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Ruches and Ruffles and Red: Oh, My! (And another free knitting pattern!)

Aug 5, 2013

Some knitted scarves speak for themselves. One of these is the Nerina  scarf from A Knitted Wrapsody by Kristin Omdahl. It's statement is clear: "I'm here to elevate your look today; watch out, world, here I come!"

We're offering the Nerina Scarf as a free pattern! It's a really fun knit and so rewarding to wear. You'll get so many compliments—guaranteed.

No one can better describe this scarf than Kristin herself, so here she is!

Ruched and Ruffled

This ruffled scarf is cinched with a pair of satin cord drawstrings that are tied with double uni-knots, one of my favorite types of fishing knots (see tutorial below).

The scarf is knitted in a reversible ribbed pattern with regularly spaced short-rows to produce the ruffles along the edges. The holes created by the short-row turns provide eyelets through which the satin cords are threaded.

Depending on how tightly the drawstrings are cinched, the ruffles contract from open and loose to a dense, thick mass.

Tie it loosely around your shoulders for a little capelet, tighten the drawstrings a bit for soft ruffles, or cinch them all the way for a heavily ruffled collar or cowl.

The rippling texture in this two-row pattern is beautiful when flat but pops into luxurious ruffles when cinched with the drawstrings. The short-rows may be a bit of challenge at the beginning, but you'll enjoy watching the ruffles emerge from the technique.

Double Uni-Knot

The double uni-knot, used for tying flies, is surprisingly easy to make. One of the best features is that you can cut the tails right next to the knot.

Lay the two strands parallel to each other on a flat surface. Bring the tail of the lower strand back on itself to make a loop, then cross it over the upper strand (Figure 1). Wrap the short end around both strands three times, bringing it to through to the front of the loop on the third wrap (Figure 2). Pull on both ends of this strand to tighten the knot (Figure 3). Wrap the upper strand in the same manner (Figure 4), then tighten both ends (Figure 5).

—Kristin Omdahl, from A Knitted Wrapsody

I really love everything about this scarf. You know I'm a fan of ruffles, and the addition of the ruching really steps Nerina up a notch. Kristin is a super-talented designer; her creativity knows no bounds.

Did you know Kristin has even designed a special Eucalan wool wash, named Wrapture? It's jasmine scented, and boy does it spell wonderful! We've put together a special kit for you: a bottle of Wrapture and a copy of A Knitting Wrapsody! What a wonderful treat!

Get your kit today and start knitting beautiful wraps with Kristin!


P.S. What's your favorite scent? I love honeysuckle! Share with us below in the comments.

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DeniseMarieS wrote
on Aug 11, 2013 3:52 AM

I love the smell of Lilacs.

Meme Smith wrote
on Aug 8, 2013 8:15 PM

I agree with Julie, Ethel125, Dawn & Brit. Most detergents smell awful and do make me sneeze as well. Luckily most will dissipate when airing. I too would prefer to smell them before buying and buy a non scented when possible.  

Meme Smith wrote
on Aug 8, 2013 8:12 PM

I love both Jasmine and Honeysuckle but my favourite is Boronia. The No Rinse Wash sounds marvellous. I wish it was sold here in Australia.

on Aug 5, 2013 6:44 PM

I like lemon verbena and also lavender.  However, I find too many detergents and fabric softeners are overpowering or smell bad to me.  I, like britspit2, choose scent free.  I would definitely prefer to smell it before purchasing.

Ethel125 wrote
on Aug 5, 2013 6:11 PM

℠℠℠like Dawn implied I am surprised that a mom able to profit $7443 in a few weeks on the computer. w­w­w.G­r­e­e­n­3­7.ℂ­ℴ­ℳ ℠℠℠℠℠

britspit2 wrote
on Aug 5, 2013 10:38 AM

My favorite scent is NONE, I am very allergic to many fragrances and finding fragrance free products can be difficult. While i would love to try this, I prefer not having a headache and a sneezing attack.