Now We're REALLY Knitting Daily!

Hi, Knitters! Welcome to the new home of Knitting Daily! Come on in and take a look around.

    We’ve only just begun…
    … And there’s lots of room to grow in the months ahead. Like any new home, the site might have that "new paint smell" for a while, and the furniture might not be in quite the right places just at first. Because this is YOUR knitting place at Interweave, we hope you will become a part of helping us get it exactly right in the months ahead.

    Take a Tour and See What’s Here
    Browse through the Free Pattern Library, read through the Post Archives, and look at our Stitch Guides and Techniques section. Have a question? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page. Want to know more about the people behind the scenes? Have a look at our photos and bios on the About Knitting Daily page. Have a question or a comment? Contact us!

    Tell Us What You Think
    As we receive feedback from community members, Knitting Daily will be adding new material, new sections, new patterns . . . as well as learning what works and what doesn’t. Like something? Hate something? Want something? Need something? Let us know, and help us build a knitting community that will be as special as each of its members. You’re an important part of this growth, because this website is for you.

If you have already signed up for Knitting Daily: We will be emailing you the week of June 11-15th with information on how to log in to your Knitting Daily account.
If you have not yet signed up: We’d love to have you join us! Meanwhile, take a tour of the site and see what we have to offer. Remember: This is just a start—there will be more knitting goodies added in the days and weeks to come!

Welcome, and here’s to Knitting Daily!

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132 thoughts on “Now We're REALLY Knitting Daily!

  1. WOOHOO! Congrats to the team, I’m sure you are all dancing with fuzzy slippers! The site looks great and I’m sure it will be a great benefit to knitters around the globe! Cheers!

  2. What a nice site. Looking forward to see what the future holds. Thanks for all of the updates until official launch. Thank you for all of the hard work gettting this site up.

  3. Regarding the Comfy Socks—I’m looking forward to them. They’re just the kind I like, as down here in Austin they’re perfect for house socks. My feet get cold in the AC, and winters are getting too warm for them outside.

  4. Yay!!! What a surprise for today! I’m so excited that it’s up and running. What a great resource and it looks to be a fabulous community already. Congraulations, break out the champagne!

  5. I am so happy that Knittingdaily is now live. I’ve enjoyed browsing the site. I must ask that you avoid using the purple font on the blue background. I turned my laptop every which way and still could not read it. I don’t want to miss a word.


  6. this is wonderful I love what you’ve done with the “place”!!! thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication!!! I know this will be a great place to visit daily!!!!!! Hugs Linda

  7. First of all, I must tell you Sandi that you have one of the best smiles! Thanks to everyone for putting this site together. A small negative comment… I really liked the idea and what I could see of the ‘summer shawlette’ pattern however, I can’t tell what the front or even the back looks like (no photo).

  8. Congratulations on your launch. The site and content look great, and I’m excited to see what you come up with in the future.

    Thanks for all your hard work in getting the site launched – it definitely paid off.

  9. Hi
    I have been looking forward to this site to be up and running and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.
    Thanks for all your hard work Cynthia

  10. I’ve already messed up. I didn’t write down the password you gave, now I can’t change that password! So sorry!
    Jan Wagner or “grammajan”

  11. Great job! I’ve already made the Squatty Sidekick, but in bulky yarn instead of worsted. It works great, only the bag turns out bigger (duh!)
    Thanks for a fun site.

  12. This will be the second time I’m in on the ground floor of a knitting community. Congrats on making it happen! I love the paper mag, and I know I’ll love this, too.

  13. Everything on this site looks beautiful – I can’t make up my mind what project to try first! Thank you for adding more beauty to our beautiful world. Sister Monika

  14. IK is my favorite magazine. I can already tell that Knitting Daily will be a favorite too. I will be back with my tea and knitting. You will find me on the couch!

  15. the colors work great for me, might be her screen, like the selection of patterns, made the Monks Bag and the Lotus Blossom Tank when I first came across them; the tank out of Himalayan rayon, am about to make it again when I can get a hold of Knit Picks Cotlin

  16. the site looks great, loads of lovely free patterns to enjoy, the wedding dress really stands out and i just love the shoe gallery, them shoes are fatastic

  17. love the site and have already down loaded the Old world booties for my first grandchild due later in the year and teh Himalaya Tote have been enjoying some mosaic knitting a vest recently and have bought some hanks of the silk because i loved the colors of course so have to give this ago as well bought some unusual yarn toady so might try that first but love the pages and will really enjoy the site also thanks for the pass word wonder where those colors came from

  18. Super-douper!!I’ve never been a charter member of anything before:it’s so exciting to be in at the start…& to be associated with your wonderful magazine and the vibrant knitting community you have in the States is truly great. I’m enjoying making the little felted bag. I cast on yesterday, as light relief from a lace shawl.Thanks!

