Jane Austen Knits 2013

Jane Austen Knits 2013, a 144-page special publication from the editors of Spin-Off magazine, explores the fashion and traditions of Jane Austen's time and novels, through inspired knitting patterns. Dive into 31 knitting patterns inspired by Jane Austen and the Regency era in which she lived, discover the history of dorset buttons, and more in the Jane Austen Knits 2013 special issue.



A Most Sensible Bonnet     Theressa Silver

Harriet Hap Shawl Anne Carroll Gilmour

A Vest for Charles Kathleen Dames

Brighton Mitts Anne Carroll Gilmour

Marianne's Bosom-Friend  Lisa Jacobs

Emma's Lace Skirt Izumi Ouchi

Anne Podlesak



Beaded Summer Spencer Eileen Casey


Damask Mittens  Maria Yarley

A Muffler for Mr. Woodhouse Jane Howorth

Anne's Socks Shannon Lynn Brown


Love and Loyalty Pin Ball Anne Carroll Gilmour


Open Carriage Gloves Meg Roke


Solicitude Bag Meghan Jones


Jane Bennet's Night Cap Stephanie Gaustad


Cottage Tea Cozy Joanna Johnson


Georgiana Darcy's Fancy Shawl Karen Joan Raz

Strolling Scarf Larissa Brown

Boteh Shawl Lisa Jacobs

 Annie Modesitt

Benwick Cardigan Kathleen Dames

Austen Spencer Vicki Square

Northanger Pelisse Karin Wilmoth


Falling Hearts Shawl Gabrielle Vézina


Sanditon Cape Catherine Salter Bayar

Fairfax Reticule Anne Carroll Gilmour

Elegant Gloves Heather Zoppetti

Grecian Top   Annie Modesitt

Oval Pelisse  Annie Modesitt

Regency Riding Hat T.L. Alexandria Volk

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