Knitscene Summer 2013

Twenty-one designs show off summer fibers and streamlined silhouettes while exhibiting Knitscene's fresh appeal. Learn about solar dyeing, knitting scientists, Cirilia Rose's trip to Amsterdam, and designer Hilary Smith Callis. Styles include 60s necklines, peplums, tennis sweaters, and lots of lace for those hot days ahead. 

Order your physical edition today, or download the digital edition right now! On newsstands April 16. 

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inside this issue:

Wavelength Tunic
Hilary Smith Callis

Eclipse Top
Hilary Smith Callis

Saturn Cardigan
Hilary Smith Callis

Supply List

Supply List

Supply List

VeVe Tee
Amy Gunderson

Love Braid Cardigan
Melissa Wehrle

Wimbledon Hat
Tanis Gray

Supply List Supply List Supply List

Ryann Tunic
Michaela Moores

Adeline Camisole
Cassie Castillo

Longboard Pullover
Amanda Bell

Supply List Supply List Supply List

Flanders Scarf
Janine Le Cras

Sundial Tee
Jennifer Dassau

Pandora Cardigan
Mari Chiba

Supply List

Supply List

Supply List

Lida Top
Gretchen Ronnevik

Afion Cardigan
Jean Clement

Calico Shawl
Andrea Rangel

Supply List Supply List Supply List

Mackinac Tank
Danielle Chalson

Vine Stree Tee
Amy Herzog

Venice Beach Tank
Kathryn McNaughton

Supply List Supply List Supply List

Lindell Tee
Cassie Castillo

Melrose Tank
Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

Beverly Tee
Jean Chung

Supply List Supply List Supply List



knit departments

Profile: Hilary Smith Callis
Robin Shroyer

Solar Dyeing
Caitlin ffrench

Scientists Who Knit
Kim Werker


Editor’s note

Dyeing Tools
Ready to Dye Yarns
Stitching & STEM

Know It 
Glossary of stitches

Cirilia Rose

Mackinac Tank

by Danielle Chalson featured on page 37

photography by Harper Point Photography
hair and makeup by Kira Friedman, Janie Rocek
photostyling by Katie Himmelberg


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ShuriuL wrote
on Mar 29, 2013 3:24 PM

Hi, Interweave Knits multi media platform personnel:  Please, please, please consider uploading BETTER, CLEARER, BIGGER files to sites such as

I don't frequent LYS or bookstores.  With my work schedule, I spend more money on things I can see CLEARLY online than I do in an actual store.  KNITSCENE in particular is a magazine geared toward a younger, more tech-savvy crowd.  If the knitter is an introvert, SHE'S NOT GOING TO HANG OUT AT THE LYS forever and that means less access to clean shots of the designs.  I'm never sure what the newest designs are on Interweave Press from looking online at Ravelry and the knittingdaily site is not the most user friendly unless you've NEVER subscribed to one of the magazines and want to.

PLEASE consider posting clearer photos.  Amateurs are doing a far better job of photographing and posting their own work (whether their own designs or their renditions of Interweave's/other's designs).  I think your designers deserve a far better presentation of their work on a site as influential as Ravelry.  I've asked more than once if a designer had a clearer photo they could share on Ravelry than the one posted under the Interweave Knits upload and they apologize that they only have one Interweave provides them.  You all can do better.  Please.

on Apr 3, 2013 1:16 PM

Last week we launched the preview of our upcoming Knitscene Summer 2013 issue—did you see? Our

on Apr 6, 2013 10:50 AM

Another summer season coming up, and another disappointing edition of a knitting publication caught in cissexual assumptions of knitting. All knitters are not women. Yet, the overwhelming majority of your patterns, discussions, focus, features, advertising imagery, blogs, are targeted to women.

I know that advertising drives editorial...editors and publishers swoon when discussing men...loss of profits, derailed copy sales, alienated core audience, rejection, too much effort required, not in my back yard, societal norms, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Do a simple search for mens singlet knitting pattern, or mens summer weight knitting pattern, or mens (any garment here) in (any fibre other than wool here). Prepare to be underwhelmed.

AnkeB wrote
on Apr 17, 2013 10:58 AM

I like most of the designs in this issue, however they are all for skinny young women. It is too bad that not more patterns are created for us seniors. I love to knit but cannot always find patterns that would fit well and flatter my older body.