Craft Daily Is Here!

My knitting workshop video library just got too big for the bookshelf! The new Craft Daily site is here, and with streaming videos for knitters you can watch Knitting Daily TV and knitting workshops with just a click of the mouse. What's even better is that you can take these videos with you anywhere. Allow me to introduce you to Craft Daily, your new resource for visual knitting.


Here's fellow knitter Annie Hartman Bakken to tell you more:

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Watch a preview of how Craft Daily works,
with Online Education Manager Laura Esposito.

I feel like the new generation of knitting is here. Craft Daily is a video streaming site for knitters. Whether you're a new knitter or have been knitting for years, there are videos for every skill level. Learn how to read yarn labels from Eunny Jang on Knitting Daily TV or knit a sweater from the top down with Wendy Bernard. It's all here.   

If you've ever had the luck of attending a knitting class, the benefits of the visual knitting experience is priceless. You can see the instructor cast-on and knit, and often times a light bulb goes off. It all seems so easy when you see it done!  


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  Watch Eunny Jang demonstrate
short-row knitting on Knitting Daily TV episode 708, on
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Craft Daily brings those knitting classes to practically any device that supports a strong internet connection (Mac, PC, iOS). You can watch 45+ Knitted Cast-Ons and Bind-Offs with Ann Budd anytime. Let's say you're on the train traveling to Newark, and you can't remember that stretchy cast-on for ribbed socks. Well, log on to Craft Daily and watch the video in the dining car. Yes, folks, it's that easy.

One of the more exciting bits of Craft Daily for me is the addition of Knitting Daily TV videos. Every time a new season of the show comes out, I get lots of comments about how the show doesn't air in certain areas. Or, it's airing at 6 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Now you don't have to set the DVR to record the show, because Craft Daily has episodes streaming on the site. Plus, they're adding more and more videos each week.  

The Craft Daily site also allows you to build a library of your favorite videos, so you can keep track of those you've seen and want to watch again. I've bookmarked Lily Chin's Reversible Cables video, because the first time I watched it there was too much to absorb. I'm not as fast a knitter as Lily. I want to revisit it when I actually have the yarn and needles in my hands to knit along.

The Craft Daily site is brand-new, so go check it out. You can watch previews of the videos to see if they're something that interests you. Plus, you can leave helpful comments on each video for other knitters. I'll be there. Probably for another twelve hours!  

—Annie Hartman Bakken, associate producer of Knitting Daily TV and Interweave's yarn division marketing manager

Craft Daily has videos for quilters, crocheters, and even metalsmiths; so we knitters can dabble in other crafts as well. Just what we need, right? Another crafting hobby!

I might not go buy a soldering kit, but I actually have enjoyed watching the jewelry making videos. And some of the sewing and quilting videos are great for knitters that want to sew their seams or embellish their knitwear.

As you can see, Craft Daily is an amazing way to learn crafting techniques and "waste" many, many more hours on the computer. Enjoy!


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