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ColorKnits 2012: Patterns, How-to, and Much More

Jul 2, 2012

Welcome to ColorKnits Fall 2012

I've been bursting to share all the wonderful knitting goodies in the Fall 2012 issue of ColorKnits—and now it's finally available for iPad, Mac, and PC!

We couldn't pick just one approach to all the ways of bringing color to knitting, so we chose a half dozen to explore. From color theory to natural dyes and traditional techniques to innovative methods, this issue is packed with new ways of looking at color and bringing your knitting to life.

(And did I mention we have an exclusive brand-new design by Alice Starmore accompanied by video interviews?)

Besides a peek at yarn shade cards and a tour of color resources for knitters, ColorKnits includes these features:

  • Learn how yarn from primitive-breed Shetland sheep became famously colorful
  • Discover an easy way to work with complementary colors for a bold palette
  • Visit the Maine yarn company that's bringing naturally dyed yarn to a LYS near you
  • See quick methods for seamless intarsia and an unusual embroidery stitch to embellish your knits
  • Hear Alice Starmore on her lifelong love of color and her new design
  • Learn Heather Zoppetti's new Embossed Lace technique, which creates a colorful double-sided fabric

Color Your Knitting

Practice the new techniques from this issue in one of the five brand-new patterns:


Ann Weaver's Complementary Cowl is worked in four complementary colors for a bold, eye-catching effect. These color choices are based on color studies taught at the Bauhaus, a groundbreaking German art and design school. Knit a paint box of cowls and explore your own favorite complementary colors.

Yarn St-Denis Boreale (100% American wool; 225 yd [206 m]/50 g): #1252 eggplant (MC), 2 skeins; #1212 honey glaze (A), #1297 olive (B), #1238 espresso (C), 1 skein each.


The easy shape and rolled edges of the Logwood Pullover by Michele Rose Orne are perfect for casual weekends and firesides. The simple silhouette lets the vibrant naturally dyed yarn take center stage. Lining up the stripes across the sleeve cap and armscye gives a polished finish. 

Finished Size 33 (371/4, 411/4, 453/4, 493/4)" (83.5 [95, 105, 116.5, 126.5] cm) bust circumference. Pullover shown measures 411/4" (105 cm).

Yarn Swans Island Natural Colors worsted weight (100% organic merino wool; 250 yd [x m]/100 g): #YW218 logwood (brown; MC), 3 (4, 4, 4, 5) skeins; #YW220 winterberry (red; CC), 1 (2, 2, 2, 2) skeins.


The Maarika Bag by Lucinda Guy was inspired by a pair of influences: traditional woven and embroidered folk textiles from Romania and the abstract floral printed textiles of the Weiner Werkstätte. Practical linen linings give the bag extra strength, and the tasselled drawstrings can be pulled tight to keep the contents secure.

Finished Size 131/2" (34.5 cm) wide and 14" (35.5 cm) high.

Yarn Kauni 8/2 Wool (100% wool; 574 yd [525 m]/150 g): #NN1 natural (A), #PP dark brown (B), #QQ3 bright red (C), #SS3 blue (D), and #RR dark green (E), 1 ball each.


The shifting movements of bronze sands, sea creatures, and California Blueschist rocks inspired Alice Starmore's Sea Ranch Beret. With her photographs lost, Alice remembered her favorite images from a recent trip and translated them into a hat. Adding texture in the brim and along the spines of the crown gives the pattern unexpected richness and depth.

Finished Size 21" (53.5 cm) circumference at brim, 303/4" (78 cm) circumference at widest point, and 9" (23 cm) tall.

Yarn Alice Starmore® Hebridean 2 Ply (100% pure new wool; 93 yd [85 m]/25 g): mara (A), kittiwake ( B), lapwing (C), pebble beach (D), storm petrel (E), driftwood (F), limpet (G), mountain hare (H), and sundew (I), 1 skein each.



The Rilievi Scarf by Heather Zoppetti uses an embossed-lace technique that is perfect for your scarves, with a striped pattern on one side and a delicate lace pattern on the other. The bas-relief lace will keep you warm in the winter and add an extra pop of color to your knitting.

Finished 61/2" wide and 60" long.

Yarn Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk (50% silk, 50% alpaca; 146 yd [134 m]/50 g): #137 sapphire (A) and #139 peacock (B), 2 skeins each.


Find these patterns and more—interviews, technical articles, reviews—in ColorKnits. Enjoy!


P.S. This issue of ColorKnits was initially available only for iPad, but due to popular demand we released it for the Mac and PC as well. iPad users can download the "viewer" app free from the Apple store, then purchase the Fall 2012 issue inside the app for $4.99. 








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Anne Merrow wrote
on Aug 17, 2012 10:58 AM

For those who asked--ColorKnits Fall 2012 is now available for Mac and PC. Details are here:

Thanks for your patience and your interest! I hope you enjoy it.

TrishKnits wrote
on Jul 15, 2012 10:18 PM

Tech stuff, aside, this eMag is fabulous.  To read my review of ColorKnits and LaceKnits (another winner), go here to my blog at

on Jul 12, 2012 10:38 AM

I understand technological limitations and the business model, but I don't want you to think that Km.K33 is alone in the desire to have emags available for non-iPad users. Thanks for what you do. I look forward to future possibilities.

Anne Merrow wrote
on Jul 5, 2012 3:46 PM

I know, I really (really) wish it were available for more formats too. But making the versions that used to go on the PC and Mac was such an expensive process that we just couldn't keep doing it.

I'm very hopeful that the software that makes the eMags so easy to put on the iPad will be released soon in a version for desktops and other formats. Unfortunately, the software company's priorities and mine are not the same, so we keep waiting and hoping.

As for the Nook, that's an open question. Getting into the Nook store (or the Kindle store) is its own process, and each of those devices is so different that the eMags might be just unrecognizably small or poorly functioning depending on what reader you have.

I am glad that these look interesting to you; it would be a terrible reflection on our content if no one cared that they were unavailable! But I understand it can feel like candy in a window that you can't have.

km.k33 wrote
on Jul 4, 2012 7:43 PM

Why isn't this issue of ColorKnits available for PC........or NOOK Tablet......OR when will this available? I just tried to purchase this but, I couldn't because of platform. I'd really like to purchase the new 'Lace' e-mag as well. I have purchased e-mags in the past and I would like to purchase them now and in the future.