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Sockupied Gets Around

Mar 12, 2013

Meet the designers!     

One of the great pleasures of editing Sockupied is getting to work with designers and writers who are clever, fun, and generally delightful. For Sockupied Spring 2013, the designers got together for their very own blog tour.

The Sockupied team gets to know designers a little bit as we correspond about the yarns, patterns, and logistics, but in this series of blog posts we get to know more about their inspirations, stories, and personalities. Visiting the posts, I came across some favorite new facts about the designers of these great socks. (Jennifer Crowley even created a series about the process of proposing and designing her Totem Socks for the issue, a great resource for knitters interested in designing for future issues of Sockupied.)


Rachel Coopey has visions of tiles running through her head at the moment. No wonder her Bockleton Socks such an enticing geometric pattern.


Jennifer Crowley is at work on projects ranging from a series of shawls to a series of small crochet fruits and vegetables (and a design for the Summer 2013 issue of Sockupied!).


The idea for Claire Ellen's Uloborus Socks was sparked by Shelob, the spider from the J.R.R. Tolkein novel The Two Towers. (Also, she'd just finished designing the motif the very day we asked her if she had an idea for Sockupied. Great timing!)


Kim Haesemeyer uses her knitting time to process her day, so she has to knit a bit in the evening.


Perhaps inspired by her little one, Alice Yu has the urge to design some knitwear for children.

Thanks so much to Rachel, Jennifer, Claire, Kim, and Alice for this peek! (And thanks especially to Jennifer and Kim for hosting the blog tour.) You guys are the best.

Happy knitting!

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