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The Sockinator

Oct 30, 2012

I have a friend who refers to my favorite eMag as “the Sockinator.”

I feel a little guilty playing favorites—I love ColorKnits and LaceKnits and EntreKnits and SpinKnit and Colorways too—but I can’t help it. Sockupied is my favorite. I’m a Sock Knitter not just by profession but by temperament, and no one gets more excited about seeing the sock designs come in than I do.

After a couple of years, Sockupied sometimes feels like the well-oiled machine that my friend’s sobriquet implies. Sometimes there are unplanned adventures, though:

Leapfrog Socks by Debbie O'Neill, Sockupied Spring 2012
Emerging Cable Socks by Stefanie Bold, Sockupied Fall 2012
One of our designers for the Spring 2013 issue moved to Hungary right after we selected her sock for publication, so there was a mad scramble to get her yarn and some anxious days while we waited for the mailed package to finish its 17,000-mile journey. (The socks arrived, as lovely as we hoped.)

A few months ago an over-eager spam filter deleted any message that included the words “out of office,” and I wondered why no one I contacted about being part of the issue got back to me.

Also on the digital front, last month a popular antivirus program deleted or quarantined every download of the brand-new Sockupied Fall 2012 because (this kills me) there weren’t enough users to prove that it was trustworthy.


Oak + Acorn Socks by SpillyJane, Sockupied Fall 2011
Muscadine Socks by Star Athena, Sockupied Spring 2011 
But as I sit knitting socks feverishly on a last-minute deadline, wondering whether I’ll have a minute to eat dinner (nothing messy!) and still finish up, I’m also looking over the socks for the Spring and Summer 2013 issues and wondering which one I’ll cast on first.

(Or maybe it will be something irresistible that we receive in response to our call for submissions for Sockupied Fall 2013!) 

What can I say? There’s never a dull moment making an eMag about knitting socks.


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