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7 Free Sweater Knitting Patterns!

Nov 16, 2012

Yes! We feel it, too. It's sweater knitting time, and time for a new free eBook: Cardigan, Pullover and Sweater Patterns: 7 Free Sweater Knitting Patterns!

Whether you yearn for a colorful pullover or a classic cardigan, you can have a whole new sweater wardrobe, because we're giving you seven free sweater knitting patterns. You can create luxurious sweaters, comfortable pullovers and high-end cardigans that will provide perfect fashion all yearn long. Each sweater pattern is as inspiring as the next, with something for every season of the year. Here are the sweaters:

1. Tweed Cardigan; 2. Vienne Sweater; 3. Jess's Gansey; 4. Tomato; 5. Farrington Sweater; 6. Freyja Pullover; 7. Twisted V Pullover
These seven sweaters have been chosen to accommodate every level of knitting expertise. Even if you're just starting and haven't yet mastered how to knit a sweater, this free eBook is a great choice for a variety of sweater patterns.

Download Cardigan, Pullover and Sweater Patterns: 7 Free Sweater Knitting Patterns now. It's our gift to you, because we love knitting sweaters as much as you do!



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