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Mother's Day is coming fast!

May 8, 2013

I'm still looking for a gift for my mom. How about you? Knitters know that our craft is not a quick one, though, so we need to plan our gift knitting was ahead of time. But sometimes, life gets in the way, doesn't it.

I want to knit something for my mom, but knitting patterns for women can be pretty big undertakings. I've gathered some small projects that you have plenty of time to knit up for Mother's Day. I think your mom would like any of these gifts!

   Krista Cowl
By Jennifer Chase-Rappaport

The Krista Cowl is a beautiful combination of cables and eyelets.

Since this is a close to the neck cowl, you can cast on and  be done in a couple of evenings. It's knit on just 79 stitches!

Choose a variegated yarn in your mom's favorite color—and make sure it's soft!

This is a great project to use some vintage buttons on, so raid your button jar and see what you can find!
Novel Sleeve
By Kathy Zimmerman

eReaders are such a great option for people who love to read. You can tote around all the books you want in one electronic device.

I love my Kindle, and my mom loves hers, too. And I love this gift idea!

It's knit from a sport-weight cotton, so it'll be nice and sturdy, but you can line it with fabric if you want to. It's a fun way to customize a project like this.

Your mom will love her lacy eReader cover!
Neat as a Pincushion
By Mags Kandis

Pincushions are so useful and really fun to make.

These beautiful baubles use up small bits of wool yarn, and will soon have you going back to your stash to make another.

You can customize your pincushions with whimsical embroidery, too.

If your mom is a seamstress, she'll love one or two of these little cuties!
Marianne's Romantic Bookmark
By Caroline Mills

Carolyn was inspired to design this beautiful bookmark thinking about Marianne Dashwood and John Willoughby reciting Sonnet 116 to each other in the 1995 film version of Sense and Sensibility.

The edging is meant to look like the waves of the tempest, yet the arrows point in one direction as in "never shaken," love is "an ever-fixed mark."

I love this bookmark. It's just beautiful and really special. If your mom is a reader, she'll love it!
Budding Branches
By Kendra Nitta

Hot water bottles are such a comfort if you're sick or have sore muscles. Knit this cover for your mom and she'll think of you while she's enjoying the toasty comfort of her water bottle.

Bobbles and traveling stitches come together to make this a fun project to knit and to give.

I know my gramma would have loved this water bottle cover. Maybe yours will, too!

Some people think hot water bottles are old-fashioned. But the warmth and comfort they provide never goes out of style, especially with this beautiful cover.

I'm not sure which one is my favorite, but I think my mom would like the eReader cover the best. She's a voracious reader, and her Kindle goes wherever she goes.

I hope you'll knit one of these gifts for your mom (or Grandma), too.


P.S. I love my mom so much. One of my favorite little things about her is that she always has cold water in the car. Leave a comment and share something special about your mom!

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on May 11, 2013 2:28 PM

Mine was fine--no formatting errors.  bonitaraye, please check your own computer's screen resolution settings.

bonitaraye wrote
on May 11, 2013 10:56 AM

Once again there is a formatting error in this article which makes it impossible to read. Does no one check these pages after they are posted to make sure they are readable? This particular error squashes all the text to one side and many words appear one letter at a time vertically. I thought you had fixed this error.

on May 10, 2013 9:08 AM

I'm madly seaming up a vest started a couple of months ago for my was just a thank you for helping me move and clean....but now it's becoming THE mother's day present. I need to seam up the the collar. I think I can get it done by tomorrow. If I finish up side seam tonight, I can get collar done tomorrow. I've never been this focused to finish a knit on a deadline. Never! I impress myself sometimes. Hah.

KLH wrote
on May 8, 2013 1:55 PM

Just wanted to thank you for the bookmark idea.  I've whipped up 2 of a trio this afternoon.