Knitted Modern Quilt Wrap Variations: Watch the Video

Every now and then a pattern comes along that captures the imagination of knitters all over the world. We knew very quickly that the Modern Quilt Wrap, designed by Mags Kandis and author of our book Folk Style, was one of these–mostly because yarn shops were calling within just a few short days to let us know that they were completely sold out of the exact nine colors of yarn called for in the pattern! Knitters are endlessly creative, however, and soon some of you knitbloggers were posting pictures of your own variations of this beautiful stole.

We were so captivated by all these beauties that we asked some of you to send in your stoles so we could show them to everyone on the Knitting Daily TV show. Click to see these Modern Quilt Wrap variations in the You Made It segment of the program. (And if you want to make your own Modern Quilt Wrap, download the pattern for free, but be advised that the gold color, #578 "swish," has been discontinued. Have a clever substitution? Let us know!)


View how your fellow knitters have reinterpreted the Modern Quilt Wrap:


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Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily. As you read this, we're on the road! I'm driving one of our two cars, so no knitting is getting done on the road–but there's always nightime in the motels. I'm valiantly trying to have the Camisa, worked in String of Pearls yarn from Muench (prettypretty not to mention sparklysparkly!) done so I can model it for you in Canada. (Canada countdown? 3 days till we get there!)

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31 thoughts on “Knitted Modern Quilt Wrap Variations: Watch the Video

  1. Either I’m doing something wrong or your link isn’t working. When I click on the link to take me to watch the video, it just sends me back to this page. What am I doing wrong? My wrap was shown in this segment, but my area doesn’t get the show, so I really want to see it!

  2. I heard that Rowan has a new color that is very similar to the color they discontinued. (Why they did that, I’ll never know.) I don’t see it on their website, though.

  3. I knew this pattern (in fact I have a MQW on needles) but I haven’t seen the felted bag version yet. Very nice! I’ve never tried this technique, but if one day, I try, I think that it may be this one.

  4. leslie,
    Your wrap was beautiful. I love the fall colors that you chose. You should be able to see it…That’s sad.
    So check the following…do you have the latest version of Flash? Can you see most videos on YouTube? If not that is a good place to start. YouTube also has a help center. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the “utube’ link. I had to do that another time to view a segment of the show. For some reason, the link on t he Knitting Daily website isn’t coming up as a viable link to click.

  6. I would REALLY like more information on the felted bag! Did she just knit it as a strip and sew the ends and one side together? Did she use 2 strands of yarn? What size needle did she use? This would be so perfect for my quilter Mom!

  7. I haven’t been able to see a link on either of the two blog entries (or on the Knitting Daily TV episode listing page which also is supposed to have links) at all. The area is just plain blank on my screen. I don’t have any pop-up blockers activated. I was able to view the youtube video, so now I’ll go back and see if the preview from last week has a similar viewing option. I was so disappointed to have a blank space where the clickable link was supposed to be. I clicked around on the blank space but nothing happened. 🙁

  8. Great episode!! This pattern, by the fabulous Mags Kandis of Canada, will become a classic from this current era of knitting expansion because the combination of color and technique makes it a joy to work on and wear. Eunny’s description of the various pieces is just what knitters need for those times when they start looking a pattern and thinking how they can make it their own. Thanks for all you do to enhance the knitters’ experience!

  9. Great episode!! This pattern, by the fabulous Mags Kandis of Canada, will become a classic from this current era of knitting expansion because the combination of color and technique makes it a joy to work on and wear. Eunny’s description of the various pieces is just what knitters need for those times when they start looking a pattern and thinking how they can make it their own. Thanks for all you do to enhance the knitters’ experience!

  10. Thank you! We’ll never get the show here in Paris, I just can’t even imagine the French reaction if they saw a knitting show on TV! I would just love to see their faces for a laugh! Hope we’ll see more exerpts here on KD. And so good to see real MQWs made by people just like you and me. Thanks again.

  11. Just like LeslieS, I cannot seem to get the link to work either. I keep coming back to this page over and over again. This was also true on the last email where there was a link to see part of a segment to the show. And just like LeslieS, it is not shown in my area either.Please help us to resolve these issues so that we don’t miss out on the wonderful work all of you are doing on behalf of knitters everywhere

  12. Wonderful video and this particular project is one I intend on tackling soon. Right now, in a parallel of sorts, I have been selecting colors for the entire interior of my new/old home (one we are moving back to). Anyway, while watching this video, it occurred to me how a paint store would be a wonderful source of color inspiration, especially since many different paints are offered as “palettes”. You could choose a southwest palette, or a Victorian palette, etc! I intend on visiting the paint store again, this time with knitting this project in mind!

