Join our Sockupied Knit-Along!

A note from Kathleen: A new eMag is here, Simply Sockupied, and it's all about sock knitting fundamentals. From the anatomy of a sock to how to turn a heel, you'll learn about sock knitting step-by-step (pun intended!). It's perfect for beginners and the patterns will appeal to sock knitters of all levels. I've invited Simply Sockupied editor Anne Merrow here to introduce you to all this eMag has to offer. Here she is!

Sock knitting can be bewildering at first.
There are so many choices: Socks can be toe-up or top-down. They can be extremely inexpensive or totally decadent. They can be super-simple or head-scratchingly complex.

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Simply Elegant Cable Socks  
Ann's Go-To Socks  

But when you know how to knit socks, you can make them any way you want to.

Our newest eMag, Simply Sockupied, will teach you basic techniques, show you ways to make the process easier, and help you take the next step in knitting socks.

Expert teachers such as Ann Budd, Angela Davis, and Deb Barnhill share new designs along with their favorite tips to make sock knitting easy and fun. And if you get stuck, we're here to help you every step of the way!

We're hosting the first Sockupied knit-along on the brand-new eMag blog! Some Interweave staffers want to build their sock skills, too, so knitters of all levels will be working through patterns at the same time you are.

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  Speed Bump Socks

To join the knit along, just download Simply Sockupied, gather your yarn and needles, and check into the forum to introduce yourself. In the forum, you'll post your questions and comments, photos of your work in progress, and support for your fellow sock knitters! It's such fun to share your tips and learn from each other.

Here are the Interweavers who are taking part in the knit-along:

—Knits Designer Charlene Tiedemann, Managing Editor Allison Mackin, and Editorial Assistant Kathy Mallo are all making the Custom Cuff Socks.

Assistant Editor Amanda Williams, Crochet Me Editor Toni Rexroat, Knits Editor Eunny Jang, Senior Project Editor Joni Coniglio, and Specialty Fiber Marketing Specialist Whitney Dorband are making Simply Elegant Cable Socks.

—Knitscene Assistant Editor Amy Palmer, Crochet Project Editor Sarah Read, Audience Development Manager Tiffany Worthley, and I are making the Speed Bump Socks.

—Project Editor Larissa Gibson, Book Production Coordinator Jaime Osterlund, eMag intern Abbi Byrd are making Ann’s Go-to Socks.

—Books Designer Julia Boyles, Book Acquisitions Editor Allison Korleski, Circulation Manager Barbara Naslund, and Book Editor Erica Smith are making the Up + Down Socks.

What I think is very interesting is that there are some people here who have never worked in the round, and there are some who are pros (Eunny and Amy!), and there are some experienced knitters who haven't knitted socks (Joni Coniglio!). The experienced knitters were drawn to the fun of it, love of a particular pattern, or a desire to knit something that wouldn't be too hard for them. More beginning knitters were interested in building their skills and getting support from the group. A number of people had wanted to knit socks but they'd heard it was hard. Although Simply Sockupied is designed to walk knitters through knitting their first socks, the appeal of a simple but clever pattern runs the gamut.

So download your issue of Simply Sockupied and join us in the knit-along! We're looking forward to meeting you.


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23 thoughts on “Join our Sockupied Knit-Along!

  1. Simply Sockupied does not yet seem to be available for the iPad. Also there is a spelling error that is right where you look for downloading —-

    What are you waiting for? Download the Simply Sockpuied eMag today
    and join the sock-knitting craze!

    Is that Sockpuied or Scokupied? Neither work in the apps store.

  2. Do I have to choose a Sockupied pattern to join? I started my first sock yesterday, using the Totally Vanilla pattern in Socktopus and referencing Interweave’s Knitting Socks book.

  3. To get Simply Sockupied, you go to your Sockupied app (you need that first) and you’ll get a little pop-up telling you that Simply Sockupied is available and you buy it at that point. It’s not a separate app.

    Interweave folks — it’s misleading to state that Simply Sockupied is available in the App Store. It isn’t. The app is Sockupied, and we have to buy Simply Sockupied from inside the Sockupied app.

