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Simply Sockupied Knit-along: Making Progress!

Apr 19, 2012

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

Knits assistant editor Amanda Williams has started the cuff of her second Simply Elegant Cable Sock; she likes to knit one cuff, then the other, switching back and forth as she goes: “I always like to knit one sock leg, put it on a holder, knit the other sock all the way through to the foot, pick up the first sock and knit the foot, then graft both toes. Helps me finish both socks around the same time.” Amanda says, “I LOVE my Malabrigo sock yarn. It’s the perfect hot pink, and I like the semi-solid for this pattern. The cable is easy to remember.”

Knitting senior project editor Joni Coniglio, who has tech edited lots of socks but had never knitted a pair before, is zipping along.

Crochet Me editor Toni Rexroat is about halfway through the cuff (and in love with her yarn choice).

I finished my Speed Bump Socks, though I ran out of yarn about halfway through the feet, and the colorway has since been discontinued. A kind knitter across the country sent me her supply of Patons Kroy. It’s a different dyelot (remember to check when buying yarn!), but close enough to make cohesive socks. (In fact, I’m wearing them today.)

Next up I’m going to make a pair of Up + Down Socks in my size, starting from the toe up (to use up some stash yarn).


Knitscene assistant editor Amy Palmer is saving her Speed Bump Socks for down time at work—and as you can see there hasn’t been much of that lately.

Audience development

After completing a few successful scarf and hat projects, I felt I was ready to embark on a new adventure. Conveniently, that very same week they announced this sock knit-along, which fulfilled my need to try something new.

As a yarn lover (new to knitting, veteran at crochet) I’ve learned the value of try, try again; which really means, try, drop some stitches, start over and try again. But what I love about this project is with each new cast-on I’ve felt the same giddiness about working on my first pair of socks.

Only a few weeks in to sock #1 and I have already learned some valuable lessons. I hope as a fellow yarn lover you remember the beginner years and laugh and learn along with me:

- When you drop three stitches and start knitting in the wrong direction in less than five minutes, put the project down and leave it for a bit

- Don’t wait until 20 rows in to ask whether you are doing things correctly, do it after a few rows.

- Learn to unknit (need I say more?)

Cheers to a sock-ing good time,

Tiffany Warble (knitting the Speed Bumps socks)


We'll check in with more Interweavers next week—stay tuned to see their progress!


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