  19. Greetings from Charlotte, NC!!

    OMG!!! It looks great! I’m glad this is up and running now. I look forward to all the wonderful things this live community will offer.

    Happy Knitting!!

  20. The site looks great. I’ve got a button on my blog and I’m excited about the new venture. My only problem is that I can’t seem to get at the summer shawlette pattern. I click and nothing happens. Perhaps I am just an idiot, but maybe somethings broken?


  21. ilove your patterns,I have been a knitter for many years,but only recently have I taken it up again. The only problem I have with the patterns is I would like to know the weight of the yarn, lace,fingering, dk, worsted and the like because of many in my family have sllergies and I need to substitute. Thanks, Jeri

  22. Congratulations! Knitting Daily is already a good read and filled with exciting patterns I’m eager to try once I complete some WIPs.

    I only have one question/suggestion. This may be a non-issue if I come here daily as I’m meant to, but I found your posts and reader’s comments hard to find. When I read one, the others slither around and it gets hard to know what I’ve read, what I haven’t. Three months from now, if I miss a day or two, I fear the new ones will all be hiding among the huge volume of entries.

  23. this is cool. but i notice a lot of socks and baby patterns. i hate wearing socks so i won’t knit them and i don’t have any babies to knit for at all. it’s such the knitter’s stereotype (all we knit are socks and baby items) can you feature more adult wearables and accessories for those of us who don’t match the stereotype? thanks!

  24. Congrats on getting up and running. I remember this shawlette. It was part of the Sweet Somethings Staff Projects in last summer’s Interweave Knits. It was great fun to knit!

  25. re: old world booties- I made and felted the bobble bootie, found the needle size a lttle tight, it did felt but top of leg was smaller than I would like for easy on baby foot, I am knitting on a size 5us now to see the difference

  26. The day many of us have anticipated is here! Woohoo!! You have done a really fine job on the site and I am really looking forward to making use of this great resource on a regular basis.

  27. Congrats on the site! Looks fantastic. Especially enjoy the bio section. It is nice to put smiling faces to the people who are putting hard work into this awesome site. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  28. I just learned about Interweave and am excited for the site. Hope to see more on the “techniques” section, as I am struggling with how to size socks for my husband!

  29. So glad it’s here. Suggestion – post comments in desending order so I don’t have to scroll all the way to the end to see new posts.

    Paula – look at sock patterns using 2 circulars, you can actually try them on and tailor the length of the foot for the perfect size

  30. I am just so happy that the site is finally up. I have been waiting (feels like forever) and it is finally here. It looks great and I look forward to watching it grow!

  31. Thanks for a site that is easy to navigate for those of us who use PCs only when doing our banking. Will there be a place to renew subscription on site? Thanks again for a friendly site.

  32. I love the idea of receiving this newsletter. I would like to see more patterns for ranglan sweaters– or knitting from the top down.They fit better… Thank you again.

  33. hello,
    i am happy to be part of this knitting community, the pictures are well layed out with each pattern on a page alone, very neat and we can really see their beauty and chose right.
    thank you for your daily efforts to bring to us the best
    joyce, france

  34. Why do I not find charts for the lace patterns? In the Summer Shawlette for example, a chart would be so helpfull and make things go SO much faster! I am disapointed that there are no charts in this and many other patterns. In Europe, the UK… they give women credit for having the savy to knit from a chart, and reading the lace pattern verbatum is cumbersome and just plain anoying. PLEASE, add charts for lace patterns to all your patterns!
    Thank you!

  35. This is great… I hope to find ranglan sweaters too — knittted from the top down- they fit better, and nobody printos new patterns for those…Thanks,
    Carmen Dearing

  36. I am wondering about the monk’s travel satchel, posted in the free patterns archive. I’ve been oggling it forever, and dying to try it, but I am hesitant to use the cotton yarn, as I am sure it will stretch with any weight. Can anyone reccommend any other yarn possibilities?

