Learn something new: Roositud Inlay (plus a free pattern!)

There are so many color knitting techniques to learn because adding color to your knitwear is so much fun! It adds interest and a little challenge as you knit, which is always welcome, right?

Kate Gagnon Osborne's Norquin Beret, which features the Roositud inlay technique (download the free pattern here!)     

Today's "Learn Something New" technique is Roositud knitting, which is kind of like embroidering while you knit. Roositud knitting is a great way to add an isolated motif to your knitting.

Roositud is an Estonian inlay technique in which groups of stitches are wrapped with a contrasting color yarn, following a charted pattern. The groups of stitches are wrapped from right to left in a series of two-round sequences.


One of my favorite designers, Kate Gagnon Osborne, designed a simple, beautiful beret (shown at left), which includes a stunning Roositud inlay.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to knit Roositud.

For the Norquin Beret, use the inlay yarn held doubled for better coverage.

Round 1: Work to group of sts to be wrapped (Figure 1 shows 3 sts being wrapped). Lay contrasting inlay yarn from back to front between needles. Knit group of sts with main yarn, leaving inlay yarn hanging at front of work. Pass inlay yarn between needles to back, wrapping sts, then cont working with main color to next inlay group—1 inlay completed. Adjust tension of inlay yarn by gently tugging on yarn from back of work.

Round 2: Note: For each group of sts on this rnd, yarn must first be moved to right side of group before sts can be wrapped. Work to group of sts to be wrapped (Figure 2 show 2 sts being wrapped). Lift inlay yarn from back to front over top of left needle, then from front to back between needles, leaving a loose loop of inlay yarn at front of work.

Knit group of sts with main yarn, bring loop of yarn between needles to back and cont knitting with main yarn to next inlay (Figure 3)—1 inlay completed. Adjust tension of inlay yarn. Rep Rnds 1 and 2 for patt.

—Adapted from Vintage Modern Knits by Courtney Kelley and Kate Gagnon Osborn, Interweave, 2011

Kate and her business partner and fellow designer Courtney Kelley demonstrated Roositud knitting recently on Knitting Daily TV. Here's a clip:

Fore more color knitting idea, check out our new Knitting Daily Workshop, Knitting Seamless Colorwork with Courtney Kelley and Kate Gagnon Osborne.

And I hope you'll try Roositud inlay; it's such a fun, unique knitting technique.


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10 thoughts on “Learn something new: Roositud Inlay (plus a free pattern!)

  1. Oh my word! Roositud is fabulous! Thank you so much for introducing this, I see many many Christmas prezzies looking like I realllly know what I’m doing, and truly personalized for the recipient.

  2. Can this technique be used anywhere a duplicate stitch would be used to add a little color of a little different color? Such as the diagonal lines on argyle socks? Also, is there any minimum number of stitches that can be wrapped?

  3. I’m from Argentine and I’m subscript with you. It’s a wonderful technique to knit all kind of motives. I’m very glad to learn all you teach. xcuse me the errors I know something of English.
    Good luck.