Holiday Treats: A Slideshow and A Free Pattern Ebook


(OK, I just had to get that out of my system.)

Happy Halloween, everyone! (The guy in the photo chimes in, "And you think YOU have trouble with socks!"

Today, as is fitting and right, I have a few treats for you (but no tricks).

And don't worry about the gargoyle. I'm getting him Ann Budd's Getting Started Knitting Socks for Christmas. That ought to help him fit those big paws of his. (He might have to trim his claws a bit…)

Your Knitted And Crocheted Costumes: A Slideshow

We received over a hundred entries for the Knitting Daily Readers' Handmade Halloween Costume Gallery…and after looking through all the brilliantly crafty entries, we realized that we couldn't pick just a few to show you–we had to show you ALL of them. So our trusty techies have put toghether a nifty slideshow of all the costume photos you sent in. 


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Thanks to everyone who posed for a photo, wrangled a pet into a costume, or sent in a picture. We had so much fun looking at all your creativity. (I had no idea one could knit a mohawk. Nor a zoidberg. In fact, I am still not sure just exactly what a zoidberg is, but there's a knitted and felted one in that slideshow for you.) 

Thank you ALL for making our Knitting Daily Halloween so spookily festive!

— Sandi


A Little Something Special: A Free Pattern Collection from Knits Gifts 2008

The traffic is frightful; the parking lots are a nightmare; and if you hear Silver Bells one more time, you're liable to become a gibbering fool. But you have all those aunties, or uncles, or friends, left on your list…and no time for elaborate sweaters for each of them. Heck, you don't even have time to knit them each a little scarf…but you do want to give handmade presents this season, a little bit of yarny love for the people who give so much love to you the year 'round.

So what about a knitted or crocheted ornament? Little, quick, easy; a bit of pretty yarn and a little time and you have handmade magic to give! Here are patterns for three knitted ornaments, one crocheted ornament, and a charming gift bag, ready to whip up in an evening or less: Download the free collection A Little Something Special now.

More Holiday Fun: Knits Gifts 2008 and the Count The Sheep Contest

What will you knit for Auntie Marge? Yep, it's that time of year when fiberfolk the world over are wracking their brains trying to come up with gift ideas. So, just in time to help you come up with that something special for Auntie Marge, we proudly present our special Knits Holiday Gifts issue! This year, there are 30 patterns for everything from aran slippers to a simple-yet-stunning scarf, from easy cozy bedsocks to lace curtains. Take a look at all the wonderful projects in this issue! I'm to the point where I don't know what to knit first. (I know. I said I don't knit gifts at the holidays. I'm being seduced by the thought of my mom's happy smile when her cold toes wrapped up in those aran slippers.)

How many sheep can you find in Knits Gifts? To add to the fun, Franklin Habit has drawn a series of cute little sheep to adorn the pages of Knits Gifts–there are sheep hanging from project photos, sheep peeking out of pattern pages, sheep all over! What's this all about? Why, it's a Count The Sheep Contest, of course! Count all Franklin's woolly friends in this issue, answer a few easy questions about their antics, and you could win an autographed copy of his book, It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons.

Enter the Count The Sheep Contest

Look for Knits Holiday Gifts 2008 and It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons at your local yarn shop, or buy them online from us at one of the links below.

Purchase Knits Holiday Gifts 2008

Purchase It Itches by Franklin Habit

What's on Sandi's needles? No second sock syndrome here. I'm part-way through the second sock I am knitting for Nicholas, a Nancy Bush pattern from Knitting On The Road. (I'm knitting Denmark. No, not the entire country of Denmark, just the sock called Denmark.)

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30 thoughts on “Holiday Treats: A Slideshow and A Free Pattern Ebook

  1. not to ignore all of the excellent knitting or anything but I HAVE to know where you got the gargoyle, mu husband collects them and that one is awesome and would make a great christmas present if I could get one! Thanks!

  2. Thank you for your pre-Christmas gift – A Little Something Special! Eunny’s cabled ornament is fantastic! I always try to give my children an ornament each year for the holidays – and this year I’ll be knitting them up. Maybe I’ll try to make a few extras for the neighbors.

  3. We travel in a RV so don’t subscribe to magazines unless they are online. What’s the chance that you’d put Knits online? You could charge a little less and think of all the paper and mail costs you would save!

  4. Hi Sandy, I’m going to be travelling around Australia later this year with my husband in our caravan. We could be gone for a few years and I would like to know if you will ever be making Interweave Crochet into an emagazine as I would love to be able to download it like I do some of my other Crochet magazines to save space and weight in our van. Also a lot of the smaller towns don’t get Interweave Crochet or any other crochet or knitting mags.

  5. Dear Sandi,
    I appreciate all I am learning from Knitting Daily, particularly about fitting. My daughter has a very girly figure, so when I am brave enough to knit a sweater for her, I think I am ready. How about something for us flat chicks? I see all these beautiful items made for the classic “Sweater Girl” figure and I am more like Twiggy. It’s a bit challenging to know what will look nice.

    Welcome to wonderful Canada (Yarrow BC is my new home, another US transplant) where there are fireworks on Halloween!

  6. Hey Sandi and all the techs and knitters, models and photographers: thanks for the slide show! What a “treat.”

    I too, am admiring the VERY BEAUTIFULLY! felted pumpkin sculpture/treat bag. Truly a work of art. How did s/he get it to pull in like that to make the ridges around the pumpkin? And the vine is I-cord? And the leaves?? Is it stuffed??? Will s/he please teach us?

    We have fireworks on Halloween in Eugene, Oregon too.

  7. Hello Sandi!
    Oh what a treat. Those photos are wonderful. Please pass on my thanks to your wonderful crew for putting the slideshow together.
    Like Harmony O above, I really admired the wonderful pumpkin bag. It is beautiful. The lining is fun too.
    In the UK, we generally save our fireworks for November 5th (Bonfire Night). But we have fun with costumes for Halloween too.

  8. Hello!

    I join many others in expressing admiration for the knitted pumpkin treat bag – and would certainly be interested in a pattern for it if available! There are so many other great costumes in the slideshow – the Queen of Hearts, medieval soldier with the maille, and the rolled hairdo were some favorites!


  9. Sandi,
    Now that Halloween has come and gone, it is one of our family’s favorite time of year – Hockey Season! Will there be more Sticks n’ Stitches games this season? We had a blast at our game in Columbus,OH. Hockey, new yarn, goodie bags, and lots of knitters and crocheters too – what’s not to love?

  10. The costumes were ALL great and I enjoyed looking at each and every one. We have some real talent out there, so kudos to all of you. I just have to add that I loved the knitted “chain maille” on the Knight and if gave him such an authentic look. All the baby/toddler costumes were adorable. One of my very favorite was the Rastafarian dog, with the “Rasta” hat complete with dreadlocks! I laughed so much from that one…it was adorable and absolute genious! Thanks for sharing your lovely and fun creations. Again, you are all some creative and crafty knitters!

  11. Thanks, AprilL! I, too, admired the beautiful pumpkin bag and its intricate work and want to put it on my “To Do’ list for next year! I appreciated the link very much!

  12. Love the Halloween costumes slide show! Great ideas! I suppose you’ll get lots of questions about where to get patterns (if they exist); so what about that pumpkin bag pattern? Where do I find that?

  13. I have to just say how fantastic i thought the dino doggie costume was! I tried very hard to dress up my puppy this year but he was having none of it!
    Will try harder next year and may even try and knit his costume!!!
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

  14. I have tried for the last four days to view the Halloween items and still am not able to. I am sorry to have missed all the great items from what I gather from the other comments