  37. Hi This is a really great idea!
    I have already checked out some of the free patterns. One thing – I don’t seem to be getting daily emails though. The last post was June 12th and today is the 18th. Have I missed something or are the daily emails not happening yet?

  38. oh you’re welcome, glad you like the idea. i was in a boutique in paris and they had a few designer satchels made out of very heavy felt fabric made in argentina, thicker than a blanket even some places were doubled!!! i am not getting daily emails yet either, i think this is explined somewhere, i know i read about the site earlier, i think it was in “about knittingDaily”?!
    i hope people keep answering back to each others’ comments, i’d like a community of knitters.

  39. Hi everyone! Sandi here. Daily emails will start later this week…we’re just making sure all the last-minute details are worked out.
    By the way: you people ROCK. The comments are so awesome…in the office here, we are reading them aloud to each other over the cubicle walls! Thanks for the good wishes and the WHOOs and YAYs! And now, back to this little database we have here…xoxo Sandi

  40. this is cool. but i notice a lot of socks and baby patterns. i hate wearing socks so i won’t knit them and i don’t have any babies to knit for at all. it’s such the knitter’s stereotype (all we knit are socks and baby items) can you feature more adult wearables and accessories for those of us who don’t match the stereotype? thanks!
    Comment by: Knit kNerd | June 15, 2007
    ^^^ HAHA, i am the same, no socks and no baby things for me. i like tiny projects, gift items (not for bath they’re flooding on the internet) maybe jewelry. i do hate crochet, i can do it but hate the look of extremely defined stitches. no doilies or washcloths, so far the items here rock!

  41. i nade the monks travel sachel a few years ago when it was the lift out I found the size too big for what I wanted and made it handbag size instead in cotton tape it came up wellstill a little loose but fine for what i wanted.Half way through the Nepal bag now looks quite good have changed the handle as part of the gusset only two inch handle not the four inches in the mifddle of the gusset looks ok so far now for the other side will start that tonight am enjoying making it have used two colors of wool in a form of stripe pattern am happy with it will take a photo as soon as finished will we be able to post photos or not?

  42. Please put up some patterns for items that are NOT SOCKS. How about some cute summer tops, preferably sized for curvy women and not size 0 stick figures? Thanks!

  43. What a delight! to rise from the “sickbed” (nasty cold) and return to the net and find you LIVE! Husband’s gone for the week, I’m going back to bed with new project, sidekick bag. Thanks for making “sickbed” more doable.

  44. sorry dont have a blog and mine will have to be nepal now I have also added a flap by knitting the back in the round and adding 104 stitches have four rows ro do now so will hopwfull get it finidhed today and see if I can send you a photo Elizabeth S Australia

  45. Elizabeth S Australia,
    alrite, good idea for the flap, you still can go to my blog, my email is there, i’d really love to see photos when you are finished :-)
    Zaz, paris france

  46. did the old world boots on 4.5mm needles as I found the smaller needles made it too small after felting. they felted beautifully to the size I wanted. Also did the jester boots( on larger needle) and they are really cute. Nice patterns( all of them)

  47. I love the new site. It’s great to have so much information and inspiration in one place. Thank you for all the hard work.
    Marianne in Long Beach, CA
    P.S. I added the button to my myspace!

  48. zaz itried to send you and sandi the photos of the bags but your website woudl not come up for me and I couldnt send it, so I dont know how to get in touch with you, sorry I think Sandi may have got the photo who knows if that evne went right but the bag did turn out well and have usd it a fair bit already even though I havent lined it yet.but I seem to have stopped getting soem of the daily mail dont know why maybe me.

  49. Okay, I admit I “may have bit off more then I can chew”, however I have knitted lace socks so I thought the summer shawlette would be “no big deal”.

    I confess, I am stuck at the beginning!!! I really don’t want to put this down but if I don’t get help I must.

    My problem is after doing the 40 rows of the neckband and I cast on 20 rows to the right needle, the pattern states to put the 7 live sts from the provisional CO onto the left needle. ????????????
    I’m lost. If I do this I have a circle!?!

    What am I not getting?

  50. Re: Sandi’s Little Green Top I just got back from Nelson, BC where Lana’s Hemp for Knitting Studio is located and I saw a new version of the Lacy Little Top that she had done up with the lace going only up to the waist and she added 3/4 sleeves with the lace up to the elbows – so I bought a beautiful new red colour called Raspberry she got in recently with a bit extra for the modifications.