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Meeting the folks at Interweave

Mar 10, 2011

Have you ever wondered, Who are the people at Interweave? What do their rather fancy titles entail? Are they... Unusually smart? Is everybody super creative? Are they funny? Stressed? Vegetarians? Like to line-dance? Being curious (and a little nosy) myself about what makes them tick, the hats they wear at Interweave, and what experiences they have in their work...I will take you along to meet these folks in person. At the end of this blog entry I will tell you who is next. If there is something that you want to know, tell me early and I'll ask the questions, just like Oprah would! 

First up: Me!

My name is Kathy and I have been the editorial assistant for Interweave Knits (and 6 other Interweave publications) for a year and a half. Prior to this, I was an administrative assistant at a public middle school, which was a blast. I'm a 50 something mother of three 20 somethings (first born a girl, then twin boys: all fabulous people in my tainted opinion). It has been over 26 years since I married my best friend Jon. We stay best friends because he travels a lot. Now we are semi-empty nesters living in a little house on a little lake in northern Colorado with a sweet little Shih Tzu named Libby. (see photo on the right)

My favorite past-time? Take a wild guess... knitting, just like you. 

Can you imagine how difficult it must be for poor me to decide which knitting project to make next?

In the Spring 2011 issue, I can't wait to begin on the V-Yoke Cardigan by Amy Christoffers. The overall simplicity and subtle yet totally cool back design with its longer, soft drape is stunning. Anybody else out there inspired to make this project?

V-Yoke Cardigan

Besides needle crafts, some of my other favorite things: antiques, reading (this year my goal is to read Jane Austen), gardening, classic rock n' roll (still love to crank up the volume and sing along in my car when I'm all alone), Rocky Mountains, wild flowers, tame flowers, old movies, dogs, honesty, integrity, and a seriously good brownie.   

As editorial assistant several of my duties for Interweave Knits are:

  • Monitor pattern mistakes to post corrections online for our readers.
  • Send rejection letters. This is difficult for editorial when great ideas cannot be used.
  • Make sure that the designers have received the yarn to knit up their project.
  • Advise yarn companies that their yarn was used for a knitting project in an upcoming issue.
  • Thank our contributors by contacting them after an issue goes to press.
  • Answer customer e-mails.

The worst part of this job (I hesitate to mention, but want to be real) is receiving unkind e-mails. Thankfully these are very rare.


The best part of my job is collecting information from designers. I regularly ask them to share their inspiration, technical tips, how to customize their design, and yarn thoughts on their latest project for Interweave Knits. You will find these tidbits in each Knits issue. In the new Spring issue, I just love Susanna IC's poetic description for sparkly beads, reminiscent of spring dew drops, that you can add to the Rose Lace Stole. It is so refreshing to think Spring, don't you agree! 

In this blog post, you will meet a wide variety of people who play different roles to bring you Interweave Knits magazine. Feel free to let me know who you'd like to meet. See the magazine masthead on page 4 for an idea.


    Rose Lace Stole

Next up: Editor Eunny Jang. She's got something special to share!

Take care,




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Kathy Mallo wrote
on Mar 14, 2011 11:23 AM

Thanks everybody for your nice comments.

For A. Rotondo: I am wearing the Lacy Cables Scarf by Annette Petavy. This project is offered in crochet and knit instructions! You'll find it in Crochet Fall 2010. The individual pattern isn't available for sale just yet.  

on Mar 14, 2011 1:03 AM

Great idea! It will be very interesting to find out what everyone actually does in their job at Interweave. Many of us think working there would be a dream job, so it's good to know what that actually entails! Thanks!

zewdita wrote
on Mar 12, 2011 7:44 PM

Wow thanks for sharing this. It is great to get to know the people behind interweave I love this site so much.

Thanks again :)

arotondo wrote
on Mar 12, 2011 7:49 AM

Thank you for sharing a bit about your family and work.  I DO have a question; can you share the pattern for the scarf you are wearing in the photo that accompanies your story?  I am a new knitter with some cool yarn that I'd like to experiment with, and that pattern looks like it might work.

Many thanks.  A. Rotondo

MartaW@3 wrote
on Mar 12, 2011 6:50 AM

Very nice feature -- I look forward to more profiles. Thanks!