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Knitting Alterations: They're Easier Than You Think

Jul 16, 2013

I make alterations to just about every sweater that I knit for myself. At the very least, I shorten the sleeves and lengthen the body. I usually throw in some bust short-rows in for good measure, and lengthen the sleeve openings a little.

Each knitted sweater takes hours of time, and yarn doesn't come cheap! So I want my sweaters to fit, every time.

Kate Atherley is back to help us make sweaters that fit perfectly. In her first webinar, Kate touched on many different ways to make your knitting fit and flatter.

In part two, Knitting Alterations: Easy Techniques for Knitters of All Skill Levels, you'll learn:

  • How to adjust sleeve length and fit.
  • How to change the body length of any sweater.
  • How to make your garment the most flattering with waist shaping techniques.

And much more!

Join Kate on July 31, 2013, 1 p.m. EST, and she'll show you how easy these knitwear modifications can be, and how powerful they are for knitters.

You'll never make an ill-fitting sweater again!


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Join Kate Atherley on this part two webinar for custom knits, with an in-depth look at making simple to complicated pattern modifications for a more perfect fit.


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Little Zuke wrote
on Jul 16, 2013 6:36 PM

Do you ever offer webinars at times that would work for those of us who work outside the home?