  4. Oops….forgot to introduce myself earlier. I’m Lynn and I’m in Northern Ontario, Canada where socks are always welcome! I consider myself an experienced knitter but fairly new to socks. Thanks to many of the participating authors and Interweave staff and their respective books and videos I am no longer afraid of sock knitting in the least. Totally addicted is a better description now 🙂 Thx

  5. I’m Karen from St. Paul, MN.
    I am an experienced needleworker but have recently gotten back into knitting. I costume dolls so using the small needles doesn’t phase me, just the shaping involved in the socks.

    After attempting to participate in a 12 socks in 12 months challenge at a LYS, I decided that I needed to learn sock basics. This KAL came along at the perfect time.

  6. I’m downloaded and ready to choose yarn from my stash! Choices:

    1. Bijou Basin Ranch, Lhasa Wilderness or…
    2. Brown Sheep Co, Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn or…
    3. The Unique Sheep, Gradiance Geranium

    A preference? Nope, they are all gorgeous! Better read through the patterns before I decide.

  7. I forgot to introduce myself, too…

    I’m Lisa from Illinois. I’ve been knitting socks for about 5 years, but mostly fairly plain ones. I’ve only recently ventured into the patterned socks realm

    I think I’ll do the Up/Down socks (don’t remember the official name of the pattern. I won’t be real quick about it, though — work takes a fair amount of time out of my day.

  8. I have a suggestion for this forum…

    If we’re replying to someone else’s post, it would be helpful if we include the name of that person in our reply. That way we’ll know if it’s intended for us, and/or can go back and find the original post so that we know what’s being talked about.

    I hope that made sense! 🙂

  9. I and Becky from Grass Valley, CA
    I have downloaded the Sockupied and will need to pick pattern and yarn. I have knitted socks before but it has been a long time! I’d like to knit the Cable Socks, but fear they maybe over my skill level…

  10. I am Diane from the Buffalo, NY area. Usually, we have lots of snow and knitted socks are so welcome. I have been knitting socks for a while and have stayed away from patterns and cables. I have done some but generally I stick to the easy and quick. I have downloaded Sockupied and need to pick one of the patterns and get some yarn. The yarn I have now is heavier for a friend who uses them when she works on their small family farm and for my sister when she goes to her grandson’s hockey games.
    So, I will take the leap and do something outside of my comfort zone. This is exciting.

  11. Well, I downloaded Simply Sockupied and read a little about the “striped” sock. I’m not sure I’m ready for that one just yet. I think I’ll knit the Go-To sock by Ann Budd. Then maybe try making a short row heel without holes! Lots of ideas!


  12. I also forgot to indroduce myself!
    I’m Jakki from Pine Grove, CA (in the Sierra foothills) and have been knitting socks for about 5 years. I’ve tried many different patterns: cables, lace, crossed stitches, etc. Sometimes they fit and sometimes they don’t (boo hoo)!

    I’m looking forward to honing my skills and learning a few new things.


  13. Lisa6532: You’re absolutely right, it is confusing. Simply Sockupied is a special issue of Sockupied, so in order to download it on the iPad you’d first download the free Sockupied app, then open it and select “buy now” next to the Simply Sockupied issue.

    Judie: Even just searching for “Sockupied” doesn’t always pull up the application (even when it’s spelled correctly–though that certainly would help!); Apple’s search is very mysterious. This link will take you straight to the app:

  14. Hi Everyone!

    A couple of things to clarify the knit-along:

    1. The knit-along is taking place in a discussion forum, not in the comments to this blog post. Click here: to go to the knit-along “headquarters” where you’ll find the links to the sock you choose to knit (at the top left of the page).

    2. The knit-along is only for the patterns in the Simply Sockupied, but you can learn a lot from ready through everyone’s comments, too.

    Have fun!


  15. Hello everyone. My name is Donna and I live in Michigan. I have always wanted to learn to knit socks. I will probably start with Anne’s Go-To socks. When do we start?

  16. Hello, my name is Pam. I am new to knitting and have only learned how to make socks. I’ve made about 8 pairs but continue to adjust the patterns trying to get a good fit. Each one is better, but I still have problems fitting the instep ( too tight) and the increases for the leg part.

  17. Hello! My name is Ramona and I’ve only been knitting socks, successfully, for a little over a year. My favorite pattern so far has been the two at a time, toe up socks. I have never knitted a Sock KAL and am looking forward to knitting these socks with my newly purchase Lorna’s Lace Shepherd Sock in Sweet Potato colorway. I am still dithering between Ann’s Go-To Socks and the Simply Elegant Cable Socks.