Knit a beautiful Horseshoe Lace Cap

In the Fall 2009 issue of Spin.Off, the editors published Janet Wray's Horseshoe Cap pattern on Spinning Daily, and they invited readers to spin and knit their own versions.

Here are some of the beautiful caps that won the contest.

Janet Wray's original horseshoe
cap design
Nancy Mudloff's version, with a
scalloped edge
, knit from beautiful blues, greens, and purples that Nancy spun herself
The Horseshoe Cap is a free pattern! Download your copy now, and cast on this
beautiful hat.
Janet Meadows made a beret version
of the horseshoe cap, and added a
cute button, too!

This beautiful hat is knit from worsted-weight yarn. You can spin your own or choose something from your stash—the pattern takes about 150 yards of yarn.

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P.S. Are you a spinner? What's your favorite thing to knit from your handspun yarn? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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10 thoughts on “Knit a beautiful Horseshoe Lace Cap

  1. I am not familiar with how to do a blog, but I need help, so here goes. I saw a knitted pineapple lace shawl a couple of weeks ago and was told that there was a free pattern on the internet. I have searched and searched and cannot find it anywhere. Can anyone help me find that pattern?

  2. Favorite thing at the moment to knit, because of the fibers I’m working with are ankle warmers and wrist mitts, which I’m making to help the local wolf sanctuary!

  3. annette, try going on a search engine, like google. in the search box type something like “knit pineapple lace shawl”
    views the results. there is a pineapple lace shawl at , for example. it might be the one you are looking for. if not, continue looking at your results or refine your entry. good luck.