Meet Eunny Jang!

We are all thrilled to have Eunny Jang on board as the new Interweave Knits editor. I spoke with her on the phone yesterday and got a few Knitting Daily exclusives:

Knitting Daily: How did you feel when you were offered the job–every knitter's dream job?

Eunny Jang: I felt…shocked, and then thrilled, and then I was itching to start and get my teeth into everything. Mostly, though, I felt (and still feel) a little overwhelmed – what exactly do you do when someone hands you the moon and tells you it's yours to run?

KD: What are you looking forward to most about being editor of Knits?

EJ: More than anything, I feel incredibly lucky to find myself in this new position – the editor of a publication like Knits really has a birds-eye view of anything and everything exciting, interesting, or newsworthy happening in the knitting world. It's sometimes a little isolating to run a blog – though you're part of a large, vibrant community, there is a tendency to become a little myopic. Innovative things are happening everywhere (and not just online) – I'm really looking forward to seeing and learning from this broader spectrum.

KD: Is there something you can share about yourself, something readers may not know about you?

EJ: Something readers might not know…hmm. How about this: people get uncomfortable when they watch me knit. It's kind of embarrassing, actually – I've never seen anyone who knits as I do, with the yarn tensioned around their left forefinger (which is crooked far, far back at a decidedly painful-looking angle) and using a ramrod-straight left middle finger as a "bumper". It's ugly and awkward and decidedly ungraceful. When I was about ten, I discovered that I was twisting all my stitches, and had to re-learn how to knit – I made this bad habit then, and never seem to get around to breaking it.

Eunny, we are thrilled to have you with us, and we can't wait to see what's ahead for Interweave Knits with you at the helm.

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8 thoughts on “Meet Eunny Jang!

  1. I’m a big fan, Eunny, especially of your steeking chronicles. Any chance you’ll lessen my trepidation any more? I still don’t have the courage to think about cutting.

  2. I can’t wait to pick up the fall issue and see your “mark” on it! I’ve been waiting for the details on that lovely tangled yoke cardigan since you posted teaser pics in your blog last year!

  3. When I met Eunny at ATangled Skein last month, the only thing I thought about her knitting was, WOW she knits really fast. I had already been a fan of reading her blog,snd enjoying her work. I didn’t realize that this was the same person, what a great suprize.Good Luck to you Enny.

  4. Eunny good luck in your position at Interweave Knits. Your work is stunning and I love the Venetion patterned sweater. So european in design and style,so ravishing. I am dieting right now so I can complement the wearing of your design. What a perfect incentive. 🙂

  5. Eunny Jang I love your continental style of knitting. Do you have any video of your technique for a frustrated English style knitter that would love to learn continental style. ?

  6. I was watching the bobble video and was curious how Eunny held the yarn in her left hand. I learned how to Continental knit a couple of years ago and I do not hold my yarn the same way and I have trouble with tension. I was thinking that if Eunny had a video or something on Continental knitting I could watch or read it.
    Thank you