In each issue, we feature up-and-coming designers, popular yarns, fun and concise tutorials, and fresh photography that invites the reader into a yarn-filled daydream. The projects are simple but intriguing, stylish but wearable, and designed for knitters of all ages and sizes.

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Accessorize your life with Knitscene Accessories 2015! This all-new edition features 33 patterns designed to liven up your knitting needles with knitted accessories for all occasions, including those "little black dress" moments. Featured designer Megi Burcl delivers five shawls utilizing variegated and gradient yarns in new ways and provides tips for using those brightly colored yarns in ways that don’t obscure delicate patterning. We tip our hats to the incredible knitwear designers of the film and television industry with a Hunger Games–inspired collection, and even include a handful of home décor knitting patterns to accessorize your living space. Get those needles ready for Knitscene Accessories!

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Recent Issues

  • Knitscene Summer 2012

    It's back to nature and back to basics with the summer issue of Knitscene. We explore leaf motifs in all their forms, as well as organic cotton yarns. Simple, warm-weather projects make great basics, while Sarah Wilson (AKA The Sexy Knitter) shows off a girly sensibility in her exclusive design collection. Discover great knitting bags, how to measure gauge accurately, and the world of knit comics. The 23 designs are simple, wearable, and free-spirited.

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  • Knitscene Spring 2012

    Revel in variegated yarns, whimsical style, and exciting how-to with the Spring 2012 issue of Knitscene. Learn to work duplicate stitch embroidery and about the colorful world of Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark. Discover the difference between kettle dyed and space dyed yarns—and the other basic dye styles of your favorite sock yarns. Get a sneak peek of the season’s new yarns and a trend overview. Fashions range from urban to retro to sleek to sweetheart—something for every knitter. 

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  • Knitscene, Winter 2011

    Knitscene's first-ever Winter issue delights with a collection of 22 must-have knits. From gypsy sweaters in the highlands to bobbled knits along the river; London-inspired cardigans for the gray days of winter; angora yarns; and the work of indie designer Alexis Winslow, this issue packs a wintery mix of inspiration, fun, and information.

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  • Knitscene, Fall 2011

    The new Fall 2011 issue of knitscene has something for everyone, with patterns for cardigans, sweaters, shawls, and more! Learn to customize knitted sweaters to fit your body, and how a seamless yoke sweater is made. Knitted lace edgings and laceweight yarns are also featured.

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  • Knitscene, Summer 2011

    In its first ever summer issue, Knitscene explores plant fibers, quick and unusual accessories, and great layering garments. Who says people don't knit in the summertime? This is a dynamic time of year, characterized by long days, sun-lit activities, and wild color. We travel, we find time to relax, we spend time in air-conditioning and along the rims of volcanoes. Every page is inspiring and lively, while the knitting itself is simple and fun.


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  • Knitscene Winter/Spring 2011

    Simple-but-clever knitting can lead to really cool results. The newest issue of Knitscene exemplifies this philosophy with 26 projects that will entice crafters of all skill levels-from stockinette to basic Fair Isle to quick one-skeiners with sparkle. The silhouettes are interesting and modern. The yarns are on-trend and fun to work with. The style is free-because you're a free spirit.

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  • Knitscene Fall 2010

    Knitscene's fifth anniversary issue is packed with all the trimmings you expect from the magazine. Hannah Fettig delivers three exclusive new patterns as our featured designer, and we have 29 projects that will beg you to cast on immediately. Lace and ribbing are the cornerstones of this issue, showing off the diversity of these knitting basics. Karen Frisa digs deep into the hows and whys of ribbing, and Amy Palmer explores ways to make any sock pattern fit your feet. This issue of Knitscene will have you knitting for Fall in no time.

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  • Knitscene Easy 2010


    Whether you've just learned to knit or have been knitting since you were a small child, KnitScene Easy is the best resource!
    Handy stitch reference guides are sprinkled throughout the issue, so newcomers can easily refresh their memories, while advanced knitters will love the simple-yet-stylish accessories—perfect for busting that stash! Plus, easy (and cute!) garments will have you whipping up a new sweater for spring in no time. Learn to knitblog, and follow one beginning gal as she learns to knit for the first time.
    Available as a digital PDF issue.


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  • Knitscene Winter/Spring 2010

    Make your wardrobe span the winter-to-spring transition with the newest issue of Knitscene! With 28 new patterns to choose from, you can layer up with cardigans and pullovers, including 3 stunning designs by Connie Chang Chinchio, or get ready for warmth with breezy tanks and tees. Miriam Felton explores triangular shawl-shaping techniques and Karen Frisa introduces knitting in the round.

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  • Knitscene Fall 2009

    From cardigans, scarves, socks, hats, pullovers, and even a knitted tunic with a hidden front pocket,Knitscene delivers an abundance of style with easy-to-knit patterns.

    Check out all the great patterns included in Knitscene Fall 2009! From retro chic to simply classic or boldly bohemian, Knitscene has everyone’s individual style in mind. 

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  • Knitscene Winter 2008/Spring 2009

    In this issue, you will:

    • Get 32 new patterns!
    • Learn 4 essential buttonhole techniques
    • Learn to spin your own yarn with a drop spindle
    • Read about designer Cathy Carron?????s fabulous knitting life
    • Get the Knitscene-exclusive Cathy Carron spring design collection
    • Explore 2 new rustic yarns and 4 favorite chunky yarns, plus projects
    • Try your hand at crochet with easy accessories
    • Find fashion tips for styling your handknits
    • Be inspired!
    • Have fun with yarn!

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  • Knitscene Fall 2008


    What is fun to make and wearable in real life? What’s slightly quirky and unique without being outlandish? What is a good use of a yarn? What do people need in their closets?

    The collection you’ll find in this issue of Knitscene is what we worked up on the basis of those questions. These are not novelty projects or purely conceptual, these are work-horse knits that fit into everyday life and can become funky or trendy through styling. At the end of the day, though phenomenal and intriguing as knits, these projects are real clothes. There’s no greater pleasure than getting repeated use out of a sweater you made—loving every stitch, the way it looks with everything, washing it season after season and seeing it rebloom. You’ll be so glad you made it.

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  • Knitscene Winter 2007/Spring 2008

    Knitscene Winter 2007/Spring 2008 features 27 patterns to knit! Find your perfect first sweater pattern, your first sock pattern to knit, or your first dyeing project. 

    Download the digital collection featuring Knitscene Winter 2007/Spring 2008 and three other amazing Knitscene issues today!

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  • Knitscene Fall 2007

    Download the digital collection featuring Knitscene Fall 2007 today!

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