Lace Knitting Video Tip From Nancy Bush

As promised, this week is a Week of Treats for all you Knitting Daily folks.

Today's knitting treat: A lace knitting technique video for you–PLUS we introduce two new lace patterns for Knitting Daily readers!

Last week, I talked about Nancy Bush's fab new book Knitted Lace of Estonia: Techniques, Patterns, and Traditions, and tormented, er, tempted you with a photo of one of the patterns. That pattern, the Leaf and Nupp Shawl, contains (not surprisingly) traditional stitches called "nupps"–little raised bumps that lend texture and beauty. Since I had started knitting the Leaf and Nupp Shawl out of a sense of personal sacrifice and duty to my beloved Knitting Daily readers, I realized that I had better knit far enough in the pattern so that I could at least talk about nupps with some level of intelligence, if not clarity (perhaps asking me to add "wit" to this list is asking for too much). 

So I bravely knitted to the nupp section…and I nupped. Then, I ripped. I ripped because my nupps were uneven, and tight, and some of them had dropped loops in them…not good. So I tried again. Nupp, rip…Nupp, rip. Nupp. Rip. It became a charming little rhythmic exercise, except that it was making me cranky and I was starting to speak harshly to the poor baby alpaca yarn I am using. (It's not the yarn's fault!)

That's when I found out we had this video of Nancy demonstrating the nupp stitch for a new episode of the upcoming second season of Knitting Daily TV.

WOW. I watched it a couple of times, and then went back to my nupp row. Nupp…nupp…nupp…hey! I got it! My nupps now are even and pretty; I no longer drop loops all over the place.

So: For the greater good of beautiful lace knitting everywhere, here is Nancy Bush demonstrating the Estonian nupp stitch


(problems viewing this youtube video? View it here) 

Wednesday's treat: Nancy Bush herself! Join us as Nancy talks about her early experience designing Estonian lace, and what she has learned since then.

Friday's treat: Is it bunnies? Is it chocolate? Is it sparkly? Join us Friday to find out. (I am such a tease.)


— Sandi

Nancy Bush Patterns Available On Knitting Daily!

In honor of Nancy's new book, Knitted Lace of Estonia, we have two gorgeous lace shawls available on Knitting Daily:
The Estonian Lace Scarf is a free download until December 11th, after which it will be available in our online store. This pattern was originally published in the now out-of-print Fall 2001 issue of Interweave Knits.
The Estonian Triangular Summer Shawl is for sale in the Knitting Daily store. This lovely shawl was published in the July/August 2008 issue of Piecework magazine.

Editor's Pick: Knitted Lace of Estonia

Estonia is a tiny country in Northern Europe; set on the shores of the Baltic Sea, it is neighbor to Latvia, Finland, Sweden, and Russia. We knitters know about this beautiful country through its rich local knitting traditions, brought to us with passion and dedication by Nancy Bush, author of Interweave favorites such as Folk Knitting in Estonia, Folk Socks, Knitting on the Road, and Knitting Vintage Socks. Nancy's newest book from Interweave is the gorgeous and fascinating Knitted Lace of Estonia: Techniques, Patterns, and Traditions.

Look for Nancy Bush's books at your local yarn shop or purchase them in our online store. But try your local yarn shop first–local yarn shops are the heart of our communities, and they deserve your loyalty and your business.

Want more great video techniques?

The video above is a preview of the Series 200 Knitting Daily TV. If you missed some of the first season's episodes and want them all for your personal library, you can buy the first season on DVD right now!




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23 thoughts on “Lace Knitting Video Tip From Nancy Bush

  1. Thanks for the video – it was really helpful. I’ve ordered my copy of the book and I can’t wait for it to get here! I know I’ll be casting on the minute it arrives!

  2. I loved the video. It really helped. AND… I’m so glad to see that you’ve “solved” a frustration I had with the first Knitting Daily tv show. All the knitting on the show was shown with the knitter facing the camera which made it reversed for the viewer. As a new knitter this only confused me further. The lace video shows it from the perspective of the knitter and was much more clear. It’s hard enough for me to translate quickly from American style to my Continental style and I found the reverse “frontal” view impossible. Thanks for the video and the clearer view.

  3. Thanks so much for showing these, I find I learn much better when I’m able to lurk over someone’s shoulder. I haven’t yet tried lace of any kind, but am reaching the jumping off point.

  4. Again, a wonderful video—I may need to put KDtv on my Holiday Wishlist!

    I especially thought the story about how the patterns were shared was neat. I wonder if we knitters could bring that into our knitting lives here in America (and in other countries)?


  5. I would appreciate having a step by step picture instructions. It was hard to see some of the steps in the video. Even a before and after of each step, or several pictures for each part so we could see what the working yarn is doing-where it is at various times, where it goes as the stitch is made, as well as where the needles are.

  6. How awesome to find this here today!!

    I had the pleasure of spending the day with Nancy today learning how to make traditional Estonian mittens. I also took a class with her on Saturday learning how to do traditional Estonian lace @ the Make One Yarn Studio Knittiing Retreat.

    Don’t be intimidated, it is really worth learning how to do. The nupps are not difficult once you get the hang of it – just remember to knit them loosely. I hadn’t knit lace before this weekend but found the history of Estonian traditional craft fascinating. Nancy is extremely knowledgeable and talented and her lace book is just beautiful. She brought many, many samples of shawls, stocking, gloves and mitts with her to the retreat. It was a fabulous experience! Now I just have to practice the techniques….

  7. Loved the video! I’m adding this book to my Christmas wish list. Add more videos to Knitting Daily it’s really great to see “how to” from the experts.

  8. One picture is worth a thousand words”, how true. Thank you for doing the video, more please! I also found the provisional cast on video on Utube for any others who had a problem getting it the other day.

    Mary T.

  9. I love the video – it was very helpful. I bought and read Nancy’s book over the weekend and it is gorgeous! I’ve bought yarn for one of the shawls already. Nancy’s patterns are clear and easy to follow. The construction techniques are very helpful as well. Wonderful! Amy E.

  10. The ‘Summer Shawl’ I made from Piecework in 3 (no joke) days! It was super fun, easy and the most beautiful shawl ever – the lilly of the valley did it for me! I have the book and will highly recommend to anyone who loves lace like I do!

    Carole F., Marietta, GA

  11. I learned this technique on the Swallowtail Shawl. I found a trick someone posted about using a smaller needle for purling back the nupp’s. That works too, but I’m going to try doing them much looser on the next go ’round too. Great post for us lace-aholics. Thanks!

  12. Loved the video!! Nancy makes it look sooo easy! Is the Lacy jacket on the mannekin available in the new book? I can just see lengthening the pattern and wearing it over a winter white empire formal.

  13. Thank you, thank you for showing how to do nupps! That section of my stole is coming up (not too soon yet!), and I’m delighted to see how to do it. I knew you were supposed to leave the loops loose but didn’t know how to achieve that; now I know. Thank you!

  14. Loved the video, it was a big help. I have started a swatch and am ready to knit the scarf. However, I’m alittle confussed about which needle to use. The instructions say to use a size 4 and a size 6 needle, but they don’t say on which parts of the scarf you should use the 4 or the 6 needles. The pattern is clear and easy to understand, and I’ve enjoyed knitting my swatch however, it’s a little frustrating that the designer neglected to instruct the knitter as to which needle size to use for the center and for the border. If anyone knows please let me know.

  15. Love the Lace Scarf pattern and went out and got the yarn. When I started to to knit the pattern from the chart, I got confused. Do you read the chart right to left on every row, or read it right to left then left to right. Can someone please help me? Toni