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From the archives: A first knitting project

Sep 12, 2013

Inspired by Louisa's post about her first sweater, I thought I'd post about mine!

I started knitting somewhere between ages 5 and 9 and I don't have those first epic strips or crooked swatches anymore. I'm a bit of a minimalist and don't hold onto much..but for years I did hold onto my very first sweater project. I made this cardigan around age 13. I remember it was Plymouth Encore...I remember the dark and cramped yarn shop where my Mom helped me pick it out. I was picky about colors. I still love dark brooding reds to this day. 

It's a basic drop-shoulder cardigan with a garter-rib pattern. You can tell it's a bit worn in this's probably about 15 years old in this picture, well-loved and oft-moved as I nomaded around the country in my young adulthood. I donated it some years ago; I hope someone somewhere is enjoying it now! Over the years, I've donated a lot of my handknits. You just can't keep everything, you know? But do take pictures!

I've searched in vain for the original pattern for the cardigan. I did find this pattern, which is pretty similar stylistically. It's from Interweave Knits Spring 2000 and it's called "The Very Thought of Him." Sort of lovely, eh? The stitch pattern is a simple seed stitch rib and the shapes are very basic—great for beginner knitting.


What was your first knitted project? If you've tackled sweater knitting, do you still have your first finished sweater? And what do you do with those older, less-used handknits? Do you donate them, or keep them for sentimental reasons, or give them away, or rip them out for the yarn? I'd love to hear some creative ideas for repurposing old knits. 

Til next time, 

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We're traveling the blogs, talking about first knitting experiences! My own contribution will be