Episode 311 Stripes!

Jul 17, 2009

Stripes are one of the easiest ways to add color to your projects, especially if you’re a beginner to colorwork. On episode 311 of Knitting Daily, you’ll learn the secrets to successful stripes no matter what the stitch, plus easy ways to change yarns and deal with pesky yarn ends.

Getting Started – Eunny gives a basic lesson on how to knit jogless stripes in the round. Download 13 tips and tricks to improve your knitting from experts and guests on Series 300.  

Designer Spotlight –
Kathy Elkins is back to share her design, the Nantucket Felted Rug. She demonstrates how to knit simple stripes, from changing colors for each new row to weaving in the yarn tails as you go. For the yarns used in this segment, visit WEBs online store.

How-To –
Laura Bryant and Barry Klein are back with a colorful array of striped designs! They’ll share techniques with Shay for creating stripes using the Fibonacci sequence of numbers and their tips for striped designs worked in garter and simple stockinette stitches, plus tips for knitting on the bias for diagonal striping. Download the Fibonacci Scarf pattern and the Tonalita Boxed Cardigan.

Did You Know? –
Kathy Merrick, contributing design of the book Interweave Presents Crocheted Gifts, shares her striped, colorful Swirling Bag. It’s a crocheted bag with striped panels that is sewn together at the end for an interesting construction. Download this free pattern.

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Marilyn@39 wrote
on Nov 19, 2009 9:40 AM

Episode 311, with Laura Bryan and Barry Klein on Strips. How do I get the pattern for the black and mult strip cardigan? It is on the maniquin next to Shay. Is the pattern in a book I can buy?

NormaMA wrote
on Feb 3, 2011 12:14 PM

Where may I obtain the pattern for the black and grey/white stripped cardigan on the maniquin on the table near Shay?  It is stunning...help and thanks..Norma

on Aug 23, 2011 5:12 PM

Note from Marcy: We love the new book Crocheted Gifts by Kim Werker. We love it even more when we get

dlcooper99 wrote
on Nov 6, 2011 2:32 AM

I found the booklet that has the striped cardigan : www.trendsetteryarns.com/pattern3705.asp.  

cherylt777 wrote
on Feb 19, 2012 3:53 AM

Where can I find the patter for the cardigan Shay was wearing during Episode 311?  My mom would love it!

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