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How-To: Knitting Short-Rows

Mar 21, 2014

Learn how to create ease using short-rows     
Short-rows are simply rows of knitting that extend across only part of a row, hence, the term "short" row.

If you want your sweaters to fit you perfectly, you need to learn to work short-rows. With this technique, you can add room exactly where you need it, whether it's the bust, tummy, or at the back neck. You can also use short-rows to knit sleeves from the top down, work the heels on socks, knit shawl collars, and much more.

In our new short-row tutorial, How to Work Short Rows in Knitting: Instructions for Knitting Short Rows, you'll learn how to use short-rows in knitting to custom fit your garments. We go in-depth for you, showing you how to work several types of short-rows, including the most common, wrap and turn.


How short-rows are used to
knit heels in socks

We'll show you how to wrap your stitch, turn your work, and then pick up and hide the wraps. You'll also learn the yarn-over method, the Japanese method, and the catch method.

Then, we'll teach you how to incorporate this technique into your knitting!

Once you learn how short-rows are worked and used, you'll be able to add them to your knitting wherever you think you need a little more ease, or to lengthen a knit where you want to.

I recently used short-rows to make a high-low hem, adding length to the back hem of a pullover sweater. I love that look!

I hope you'll enjoy learning how to work short-rows and adding them to your knitting. Knitting short-rows is a master-knitter technique that's are easy to use; you'll love the results!



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Katzaries wrote
on Apr 4, 2014 2:27 PM

Thank you for all of your help in how to do so many wonderful ways of knitting. I have learned so much form your sharing your wonderful tips. Keep on with your sharing and cleaning cupboards. But, it is easier just to keep them neat from the beginning I do this but, my Fridge needs just wiping down on the inside there is where I have a problem.. Thank you again for sharing your great Tips..

ergoni wrote
on Mar 22, 2014 1:16 PM

This time your e-book tutorial on short row knitting isn't actually an e-book.  Rather than your usual downloadable PDF it is another web page.  

PDFs are much more flexible for my purposes since, if I need to print something, they print more neatly without all the extra web browser stuff.

Thanks for looking into why this is acting differently from your other e-books.