Interweave Knits, Spring 2012

The Spring 2012 issue of Interweave Knits is here at last, with eighteen fresh, vivid knits full of bright color and toothsome technique. “Knit Definitive” shows off one ultra-modern sweater. “High Definition” explores gentle textures. “Fancy Work” rethinks beaded knitting. “Airs and Graces” sets out to discover new ways of knitting airy fabrics. And “Knitting Fundamentals” rounds up some fast, simple knits that show off bold color. PLUS, we're getting up close and personal with Mari Lynn Patrick, and setting out to swatch the lace universe. Spring is just around the corner—shake off the winter and get knitting!




Cobble Hill Pullover
Erica Patberg


Erica Jackofsky

Sara Morris

Mathew Gnagy












Lace Blouse
Jennie Atkinson


Aurelie Tank
Carol Feller

Odette Cardigan
Ann McDonald Kelly


Danielle Chalson

Julie Crawford

Tara Miller

Agua Rios Vest
Kristin Omdahl

Amanda Scheuzger

Lisa Hoffman

Shelley Gerber

Cecily Glowik MacDonald

Kristin Omdahl

Amy Miller



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    Annie Modesitt
  • Bookshelf
    Clara Parkes
  • The Knitting Life
    Mary Kaiser
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    Rachel Wohanka 


Yarn Review: Transcendental Tencel by Larissa Gibson A high-tech fiber with human appeal 

Profile: Mari Lynn Patrick by Bethany Lyttle Scenes from the Life of a Knitwear Designer

Beyond the Basics: Swatching the Lace Universe by Deborah Newton
Exploring lace possibilities, one swatch at a time

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BarbH wrote
on Feb 23, 2012 9:18 PM

what does Knit Ultimate on the cover refer to?  can't find it referred to anywhere in the spring 2012 magazine.

Carole G wrote
on Feb 29, 2012 11:35 AM

I like the patterns in the new knits, some of them are very knittable. However, I'm quite dismayed to find so few patterns especially considering that Vogue Knitting regularly has over 30 patterns, a wide variety of types of patterns - sweaters, accessories, menswear, etc.- at the same cost.  Also, I've bemoaned the way that Knits changed its format last year, from showing photos of every project and then detailed instructions to now having mini pattern chapters, finding it hard to see all of the patterns in large photos at a glance.  I'd also like to see Knits copy the VK 360 and show the entire garment.  I've also noted that Knits is not making all of the patterns available to plus and mini size people.  Where are the men's knits?  Gnagy has some great patterns for men and many others, how about a commitment to at least 2 really great men's patterns per year?  I love the articles by Annie and Clara (being an avid Knitter's Review fan), and Kristen's design is gorgeous and I'm already swatching for it.  I'd love to make the Gnagy vest, but my concern is that in that weight, it may not work for busty women, I'm thinking of trying to convert to a looser vest/cardi or maybe put the front pattern on the back and keep the front less welting and more aran.  If Knits keeps on shrinking, I think you'll lose readers and that wouldn't be good.  Maybe you should have more yarn based competitions for designs and get some new designers, even international designers and students to compete.  

I love knitted coats, but bemoan the fact that they sag, some one has to come up with a design that is sag proof, whether because of yarn used (super lightweight or super hard), design/construction  (lots of seaming that builds reinforcement?)

I'm also a lover of very intricate shawls, preferably made in one piece without having to pick up the lower edge.  I'd love to see a pattern for a great shawl with alterations to change to a scarf, pullover, etc.

Oh well, much too much time to dream of knitting and not enough needle time.

I still love Knits despite these comments.

anana wrote
on Mar 9, 2012 2:28 AM

As usual I love almost all the patterns of this issue but I agree with Carole G when she says "I'm quite dismayed with so few patterns". For example in the previous issues we could find till 27 patterns ! (almost 1/3 more!) Where is all the fantasy?

despite this comment I really have loved the articles on Tencel (I've learned a lot about this fiber) and both the designer's articles.

please, for the next issues give us more and more patterns (just like before)

many thanks!