Hi, I’m Sandi, and I have scarf-a-phobia. Don’t get me wrong: I like to wear knitted scarves. I just don’t like to knit them. I don’t know why, because knitting is knitting, right—you get to play with lovely needles and to touch lovely yarn, and it’s all good, right? Well, somehow, scarf-knitting for me isn’t as fun as other knitting. Maybe it’s all those short little rows that keep ending before I’ve barely gotten into the rhythm of things. Maybe it’s that knitting a scarf just seems so cliché—I’m a knitter, therefore I must knit scarves.


Oh dear: I’m a snob knitter. In my darkest heart, I believe that scarves are what movie stars knit, scarves are what other knitters knit when they don’t have the sticks to knit a lace sweater.

Wow. Sometimes self-knowledge is not all it’s cracked up to be. I just found out I’m a snob knitter, and I’ve just had to admit it in front of all of knitting blogdom.

Well, they say the first step is admitting it. OK, so now what?

I guess, if I want to be a well-rounded knitter, a versatile knitter, a brave and no-holds-barred, fearless knitter, I shall have to get over this anti-scarf thing.

I’m going to have to knit a scarf, and I’m going to have to struggle with knitting it until it is finished, all 70” of it or however long it needs to be to be considered a Real Scarf. I can’t just knit a cravat, or a neck warmer, or an ascot. It has to be a Real Scarf.

I put myself into your hands, Knitting Daily readers. I have admitted my lack of scarf-love to you, and now you must determine my fate: Choose a scarf pattern for me. Leave a comment and tell me which scarf you think I ought to make, and why. I’ll tally things up, take the top five scarf patterns y’all mentioned and let you vote for the finalist.

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9 thoughts on “Scarf-A-Phobia

  1. I sorta understand. When I first started knitting, I did not want to knit scarves. They seemed so boring and common. To date, I still never know when it is long enough—or wide enough for that matter. Try 15 stitches on a big needle with a bulky yarn. Moss stitch it until it is long enough. Mindless enough to knit while watching TV.

  2. I’m at the other end of this spectrum; although I love to knit lace, and no winter/fall would be complete without “this year’s Aran whatever” I am truly hooked on scarves, both making them for whoever seems to need a “Fabric hug” at the moment, because that fabulous skein of yarn would dress up my normal unexciting work wear, and the very act of knitting, freed from concerns of guage, shaping or whatever, seems at its freest in the act of making scarves, I’m truly addicted! Also I think of them as mini Prayer Shawls, serving much the same purpose. Alma Hamilton

  3. Yeah, the price boggles the mind, doesn’t it? Has anyone found some reasonably priced yarn to make this scarf? OR is this the pattern to use up those odds and ends in my stash?

  4. You can use lower wool content yarns, remembering that the less wool you have in the yarn, the more you lose the thermal properties that make wool desirable. At 50/50, all wool thermal properties are lost. Consider Valeria di Roma Candi or GGH Meunch. Always check guage.

  5. the yarn reccomended is only available at yarn stores and so is GGH, a suggested substittution. Would Lion Wool be a good substitute, since it is 100% wool, or should I go to a yarn store and get5 the reccomended yarn?

  6. I was going to ask what colors was used in the original design but know I am a bit discouraged by the price? But still, does anyone know? Could I then perhaps decide to make it with less colors?

  7. In defense of scarves, I never knitted one until this Xmas as presents. I discovered that 1. they are a great way to practice backward knitting, instead of turn and purl, 2. wonderful way to learn a new pattern 3.great way to use up odds and ends 4. non-knitters really appreciate the gift!!

  8. Scarves are addictive. I suggest you start with the Babette Blanket made as a scarf – with all those colours you won’t be bored! You’re lucky you have enough cool weather to wear scarves.