Episode 1101 - The Skirt

Jul 10, 2013

Welcome to the 11th series of Knitting Daily TV, featuring host Eunny Jang and experts Clara Parkes and Kristin Omdahl. Learn new knitting tips and techniques, design one-of-a-kind crochet and knit garments, meet trendsetting designers, and more.

Preview this series of Knitting Daily TV and episode 1101, all about the knitted skirt:

Getting Started:
Join Eunny on this Getting Started segment to dive into the basics of knitting a skirt. She'll share her tips and tricks for how to design a skirt with function and fit in mind. Skirts seen here are the Godet Skirt by Amy Miller (on mannequin) and the Fagoted Skirt by Hana Jason (on table), both from Knit.wear Spring 2013.
Eunny is wearing the Camille Cardigan by Gretchen Ronnevik, the cover sweater from Knitscene Winter 2012.


Kristin Omdahl, crochet and knitwear designer, joins Eunny for this how-to segment on crocheting ruffles onto a knit or crochet skirt. Combining knit and crochet stitches in the Flamenco Ruffled Drawstring Skirt is an eye-catching combination. This skirt, from Kristin's book A Knitting Wrapsody, is available for download. Kristin is wearing a scarf design from her book The Finer Edge.

Yarn Spotlight:
Yarn expert Clara Parkes joins Eunny in the knitting lab for a look at resilient yarns, or yarns that hold their shape. Seen here is Zen Yarn Garden's Serenity Worsted yarn. For more information, visit Zen Yarn Garden's website.

Quick Tip:
Eunny wraps up this episode with a quick tip for all fiber artists: how to make a waistband. This tip is perfect for your knitted skirt. She'll show you how to sew down a casing for either a drawstring or elastic, making your skirt snug and secure.


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ABOUT THE SHOW: Knitting Daily TV is an exciting needle crafts how-to program on public television covering everything from knitting and crochet to stitching, felting, and spinning. The show guides viewers in learning to make fun yet smart one-of-a-kind designs using the latest products in yarn and fiber. Download free patterns, meet trendsetting knit and crochet designers, and improve or learn new skills and techniques.


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Emartgirl wrote
on Jul 26, 2013 9:23 AM

I really enjoyed this episode, especially the math worksheet the Euny shared. Is it possible to have that as a download on this site?


kerian47 wrote
on Jul 30, 2013 3:11 PM

i only got to see part of episode 1101 on the skirt design formula and have been looking online for the formula that eunny jang used since she said if you missed anything it would be online at knitting daily.  i cannot find it.  maybe i am looking in the wrong place.  can someone direct me or send me the formula?

thanks, kerian47

angellove85 wrote
on Aug 2, 2013 11:37 AM

I am also looking for the skirt worksheet. I like all the Knitting Daily very much.

Reelgolfer wrote
on Aug 9, 2013 11:17 AM

I am also looking for more of the episode about knitting a skirt.  I have been all over the site and cannot seem to be getting anywhere.  Please let me know if you find the trail that leads to the Godet skirt on the mannequin. Thanks

lindalilly wrote
on Aug 11, 2013 10:39 AM

i also would like the worksheet , better yet the pattern instructions

cutter2 wrote
on May 6, 2015 6:29 PM

Where is the skirt worksheet? You said the instructions from the items seen on your show would be on the computer!!  How can I get them??

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