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Part-time Rockstars: Knitscene's featured designers

Dec 6, 2011

If you've been knitting for more than ten minutes, you've probably realized that knit designers are a big deal. Most of the designers who fill the pages of knitting magazines and sites like Ravelry do this part-time, freelance, out of their apartments, their family-filled homes, their yarn-filled studios. They design for the same reason you knit: they love it and they're magical, creative people. Yes, they make money with knitting—which you probably don’t—but this money doesn’t come immediately. Everyone starts somewhere. of Knitscene's missions is to publish up-and-coming designers. Along with printing single patterns of such folks, we also choose one designer each issue to create a mini collection, which runs with a profile on that designer. These collections act as an introduction to the artist’s aesthetic, and gives the profileé a chance to try creating a cohesive group of knits, which some of them have never done before. The challenge always proves beneficial to Knitscene, as we get some awesome projects out of it!

In the winter issue, we take a look at the work of Alexis Winslow, a painter and textile designer living in New York whose foray into knitwear design happened only recently. But check out her portfolio—it’s pretty impressive!

Over on her blog, Alexis talks a little about the process of designing her Knitscene collection. Stay tuned for future posts, in which she’ll be discussing each project individually. The Zelda Cloche (shown at right on Alexis herself) has proven to be very popular with knitters.

Who else has Knitscene featured?

Knitscene has published 8 design collections over the past few years. Below you'll find one design from each of the eight collections. Click on the photos for more info. Many of these patterns are available for individual download in the Knitting Daily Store, or you can find them in back issues, and some in the new book, The Best of Knitscene. These designers are precious people in the knitting industry—a big thanks to all of you for making our work here possible and fulfilling!

Cathy Carron, Spring 2009 Wehrle, Fall 2009 

Connie Chang Chinchio, spring 2010Geodesic Cardigan, Connie Chang Chinchio

Lapis Yoke, Hannah FettigHannah Fettig, Fall 2010

 Debbie O'Neill, spring 2011Belvedere Cardigan, Debbie O'Neill

Windsor Cardigan, Amy Christoffers Amy Christoffers, summer 2011

Amy Herzog, Fall 2011Cornsilk Pullover, Amy Herzog

Vera Cardigan, Alexis WinslowAlexis Winslow, Winter 2011

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NathanneV wrote
on Dec 18, 2011 10:51 AM

A while back I saw a picture of fingerless mitts that were so nicely designed that I bought the pattern on Ravelry.  I was so impressed with the quality of the design, and the artistic elements of color and trim, and that the designer was a young college student named Alexis Winslow.  I've followed her work over time, and I am so delighted to see she is now recognized as a professional knitwear designer.  Thank you for the article about her in Knitscene.  

on Dec 8, 2011 6:07 AM

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