Knits Fall 2013

Oct 18, 2013

Plowman Cardigan, page 88

Front Chart has been corrected. Download new chart here. 

Barnard Raglan, page 22

Under Yoke, shape shoulders, there should be an asterisk at the beginning of the Inc rnd.

Inc rnd *Work to 1 st before shoulder m,….

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evaluuna wrote
on Jan 29, 2014 11:40 AM

Dear moderator - i just posted a detailed query about needing clarification of some obscure knitting instructions- it was more my hope to get a good answer than posting a comment, but i couldn't find anywhere else to ask.



evaluuna wrote
on Jan 29, 2014 11:37 AM

Dear Interweave Knits,

i am a fairly experienced knitter, and find myself struggling terribly with the Joan of Ark pattern in the Fall 2013 issue on page 122. The language describing the shoulder shaping decreases is sadly, incomprehensible.

RE: 'shape front (beginning of RS rows and end of WS rows) '  

- presumably this refers to all RS rows, and yet the last row of the  pattern repeat is supposed to 'end with a WS row'.

-also, what is the particular significance of saying 'beginning of RS rows and end of WS rows'? By definition the back of any RS is the WS and the beginning of any row, is the end of the other row on the back. Needlessly confusing, unless there is some fine point that i am missing?

-and RE: 'shape back (beginning of WS rows and end of RS rows)'

-if one is to alternate 'shape back' rows with 'shape front' rows, why not say so; or better yet  just plainly print instructions for Row 1; Row 2; Row 3 etc. indicating RS/WS.

-and if 'shape front' and 'shape back' are not supposed to alternate, well - that's even more confusing.

Further, Instructions for 'shape back' call for ( work 1 row even, dec 1 stitch on the next 3 rows) to be repeated 9 times. This creates 11 more rows of WS knitting (including last two knit even rows) than the 'shape front' instructions call for. Shouldn't they balance row for row, RS/WS?

Alternately, if one is to make decreases at the beginning and end of every row (except 'knit even' rows) it would be helpful if this was explicitly stated. However it would still seem that one would run out of RS decreases 11 rows before WS decreases, and that doesn't seem to be what is called for in the diagram.

Please clarify this for me, if you would be so kind.


Linda Brine in Stratford ON, Canada