The Franklin Habit Caption Contest: We Have a Winner!

I spent a good chunk of last week giggling. Giggling at what? Funny things you wrote! You see, I was helping to choose the winner of Franklin Habit's Caption Contest.

You people crack me up.

There were nearly 2500 entries, which meant a lot of giggling. Narrowing the field was painful, but we finally got it down to the top 200. Then it started getting even more difficult…we managed to get it down to the top 50, then the top 20. Finally, after some excruciating decisions, we selected the Top 12 Finalists. And out of those Top 12, we are proud to announce the winning entry, from Shannon Johnson of New Castle, Indiana:

"Never stand too close to a knitter when you have an end dangling."

Congratulations, Shannon! We will be sending you the signed original drawing of the cartoon above as your prize.



Here are the remaining Top 11 entries (in no particular order) so you can enjoy them, too:

"You were the one who didn't want to stop at the Yarn Festival!"  — Michelle Mondro, Evanston, Illinois

"But dear, I finally learned the 10 simple rules for fitting a sweater."  — Anne Haas, San Antonio, Texas

"If there's some jewelry under there that I don't know about dear, maybe you should tell me now."  — Carol Nelson, Madison, Wisconsin

"So–still think a ball-winder and swift are too extravagant?"  — Jill Allen, Ft. Myers, Florida

"We wouldn't have this problem if you had woven in the ends in the way I showed you."  — J. Lam, Concord, Ontario, Canada

"You said it itches…"  — Bev Watts, Edmond, Oklahoma

"Think of this as your contribution to a local bailout package."  — Judy Carey Nevin, Afton, Virginia

"I think this will look better on Bertha."  — Robin Geller, Buffalo Grove, Illinois

"You told me I should get a productive hobby. I chose recycling!"  — Sharon Nolen, Mobile, Alabama

"Think of this as a drive-by yarn rescue."  — Jenni Momsen, East Lansing, Michigan

"I forgot to swatch."  — Elinor Hickey, Haverford, Pennsylvania

Well done, everyone. It was a really, really hard choice, and we are so grateful to everyone who shared their funny bone with us!

— Sandi

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Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

What's on Sandi's needles? Have I mentioned that I love socks? I'm nearly done with a sock for Nicholas, a Nancy Bush pattern from Knitting On The Road. (I'm knitting Denmark. No, not the entire country of Denmark, just the sock called Denmark.)

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11 thoughts on “The Franklin Habit Caption Contest: We Have a Winner!

  1. What is Franklin’s connection to knitting? He must have some knitters in his life to know the subject so intimately! Bet he enjoys all those clever captions as well. Great job, everyone!! Candace

  2. Sandi, You make Knitting Daily a real joy. Every day is special and always a surprise. I love your dedication, enthusiasm and sense of humor. You make my day. Also, congrats to a fellow Hoosier, we really are a clever bunch.
    Char in Fishers

  3. These are very funny. Wish I could see the rest. Sandi, you have such a tough job! Must be nice. I can’t wait to get my book. Will you see what you can do to get the Interweave Press orders speeded up? Please?

  4. how can i get the patterns under the heading
    Staff Project: A Little Something Special- knits gifts for 2008
    it says that they are web patterns available until 10-30-08 but i do not see anyway to try to get them…this is the first time that i have trouble downloading a pattern form your site. Can you please advise
    thank you very mauch…..
    Happy trails

  5. To auntcandi – Franklin is a knitter himself (and an excellent one at that)! You can read his blog at

    To MarisaA – I think the staff projects are available *starting* on that date, not until then.

  6. I just want somehow to let someone know that as of Oct 29th I stopped getting my e-mail post. I would like to be able to get these and hope that you would start sending them again.
    Thanks Betty