I'm just not used to seeing myself in bright coral or turquoise. I wore my coral top last weekend and startled myself when I saw my reflection in a store window!

I do feel like I've branched out a little in my color knitting, though, with my bright blue Lapis Yoke Pullover. And I've just acquired some linen in a beautiful color that reminds me of my favorite magenta peonies, masses of which are about to bloom in my garden, by the way!

Anyway, my foray into a more colorful life can partly be blamed on designer and color expert Laura Bryant and her fabulous DVD, A Knitter's Guide to Color. This incredible workshop taught me about color values and picking colors that complement each other. I learned so much, and now Laura is back—along with Barry Klein—with a new DVD workshop, Yarn to Fit, which takes you from choosing the perfect yarn to making alterations so your sweaters fit perfectly.

Here's a preview:

Knowing how to choose colors, yarn, and altering patterns to fit you can make you a better knitter. Start with these DVD workshops, and then go to your local yarn shop and try your hand at putting colors together. When I lived in Seattle, the gals at my LYS specialized in color, and they pushed me slightly away from my gray, brown, silver, and black comfort zone into dark purples, oranges, and greens. Still dark, but I was beginning to see what color could do to my knitting.

I've also experimented with self-striping yarns and variegated yarns, which is a wonderful way to get color into your knitting. I've included a link for Laura's Technicolor Jacket, a free pattern that uses  self-striping and solid yarns in interesting ways. It's beautiful.

After watching these workshops, I'm inspired to really take on color with my next project. You'll learn so much about color knitting from Laura and Barry; it's like your own private lesson from the experts. Get both DVDs today; they're on sale!


P.S. Do you have a color-knitting story? Share it in the comments!

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LynneH wrote
on Jun 15, 2012 11:08 AM

Many years ago, when my husband was just my fiance, I started a beautiful, Rowan sweater pattern by Annabel Fox.  It was the most complicated colour design I had ever embarked upon and it took me over a year to complete.  It was an all over dragon design in a Rowan cotton double knitting yarn and needed every ounce of my concentration.

Still knitting it after our wedding, I took it on our honeymoon to the Greek Islands, where it was greatly admired by many Greek ladies I met on our travels.  Even though we couldn't understand each other verbally, we had the common bond of our knitting language.

Eventually, I completed the sweater and wore it during every cold British summer, took it on holidays "just in case" of inclement weather.  I have been married for 23 years to Jonathan (thanks, mate) and still take the dragon sweater on my travels.

lamoreaj wrote
on Jun 15, 2012 10:38 AM

You're not from the south are you.  For some reason southerners are not afraid of color, we fear the browns, dark blues, blacks and greys northerners seem drawn to.  We seem to like colors that shout HELLO! and smack you upside the head.  Come live in the south and you'll never fear color again.  by the way, the jacket has just the right amount of color to look good down here, but you'd probably die from heat prostation wearing it!!

on Jun 15, 2012 9:36 AM

I like this...the colors are all balanced and not out of whack the way you some hand knits. I really don't need my garments to scream KNIT BY ME when I walk down the street. Subtlety is the name of the knitting game, and urban sophisication is my goal because I do live in the city.