  13. I too would love more information on how the felted bag was done, this looks like a perfect project for my stash of leftover wool from a sweater I made for my son!

  14. I’m doing this project by spinning with wool and silk and doing the colors with natural dyes. That gold could probably be had with marigolds and possibly tin. I am currently working on matching the colors, and this is really a GREAT challenge and lots of fun. I’ll have to make a trip over our mountains here in Oregon just to get the right kind of lichen for the lime green color. Thanks for the article!

    Diane Bentley Baker

  15. Hi, I’m Barbara and I live in Kent in England. I love your website and as I can’t get the TV programs I love viewing the videos.

    The Modern Quilt Wrap is fantastic and I am also very interested in how the FELTED BAG was accomplished as I have never attempted anything felted before and love the look of this particular bag. Presumably the item has to be knitted larger than the finished size to allow for the shrinkage that achieves the felting texture, but how much larger, etc.

    PLEASE PLEASE keep providing free download patterns of this quality, as it is difficult for me to purchase the books and magazines here in the UK and unfortunately these types of crafts are not as popular as they once were here in the UK.

    Keep up the great work. Luv ya. Barb.

  16. You can find a pattern for the felted bag at Knitting Pattern Central web site look under Bags, Purses and Totes and then go to the Felted bag with mitered squares pattern.

    Elaine Shriver

  17. I live in Costa Rica, can’t get the TV show but enjoy the UTube. The idea of making a bag, rather than the wrap, inspired me. Maybe after the holidays….right now I’m knitting Babes to donate to the children of Costa Rica. Keeping me busy. Sheilah

  18. WOW!! I bought the book when it first hit the shelves and evey project is amazing!!
    I am a student thought and am on a strict knitting budget so I bought a very large skein of Fleece Artist Baby Kid and started knitting that way. Its a handdye in Red, lime green, yellow, some blue and purple…so its pretty close to each ball listed. Its quick and easy to knit the squares also because your not switching colors.

  19. Years ago my wife had a pattern for a knitted dragon. It was in McCalls Needlework and Crafts. If anyone remebers this pattern and has acopy of it, please leet us know.

  20. re Mitred Felted bag pattern – in response to Elaine S – I have looked in but do not see a link for ” Bags, purses” If anyone has found this pattern , please let me know. Would love to make it. Will have to look at the Fleece ARtis Baby Kid listed above. Noro would be fun to use for this too.

  21. Very frustrating to get your interest peaked to see all the different wraps made by various knitters and the link does not work. Is the point to get you to buy the episode?

  22. Same here – link doesn’t work… and I’m a web and database programmer. Just an FYI to your tech team to check the links before sending out.

    I’m sure the variations of the project are amazing. I’ve already bought all the yarn needed and the pattern and am getting ready to start! Here in San Francisco and the entire Bay Area we are really desperately hoping that your show gets picked up by one of the many PBS stations in our greater area. Several of us have written letters to the various stations, so we’re crossing our fingers!

  23. I have a question. I’m a beginner and the stitching is easy enough, my problem is not the knitting but the dang on instructions.

    After I finish row 2, on row 3 I knit all the way across. On row 4 I’m to do the even numbered stictch, where the heck do I place the stitch marker? Row one tells me to place it at the 12th stitch, but the other instructions give me nothing. So I started placing the marker evenly acroos and my finished product was a triangle and not a square. What am I reading wrong here?

    Row 1: K12, place marker, k12

    Even-numbered rows 2-20: Knit to 2 sts before m, k2tog, sl m,
    k2tog tbl, knit to end – 2 sts dec’d; 4 sts rem after completeing row 20

    Odd numbered rows 3-21: Knit

    Row 22 k2tog, k2tog tbl-2 sts rem

  24. Jessica, As I see it the marker stays in the middle of the knitting. it’s there to remind you to decrease right before the marker. And you decrease after the marker. So that the stiches one less on each side of the marker after every even row. If you got a triangle then you must be decreasing more on one side of the marker than the other. Hope this makes sense!
    // ElizaH