Galleries II: Opulent Raglan and Kaftan Dress

Here are the second set of Galleries you voted for from the new Fall 2007 Knitscene:

Kaftan Dress by Salena Lee

Opulent Raglan by Wendy Bernard


Which sweaters did the Gallery Gals themselves like best?

I thought it might be interesting to hear straight from our Gallery models which sweater THEY liked best…and why. Here's what Amy and Erin said:


It’s hard to choose a favorite one, though if pressed, I’ll say the Opulent Raglan by Wendy Bernard. It made me feel warm and cozy, and as pretty as I can expect to feel in a sweater. What more could you ask from a sweater? I liked the way it looked on all the Knitting Daily Gallery Gals, too—it was flattering on everyone. It’s going in my queue, for sure.



Sometimes I like altering sweaters I knit.  It makes me feel powerful and smart maybe.  And it is a good thing since I always have to make one alteration or another due to my long arms and large-ish bust.  But sometimes, it is really nice to have a pattern where I don't have to do a single thing to change it.  No math.  Just knitting.  And it is pretty.  And flattering.  And still interesting enough to want to knit.  The Opulent Raglan is that for me.  Love it.


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What's a Gallery? It's where I take the original sample garment from the magazine and persuade several women try it on and let me take their photo, to show you different varieties of fit and flatter. I provide individual commentaries for each picture, with suggestions for customization for each woman. There's only one garment for each design, so sometimes the sweater doesn't fit–that's where the commentaries get really interesting, as we explore why it doesn't fit, and how to alter it so it does fit!

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 Knitting Daily Hot Tomatoes on TV!

Remember Wendy Bernard's Tomato from No Sheep For You? Remember how I made a bright orange version with bust darts and called it the Hot Tomato? Well, several of you Knitting Daily readers also made your own versions of Wendy's Tomato. They were so cute that we asked some of you to send in your sweaters to be filmed for Episode 102 of the new Knitting Daily TV show! On the show, Wendy walks us through each sweater and what adjustments were made–I was so tickled to see something I'd made on television!  The show itself begins airing on select public television stations starting next Monday… but if you can't wait, you can pre-order a DVD of the entire first season now –the DVD is available Monday, July 21st. Wendy is also featured in Episode 101 (can you tell I'm a big Wendy fan?). Wendy's patterns are irresistible–remember when I fell in love with the Elinor Tunic in Interweave Knits Summer 2008? I wanted to take that one home with me after we took the photos for the Elinor Gallery 

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20 thoughts on “Galleries II: Opulent Raglan and Kaftan Dress

  1. Cherrie C., Washington State
    Loved the Kaftan Dress. Not too certain about the sleeves on the Raglan, though. Maybe if sleeves were just a bit longer…. {:-}]

  2. I loved several of the designs in the magazine, even tried to order a copy on line, but $4.50 to ship a 7.99 mag?????
    Sorry, but that seems an excessive fee. Guess I’ll wait until it hits the stores.

  3. I am actually interested in the nice little sleeveless “tank” that Sandi is wearing in the photo of the Kaftan. Where could I get that???????

  4. I like the shirt that Sandi is knitting at the present time.
    The “Camisa” sweater with the V neckline. The yarn used is called Muench String of Pearls. Where can I get this yarn?
    Do you sell yarn at the online store?

  5. Thank you so much for posting the gallaries! I am very new to knitting and this has been wonderful! However, I do not understand the positive and negative ease. Can you explain or direct me to an explanation? I have a feeling this is something I will need to learn as I move forward into more advanced projects. Thanks for your help!

  6. mbenner – “ease” is the difference in measurement between your body and a garment’s actual measurement.

    If your chest was 38″ and the sweater was 40″, that would be 2″ of positive ease, and it would drape – or maybe bag, if the design was intended to look good with less ease than that.

    If your chest was 38″ and the sweater was 36″, that would be 2″ of negative ease, and the sweater would stretch a bit and cling.

    Knowing roughly how much ease was built into the garment helps people pick which size to knit to end up with a well-fitting sweater- although looking at some of the pictures (e.g. Amy vs. Kat), it becomes clear that the numbers don’t tell the whole story!

  7. What I really want to know is what is the tank that, (oh is that Sandy?) is wearing! What a perverse group we knitters are. We always want “something else.”

  8. “Riding to Avalon” knocks me out! I’ve really been in the mood for refined elegance lately, and Connie Chang Chinchio delivers that in spades! She’s definitely a designer to watch.

  9. Now that Sandi has told us that the tank (Lace Blouson by Kim Dolce) is from the Summer 2004 issue of Knits how does one go about ordering it to obtain the pattern?

  10. I don’t understand why you don’t have all back issues online, even if they are sold out. I think it’s stupid and short-sighted of you not to have them there since often LYS, which you give lip service to supporting, have old copies on hand to sell.

    Also, although I’ve been a subscriber for a few years, I’m thinking of canceling due to your “web only projects” expiring so quickly, and the constant barage of advertising from this site to buy specific patterns. I used to look forward to KD, now it’s just another piece of junk mail (usually) that clutters up my inbox. I think you guys are being penny wise and pound FOOLISH.

  11. I’m sorry but I don’t understand the design or purpose of the “galleries”. Is everyone wearing the same exact sweater? The same sweater on different people? If so, what size is it? I love the Riding to Avalon and want to take advantage of your info about size, so R,SVP.


  12. OOOh Sandi, please make the pattern for that Lace Blouson available. It’s SO difficult to find patterns for pretty tanks for those of us who need support and don’t want to expose bra straps.

  13. How does one legally and ethically get a copy of a copyrighted pattern when there are no available copies in the library or interweave?
    I need a modest tank that would not be too boring to knit and would be interested in purchasing the Lace Blouson tank.

  14. I too would like to have the pattern for the Lace Blouson from the Summer 2004 issue. Sandy can you help all of us. I would even be interested in buying this pattern.