Red Heart Sweepstakes Week 1: Enter to Win Yarn and More!


Our Week 1 contest is over. To enter to win Week 2's prize, click here! Good luck!


We've teamed up with Red Heart to offer you a fabulous month of winnings!

There will be a new winner each week.

Week one is pretty fantastic. Here's what you could win!

  • 1 ball Boutique Sashay Team Spirit
  • 1 ball Boutique Sashay Sequins
  • 1 ball Boutique Trio
  • 2 balls Boutique Treasure
  • 2 balls Boutique Unforgettable
  • 1 ball Boutique Sassy Fabric
  • 2 balls Holiday
  • 1 ball Stellar
  • Red Heart Tote Bag
  • 1 Susan Bates Tipping Points Knitting needles, size 9
  • 1 Red Heart Tape Measure

This prize worth $100.00.

Just think of all of the gift knitting you could do with this fabulous prize!

Enter here!

Good luck,

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47 thoughts on “Red Heart Sweepstakes Week 1: Enter to Win Yarn and More!

  1. This is very upsetting. The link to this blog post was posted in the Knittig Daily Week in Review email as a bonus blog, saying that the contest ends tomorrow, but if you look at the date of the blog, week one ended four days ago! This is very misleading, and the blog post for week two either isn’t up yet or is very difficult to find! Please somebody help us. :(

  2. Help! All the links state that “you cannot enter” & to check the “welcome” tab for dates. I’ve also checked Red Heart’s site & can’t find it. Where can we enter?

  3. I would love a prize like this! I’m beginning to think this contest is the sceme of a disgrunteled knitter who wants to get a bunch of people mad at Red Heart!

    If anyone who hasn’t tried to enter this contest just forgets it, maybe they will take it down and FIX it.